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35 Ways to Say “Good Work” to Help Boost Morale

35 Ways to Say “Good Work” to Help Boost Morale

Good work should never go unnoticed. Whether you or a teacher, coach, manager, boss or a parent, it’s always a good idea to let the people you’re supporting know when they are doing good work.

A little praise helps to boost morale and will motivate people to keep going and do even better. It can help even the weakest amongst the group to move mountains.

Here are 35 unique ways to say “Good work” when the words “Good work” just don’t fit.


Ways to say “Good work” or “Good job”

When someone has done something exceptional or merit-worthy, saying “Good job” or “Good work” can really help to boost their mood. Your acknowledgment proves that their efforts have been noticed.
Here are 15 different ways to say “Good work” to a student, employee, or child.

Ways to say “Good work” from a teacher or coach to a student


01“Nice going in the finals today. We couldn’t have done it without you!”


02“You did exceptionally well on your midterm exams. All that extra studying is really paying off!”


03“You’re such a fast learner. You’ve just about mastered it. Nice work!”


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04“What a creative idea! You’ve got your brain in gear today!”
Creativity should never go unnoticed, especially when that student is not the best at academic subjects. Say this to a student that is talented in creative fields.


05“You’re getting better and better every day. You must have been practicing a lot.”
Saying this to your most improved player can really help him/her to feel good about how much they have progressed.


Ways to say “Good job” from a boss to an employee


06“How creative! You really are earning your stripes.”


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07“I’m so impressed. You make it look so easy!”


08“That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I couldn’t have done it better myself.”



09“Now, this is what I call an outstanding job! I’m happy to see you working so hard.”
Saying this lets your employees know that their good work has been recognized and that it hasn’t been in vain.


10“I’ve never seen anyone do it better. I’m so grateful to have you on my team.”
Something as simple as this can make an employee feel like a valued part of the company and will encourage them to work even harder.


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Ways to say “Good job” from a parent to their children


11“It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into this! I’m so proud of you.”


12“You did that all by yourself? Unbelievable! You always amaze me.”


13“This is coming along nicely. You’re on the right track now.”


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14“That’s a real work of art. I knew you could do it!”
This inspires the child to continue trying as you are telling them that you have always believed in them, and inspires them to continue trying.


15“That’s the spirit! One more time, and you’ll have it down!”
This message is perfect for trial and error projects where the child has failed numerous times but is refusing to give up.



Ways to say “Keep up the good work”

If this person is already excelling, you can always give them well wishes, or say “Keep up the good work” to give them additional motivation.
Here are 20 ways to say “Keep up the good work” to a student, employee, or child.

Ways to say “Keep up the good work” from a teacher or coach to a student


16“You have mastered such a complicated move at such a young age. The sky’s the limit from here, buddy.”


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17“Continue working hard. You are one of the best students I’ve ever had!”


18“That looks like it’s going to be a great paper. Keep at it!”


19“If you keep playing like that, you’ll be in the big leagues in no time!”


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20“You’re an excellent student. Keep it up!”


21“Well, look at you go! You’re better than ever! Never stop improving.”
This phrase can be used by both a teacher and a coach since it is so broad.


22“You’ve got it down pat! I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a scholarship!”
This can also be used by both a teacher and a coach. This kind of message is a real motivator.



Ways to say “Keep up the good work” from a boss to an employee


23“Don’t stop! You’re doing a great job.”


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24“Thank you! I can always count on you to do an outstanding job.”


25“That’s great. Carry on like that.”


26“That was first-class work! I’m not letting you go.”


27“I’ve had my eye on you from the moment you got selected for that internship! Never stop excelling.”


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28“If you continue on this path, you will have a very bright future in this company.”
This shows that you are paying keen attention to the employee and that you wish to have him/her around for the long term.


29“It’s perfect! You hit the target! I am confident you will get even better.”
This message shows that you have faith in the employee and that you are rooting for them.



Ways to say “Keep it up” from a parent to their child


30“You are very good at that. Nothing can stop you now!”


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31“Nice going. You’re the man!”


32“Way to go, sport! You’re a chip off the old block. Keep on making this family proud.”


33“You are exceptional at everything you do. You are every parent’s dream.”


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34“Good going, champ! One day you’ll be even better than your old man!”
This is best used at some sort of competitive event. As long as it’s something that you both have in common, this comment will make sense.


35“Mommy is so proud of you! You always give me something to smile about.”
Children love to make their mothers proud, and sometimes the only way they will know that they have accomplished this is if you say it. You can also switch mommy to daddy since it is effective both ways.



There are so many different ways to say “Good work”. With these 35 different ways to say “Good work”, you will never run out of congratulatory messages. You can even mix and match phrases to suit any scenario! Which one will you be using first?