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40 Special and Heartwarming Thanksgiving Wishes

40 Special and Heartwarming Thanksgiving Wishes

If there is any time of the year people look forward to, its Thanksgiving. And the reason is simple: the flow of joy, good tidings, and love that is generated during this festive period is unmatched.

Think about the beautiful colorful parades springing up in different parts of the world, about the sharing of food with both loved ones and friends and the sharing of hearty Thanksgiving wishes. What’s not to love about this season?

Ah, the messages! Thanksgiving would be incomplete without acknowledging those in our lives who complete us in some way.

Our goal is to help you come up with the best, most authentic Thanksgiving wishes you can send to anyone your heart reaches out to.

40 Amazing Thanksgiving Wishes


01Celebrate this Thanksgiving with brightness, cheer and love. As I wake up each day, I give thanks for you and the gladness and joy we share. Happy Thanksgiving.


Image by Helena Lopes – under pexels license


02What do you say to a friend who loves you like a brother? What do you say to a friend with the heart of a diamond? You can only wish them long-lasting happiness as I wish you in this special season.


03There is nothing worse than having no one to celebrate a season as glorious as this with; I have you and that is more than enough for me. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear.


04I am singing Thanksgiving songs in my heart for knowing someone like you, so eat a lot of turkey and have a lot of fun, you deserve all the blessings of a Thanksgiving wish.


Photo by Jack Sharp – under unsplash license


05Don’t frown and don’t let anyone steal your day. Spend the rest of this season in unimaginable happiness because you truly deserve the best Thanksgiving wishes ever.


06People come, and people go but I can’t imagine life without your friendship. I am happy for you and most definitely thankful for all you do; I wish you the best Thanksgiving.



07I wish you more sands than the seashore, more brightness than the sun, more than every drop of rainfall – I wish you more gladness and joy in this Thanksgiving season, and beyond.


Photo by Francesco Ungaro – under pexels license


08When I count the people who have impacted my life and who have brought me joy, I count you twice. So who better to wish a happy Thanksgiving first? Happy Thanksgiving again and again from the depths of my heart.


09I know you might not know this, but my Thanksgiving is as good as made knowing that you are happy, healthy and thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.


10In this special time of the year, I reach out to you with warmth and love to make your Thanksgiving as memorable one now as in the years to come.


Photo by Ceyhun Ozden – under pexels license


11This Thanksgiving season I am happy for life, I am happy for the food, but most importantly I am happy for people like you who share this with me. Thanksgiving with you is Thanksgiving with fulfillment.


12Wear your dancing shoes, get the best wine, make the best turkey and laugh your heart out because this Thanksgiving will be better for you than it has ever been. Happy Thanksgiving wishes!


13I am taking a moment to count my blessings, and you have come up in many places. With that in mind, I wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.


Photo by geralt – Under CC0 license


14The same way a smile compliments the face, love compliments the heart and the stars compliment the sky; let your life always be complemented with good Thanksgiving wishes and gladness now and always.


15In giving, you give all, in teaching you hold nothing back, in correction you show all the tenderness possible; you are the perfect description of a rare gem and I celebrate you this time of the year.



16There is a part of me that is always with you, because you have my best interest at heart, thank you for being there and have a great Thanksgiving.


Photo by pixel2013 – under CC0 license


17How unappreciative would I be if I forget to remember the people that matter most this Thanksgiving season? This is to let you know I appreciate you and I care.


18I have taken my time to carefully wrap this message, I have wrapped for you growth, achievement of expectations and fulfilled promises all year round. So, hold it tightly and don’t let it slip, as I wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving.


19Thanksgiving isn’t only about turkey and drinks, it’s about remembering what people did for you and letting them know you still remember. I am letting you know that all you did for me will always be in my heart. Enjoy your day!


Image by Public Domain Pictures – under CCO license


20As you wake up each day, I might not always be there to know what your heart desires, but I am here right now to wish that they all come to pass this Thanksgiving. Have a fun-filled season.


21It is said that gratitude precedes multiplication, I am thankful for the blessings in your life, I am thankful for the joy of our friendship and I pray gladness multiplies abundantly in your life and mine.


22When people hide; others like you provide. When people steal; others like you give. When people cry; others like you comfort. I celebrate you as a mentor and a friend this Thanksgiving.


Photo by raphiD – under Pixabay License


23Actions they say speaks louder than words, so I am on my feet this morning with a heart of merriment wishing you all the best Thanksgiving has to offer, now and always.


24I know you hear me say thank you every now and then, but my day wouldn’t be complete if I don’t say it just once more this Thanksgiving. Hopefully there will be many more to come. Thank you for everything.


25I hope you are surrounded with the love of your dear ones this season. Sending my Thanksgiving wishes with my sincerest love.


image from – under unsplash license


26If the world is indeed a battlefield then I am grateful for people like you who make the fight of others easy. Best Thanksgiving wishes to you


27A truckload of steaming turkeys, a bag full of baked potatoes and even a room full of thank you cards wouldn’t be enough to celebrate a truly exceptional you this Thanksgiving.



28Should I say luck, or should I say blessed? I think it’s both! I am lucky to have met someone like you and blessed from all the times we’ve shared together especially this holiday season. Here are my Thanksgiving wishes to you.


Photo by igorovsyannykov – under CCO license


29I would have wished you a happy Thanksgiving but that would not show the depth of my appreciation towards you this time of the year so I would say I wish you the most blessed, fun-filled and prosperous Thanksgiving yet to you and your household.


30Turkey is good, fun is better but what is best is having someone special to share them with, and this Thanksgiving, I am glad it is you.


31Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your household dear friend, you have always been someone to look up to and I appreciate you.


Photo by Bruce Mars – under pexels license


32As we celebrate and cheer, let’s not forget those around us who are in need of care, for love given is far more valuable than love taken. So, let’s give and share with everyone you meet. Happy Thanksgiving.


33The best things in life are free, but an exceptional person is hard to come by, and I will not hesitate to show gratitude to one. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you.


34You have stood with me through everything, you have lifted me up when I have felt so down and helped me smile on the darkest days. You are invaluable to me, and I am grateful to share this season of the year with you. Sweetest Thanksgiving wishes to you.


Photo by DigiPD – under CC0 license


35If I am granted only three wishes, I will spend them all on you. I will wish that you have a blessed Thanksgiving, that you get all you hope for and that I keep having the opportunity to be part of your life.


36As this year races to an end, I pray you never have a reason to stop giving thanks. May your heart be forever filled with gladness and love. Happy Thanksgiving.



37I might not always smile when I see you, I might not always talk to you but trust me you are always in my heart, have a happy Thanksgiving.


Photo by Victoria Borodinova – under CC0 license


38I think I should let you know that you have been a very important part of my year and I can’t think of a better time to appreciate your selflessness than now, happy Thanksgiving and thank you.


39As this year draws to an end, let’s all take time to appreciate the abundance of life – the good and the bad times, seasons of plenty and seasons of want – and let us show gratitude and gladness for sharing this meal, as we have done today. Many blessed Thanksgivings ahead.


40With the splendor of the moment still gracefully at heart, I wish you nothing but the best of all things this Thanksgiving.


Photo by Papaver rhoeas – Unsplash license

Don’t Stop the Thanksgiving Wishes

Even though Thanksgiving happens only once a year, we do not need to express our thanks and gratitude during this symbolic time alone. Let’s try and make Thanksgiving wishes a part of our everyday life.

Believe me when I say a thank you message from you will mean more than a million to someone; with these exceptionally special Thanksgiving wishes, written just for you, remembering someone every day wouldn’t be so hard to achieve.

Give it a try and make the season count!