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15+ Ideas for How to Ask Friends to be Your Bridesmaids

15+ Ideas for How to Ask Friends to be Your Bridesmaids

Congratulations on finding your soulmate and deciding to settle down. Now it’s time to plan for the perfect wedding.

Aside from the cake, the food, the venue, and the DJ, there is one other major thing you should consider. Yup, that’s right. Bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids not only play a part in the wedding ceremony itself but have a huge role in planning and coordinating the wedding. You may have already decided who to ask, but have you decided how to ask?

When you finish reading this article, you’ll realize that there are many ideas for how to ask bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding. 

Here are 16 ways to ask.



How to Ask Your Friend to be Your Maid of Honor Face-to-Face

Asking someone to be your maid of honor is a big deal. This person is the head of your bridal party and has a huge role in planning the wedding.
Here are some ideas for asking someone to be your maid of honor, face-to-face.

This idea works best if you get a custom T-shirt made that says something along the lines of ‘Will you be my maid of honor?’ Alternatively, you could surprise her with one that says ‘Maid of honor’.
She will be able to keep the surprise after the big day and wear it anytime she likes. This surprise isn’t very expensive either, and it won’t take a lot of planning to put it together.
When you give the shirt to her you can say something like, ‘so, what do you say? Will you be my maid of honor?’


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Surprise your potential maid of honor with balloons at her house. You have the option of having them delivered with a card attached or giving them to her in person.
Everyone loves balloons. They’re easy to source and you can DIY the whole thing. The colors of these balloons can either be your wedding theme or her favorite color. You can even get them custom made with your message and use them to pop the question.
If you wish to ask yourself, here are some phrases you can use to ask her to be your maid of honor:


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“My wedding won’t be popping if you’re not the maid of honor. Will you do me the honor?”


“Pop the champagne, I found myself a maid of honor!”


03Fortune cookie
Fortune cookies are said to predict a person’s future, and you can use this to your advantage. To pull this off, you’ll have to google a recipe for fortune cookies and print your own fortunes.
Next, package them nicely and pretend to give her some random fortune cookies- of course, the fortunes will all say the same thing. They should read something like, ‘You will be Katie’s maid of honor on December 17, 2020’ or ‘There are wedding bells in the future, and you will help to ring them.’ You don’t have to use those exact words, but your message should allude to the fact that you want her to be your maid of honor.
This is a fun and simple way to pose the question, and it will certainly take your friend by surprise. After all, who expects their fortunes to actually come true?


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04Getting on your knees
Why not take a page from your fiance’s book, and propose to your maid of honor? You can use the same ring box he used or use something sentimental between you and your friend.
Fold and place a note inside which reads ‘Will you be my maid of honor?’ Next, ask her out for a meal, or invite her over for a glass of wine.
Get on your knees, pull out the box and propose. This will be super funny and take your maid of honor by surprise.


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Ideas for Asking Your Friend to be Your Maid of Honor Through Text or a Card

If you can’t ask her to be your maid of honor face-to-face, there’s nothing wrong with sending a text or a handwritten card.
Here are 4 ways to ask.

05“I’ve known you my whole life, and you’ve been there for me the entire time. You were there when I had my first crush, you were there when I had my first kiss, and you even knew when I lost my virginity! J”
It’s only right that you stand by me once again—to be my maid of honor. Will you do me the honor?
This is a great way to ask a long-time friend to be your maid of honor. A note like this is sure to work because you are reminding her of all the things you have been through together and about how much having her as your maid of honor would mean to you.


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06“I’ll only be a happy bride if my sister is standing by my side. Will you be my maid of honor and join me on this wild wedding ride?”
Who doesn’t love a good rhyme? This text is good because it is short and to the point but also very sweet. She will probably say, ‘yes’ because you are letting her know how important she is to you and how happy it would make you if she were your maid of honor.


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07“Will you be my maid of honor? I can’t say ‘I do’ without you. It just wouldn’t be the same.”
This message gets right to the point: you want her to be your maid of honor. Not only that, but you are also letting her know that she is such an important part of your life that you would feel like something was missing from your special day if she weren’t there.



08“You’re the first person I called when Chris proposed and the last person I’ll be on the phone with making wedding plans. It’s only right that I ask you, my dearest friend, to be my maid of honor.”
This is a good way to ask because you are showing how much you value your friend. This message is almost guaranteed to work because she will think back on the time you told her the big news and realize that she is an ideal fit for the job.


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How to Ask Bridesmaids: 4 Ideas for Asking Your Friends Face-to-Face

Your bridesmaids are just as important as your maid of honor, and they each have their part to play in making your wedding day as happy and magical as possible.
Here are 4 ideas for how to ask bridesmaids to join your wedding party.

09A tag on social media
If you and your gal pals are active on social media, you can use whichever platform you wish to ask them to be your bridesmaids—in a very public way.
To do this, post a picture or collage of all of you together, then tag each of them. Add a caption that says ‘Will you be my bridesmaids?’ or even ‘My bridal party.’
The second one isn’t a question, it’s a statement, and will only work if your friend group is that tight and you have no doubt that they will all agree.
This idea costs you nothing, but serves as a grand gesture. All you have to do is post a picture and tag your friends.


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10One-on-one meeting
A classic idea for how to ask bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding is by having a one-on-one meeting with each of them. This could be over a meal or whenever they come to hang out.
Take this time to express how you feel about your friend and about how thankful you are that she is a part of your life. Talk about how much your partner means to you and then about how much it would mean to have her share that special moment with you.
This is a heart-to-heart moment for many friends, and you will remember that time for many years. This idea is genuine and sincere, and there is no way she’d say no.



11Custom jewelry
Custom jewelry is a fun and cute way to ask bridesmaids  to be a part of your wedding. Plus, they can keep the jewelry afterwards. This jewelry can be a chain or bracelet, or even a ring since a wedding is being celebrated. This jewelry can come engraved with something like ‘Simone’s wedding, 2021’ or ‘Marsha’s bridal party’.
This method is cute and thoughtful. It is a great way to unite friends and give them physical reminders of the bond you share.
You can place the jewelry in gift boxes and hand them out individually or have them delivered to your friends via post or courier. Once they see the engraving, they’ll understand what you’re asking. If you want to, you can add a little card welcoming them to your bridal party, or asking them to be bridesmaids, whichever you think is best.


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This is a yummy way to ask bridesmaids  to be a part of your wedding. You can pull this off by making or buying a cake that has been decorated with something like ‘Will you be my bridesmaids?’
Invite your bridesmaids over and tell them that you are celebrating your engagement. When everyone is busy having a good time, ask them to gather around the table and present the cake to them.
Cake always does the trick, especially since you can eat it afterwards!


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Ideas for Asking Your Friends to be Your Bridesmaids via Text or Card

If your bridesmaids are far away, you might not be able to pull off the other ideas we’ve covered. This means you’ll have to ask through text or with a handwritten card.
Here are 4 ideas for how to ask bridesmaids in writing to be a part of your wedding.

13“I hate that I have to ask this through text, but I really don’t have a choice and I can’t wait any longer. Julia, will you be one of my bridesmaids? It would mean the world to me.”
This is a big ask over text, so the fact that you mention the seriousness of the topic means you are off to a good start. This is a quick and easy way to ask if you are a woman of few words. Your friend will appreciate you expressing how much it would mean to you.


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14“I’ve got my guy, now I need my girls. Welcome to the bride tribe!”
A nice way to send this text is by creating a group chat and naming it ‘Bride tribe’. Send the text as soon as everyone is added. You can ask all your bridesmaids at the same time , and you won’t have to message all of them individually.


15“No party, especially not a wedding party, would be complete without the party queen herself! You bring life to everything, and I hope you will do it at my wedding as one of my bridesmaids.”
This is good to ask a friend who is always down to have a good time or has an upbeat personality. This text lets her know that you think highly of her outgoing nature and want to include it and her in your wedding.


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16“You’ve been one of my closest friends since college, and I look forward to you being a part of my life for a very long time. I also look forward to you being one of my bridesmaids…”
This is an unusual way to ask because, technically, you aren’t exactly asking, but at the same time, it isn’t exactly a statement. It is more of an open thought. This is best to use with long- time friends because it shows that you are happy about the friendship and want to spread that happiness to your wedding day.



Don’t be boring. Don’t just ask someone to be your maid of honor or bridesmaid in any old way. Put some thought into it!
We’ve given you all the tools for how to ask bridesmaids to be part of your wedding, and now it is up to you to put them to work. Happy wedding planning !