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35 Awesome Instagram Captions for an Engagement Announcement

35 Awesome Instagram Captions for an Engagement Announcement

There’s no better place to announce your engagement and share your happiness than on social media, especially Instagram. But pictures alone don’t work, which is why you need Instagram captions.

The best Instagram captions for an engagement announcement not only help you express your feelings about your fiancé, but they also make your announcement stand out on everyone’s feed.

They may look easy, but many people have a hard time crafting their own Instagram captions for an engagement announcement.

If you are one of those people, we have over 30 caption templates to inspire you. Check them out below.

Instagram captions for an engagement announcement: About the Announcement Itself


01HE PROPOSED!!!!!  My wonderful boyfriend—now fiancé—got on one knee at the Café Rubinstein last night and asked me if I would make him the happiest man in the whole world. I #saidYES!!! #thrilled #engaged


proposal man and woman happy
Photo by Alex Kikis on reshot


02I never howl or scream in public, but when @natearcher suddenly knelt down and asked for my hand in marriage, I howled and screamed for seven crazy minutes!!!!! #love #engaged


03Last night, the love of my life, Joel Herman, asked me to be his wife. I didn’t have to think too long about it because the heart wants what it wants. Joel is all I ever wanted. #4eva


04I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world!!! My #PrinceCharming asked me to be his Princess forever last night, and I said YES! @Herr I can’t wait for #forever with you. I love you so, so, so much, darling!!


man carrying the woman on top of the summit

Photo by Ethan Robertson on unsplash


05I said YES!! To Jerome, the love of my life, I am so honored by this, and I will always love him.


06We’re engaged to be married!! Pete proposed last night under an arch of flowers on my birthday, and I said yes! Thanks for all the good wishes guys!


07Fam, great news: Jenny (aka my dream wife) proposed to me last night, and I said yes. I totally didn’t see this coming, so the excitement in that photo is 120% real. #SoHappy


woman in red with polka dots happy

Photo by Andre Jackson on unsplash


08My beautiful, kind, caring, accomplished girlfriend said YES to my proposal of long years together filled with happiness, beautiful mornings, quiet evenings, passionate nights, and lots of kids. How lucky am I?!!


09Today, I popped the question to the woman that has made me understand what true love is. And she said YES! @Lindy I can’t wait for tomorrow with you. #SoExcited #Love


man on one knee proposing to a woman staircase

Photo by Caleb Oquendo under pexels license


10Some things you want so much, you just can’t wait to get them. I couldn’t wait to get @Lizzie in my arms last night when I popped the question. Thankfully she said YES!!



11She said YES!! She said YES!! She said YES!! She said YES!!!!!!! I feel like the luckiest man in the entire world! No one tells you how crazy and beautiful this moment is.


marry me kahwi sign board
Photo by Harrison Haines under pexels license


Instagram captions for an engagement announcement: About Your Engagement Ring


12Last night was crazy and a huge blur. I don’t remember much (I fainted). But I woke up with this on my finger. P.S. It’s 6 carats. Of course, I cried. #engaged


person holding silver diamond ring photo

Photo by Andre Jackson on unsplash


13HE PUT A RING ON IT!!!! In the most surprising moment of my entire life, he knelt down and gave me this beau-ti-ful blessing of a ring. @Ghree thank you forever. darling.


14I once was scared of the future, of dying alone. Now, I feel like I can face the future as long as you’re by my side. P.S. Thank you for this magnificent ring!


15My love, @TimB this ring makes me feel like a true princess. Thank you for #loving me so much and asking me to take this journey with you. I can’t wait to start!!!


man and woman holding each other

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on unsplash


16See the absolutely wonderful ring my boyfriend (now fiancé) gave me last week? Isn’t it the best? I feel royal just looking at it. Thank you, baby, @HILL


17To my ride-or-die, James Madison III, I am so excited to start this new chapter in our lives, my darling. Your mother’s ring is mighty beautiful, too!


18Hey @James thank you for this beautiful ring. Just so I can say it again, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with than you.


closed up photo of person kissing woman s hand

Photo by katrina holmgren on unsplash


19The most important woman in my life said YES! I gave her my grandmother’s engagement ring! If I could marry her right now, I would!


20Look at this magnificent, shiny 2-carat Tiffany masterpiece that my boyfriend, @Tony put on my finger last week when he asked me to marry him. Isn’t it absolutely #gorgeous?!


21I am officially TAKEN!! He popped the question last night and put this beauty on my finger. Thanks for all the good wishes, guys. #luckyme



22I SAID YES!!! With that 4-carat ring, my @LiamH swept me off my feet last night. P.S. This moment was as nerve-wracking as you probably think it was.


Instagram captions for an engagement announcement: Featuring Sweet Words for Your Fiancé


23Hey @JessD about last night, I meant it when I said you meant the world to me. Thank you for agreeing to become my wife (and bearing my 12 dream children  lol). I love you so much, babe!


will you marry me balloon
Image from Skitterphoto under pexels license


24Just so you know, @Lydia123 there is no one else I’d rather spend my life with. And now that you’re my fiancée, I can see a bright future ahead.


bride with hands on back of man

Photo by Vitor Pinto on unsplash


25Hey @Lucy when you decided to put your trust in me last night and became my fiancée, I felt good karma opening up for us. I love you so much, #baby


26Janie, babe, my wife-to-be, looking at you every day—your pretty face, your perfect body, your sensual lips, your kind heart, your beautiful mind—just makes me feel so good inside. It’s like #heaven with you, #heavenonearth


27To @Lindsay my fiancée and the woman that has shown me what love is, thank you to infinity. Where were you all along? I am no longer the sad, lost divorcée I was 5 years ago, thanks to you.


person holding marry me ball

Photo by Denis Jung on unsplash


28This woman is an absolute angel. She is a divine being with a heart of gold, and I would kiss her all day if I could. I am forever proud to be her man.


29Dear @Rue before I met you, and before you agreed to be my fiancée, I never knew what true happiness was. I’ve never felt this happy in my entire life. #AmInLove



30I was asleep and unaware of the beauty of love until you woke me up with your kiss, my Prince Charming, and now my heart beats only for you. I love you, @rrrrrr #4eva


man in stripes and woman in pink standing
Photo by Vince Fleming on unsplash


31My parents tell me I am glowing, and my friends ask me what diet I am on. I tell them it’s no silly diet. It’s my fiancé’s love that has made me this happy and relaxed. #love #Edward


32Hey baby, @Phil thank you for the love, for your smile, for your #kisses at dawn, and your #kisses at dusk, and for that RING. Thank you for all my #happiness , baby!!


33I once read that we never know #truelove until we lose it. I feel so lucky to know true love with you, @JAY every day. And I haven’t even had to lose you to know what I have.


beach couple love lovers young couple married couple sandy beach beach lovers couple in love

Photo by Lelia Milaya on reshot


34Hey @Ludwig I’ve been waiting a long time to say this: #engaged. I am so proud to be your #fiancée!


35Mark, my sweetheart, I am so excited for the future. So excited to spend my days with a wonderful person like you. I treasure every moment together .



At the end of the day, Instagram, with its perfect visuals and helpful sharing features, is the best platform for sharing the wonderful news of your engagement with your friends and the world.
Don’t worry if you can’t write your own Instagram captions for an engagement announcement. Many people struggle with writing something fitting for such a significant moment.
But we have over 30 caption ideas above that you can use to create your own Instagram captions for an engagement announcement. And they will never go out of style .