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65+ Special Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

65+ Special Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Nicknames are names you call someone instead of their names and is a customary tradition when you feel especially close with someone, like a close friend or family.

As a guy, you might not be the type that likes being mushy, soft or lovey-dovey but, there comes a time you meet that special someone (as I like to say ‘your sexy reason for your beautiful season’), your girlfriend, and you find yourself short of words when she’s around.

Since I know how hard it is to think straight with butterflies in your tummy I made a compact list of 60 super cute nicknames to call her. Hopefully, this increases the flavor of your romance.


Cute names to call your girlfriend that fits her physical characteristics


When you look at her your first gaze is on her physique. This can trigger your mind into creating cute names to call your girlfriend, but be careful not to tap dance on any nerve, as with all ladies, your girlfriend can be very conscious about her body. So before picking cute nicknames, be sure the name does not weigh down her self-confidence.

01Angel eyes / Angel face / Angel

 Ideal if she has angelic eyes, a piercing look as if she can see through you, but with a soft expression.
eyes of a beautiful lady

Photo by Karoline Soares on Unsplash

02Babette / Babe

 A lot of people are familiar with babe, Babette is just another variation of Babe.


 We all know what a doll is, baby doll is a nice nickname for a girlfriend that you consider to be your baby, delicate and looks like a doll.

04Bella / Ma Belle

 Just saying this name makes you look hopelessly romantic. Bella is a Spanish word for beautiful while Belle is a French word for pretty.


 Lovely name for a girlfriend with a small stature but large heart.

06Blue eyes / Brown eyes

 These are descriptive cute names to call your girlfriend but, she must have brown or blue eyes for this to fit. So you might have to be sure she’s not wearing contacts before you use this.

07Chocolate / Hot chocolate

 Perfect for a girlfriend with radiant chocolate colored skin.
tanned skin girl getting tanned

Photo by Savs on Unsplash


08Cuddles / Cuddle bunny / Cuddly

 Some girls like to cuddle. If she’s not cuddling you then she’s cuddling a teddy bear or a pillow. Hopefully, that doesn’t make you jealous.

09Cupcake / baby cake

 These are cute nicknames for a small and easily-loved-by-all lady, but she is meant for one person, and that’s you. Everyone loves a cupcake.
lovely vanilla cupcakes

Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash



 Exactly what it says, good fit if she has nice dimples that make you smile when she smiles.


 This would fit if your girlfriend is dark in complexion and looks astronomical.


 Also a descriptive name, it is a sweet way of saying Blondie.

13Hot lips

 You might have a smirk on your face just by reading this. I don’t blame you. If she has soft sensuous lips, feel free to call her this.
sexy lips biting a piece of chocolate

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license



 If you find your girl super-hot, with a seductive and sexy look, you should use this nickname.


 If she is smallish, ever so active, cute, always up and about, then this name will fit perfectly.


 These are more platonic cute nicknames for a girlfriend, and work if you are older.



 A Spanish word for a sexy lady.

18Ma muse

 Show her high respect and admiration with French words for my muse, a source of your artistic inspiration.

19Ma petite sirène

 French words for my little mermaid. Attractive and sweet.
mermaid like girl in the water

Photo by Vincent Anderson on Unsplash

20Ma reine

 Do not have words to describe her that would do her justice? How about this one, French words for my queen?


 For a lady with poise and an enviable gait.


 For a girl that’s not skinny, a bit chubby and a lot shorter than you.
lady sitting among pumkins

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash



 This is the name of a very bright red color, which is sweet for a bright girl with red hair, lips or temper.


 So you have a petite girlfriend and you want her to know you love her size. A fairly common name but definitely sweet.


 Yes, the name says smiley, but it’s more than that. If your girlfriend’s face can make more than 10 different facial expressions in a minute then this fits just fine.


Cute names that define her personality


These are cute nicknames that summarise her personality to you. Sometimes these names could be from her emotional character and might not be exhibited every time. All that matters are, you love the nickname, your girlfriend loves it even more and everyone is happy.


 This nickname is of Russian descent. It means butterfly. It fits perfectly if your girlfriend always looks like she’s walking on sunshine.
butterful sunflower paintings on a building

Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash



 If her effect on you always works like a charm, this is a cute nickname to call your girlfriend.


 Just like the fruit, softly sweet and noticeable even in a crowd.


 Erotic and affectionate lady who you fell in love with on the first encounter.


 A French word for lovely, cuddly blanklet. It’s used as Darling or sweetheart especially in West Indies. A lot of French words that serve as synonyms can be used as cute names to call your girlfriend.


 This nickname does justice to girls who are energetic and can get explosive when provoked…or should I say ignited.
man playing with fire

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license



 Charming to everyone around her. Hardly gets offended and always ready to accommodate.


 Another name for young and youthful.



 She might like to sing or actually sings professionally, whichever it is, it’s a melodious name.


 It is a sweet nickname if she is skinny and loves to nibble on things every time but, when searching for cute names to call your girlfriend take some things into consideration, if your girlfriend is fat and doesn’t want to be reminded please don’t use this.


 This is a colorful fine glass made in France. Good for a girl with crystal-like radiance and varying personalities.


 For a simple, easy going lady. Sweet, soft and affectionate.
peaches in the bowl

Photo by Cayla1 on Unsplash


 Quite a known name. Goes for a girl who is just so precious to you.

39Slick chick

 This is for a strong-willed, no-nonsense lady who seems to have everything organized and flawless.


 No particular way to describe this, but when you see her you feel light, she just brings out your bright side.


 For an irresistible girl who can be a pain, but you still want her around.


 For a lady with passion and romance. Just like the flower.


 For a lady who prides herself on fashion, always likes to dress classy.
vogue magazine cafe rose

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license



Cute names to call your girlfriend that speaks about her intelligence


When you have a girlfriend that seems to be very smart, knowledgeable or talented; picking cute nicknames for her might not be easy, but it is possible.


 If you are familiar with opening a deck of cards you know that the Ace card is usually seen as the leader of all cards. A very honorable compliment for a lady with leadership skills or fine talent.


 Can also be used as Athene. Also, a goddess of wisdom, and strategy.


 Gorgeous nickname for a multitalented diva.


 This is a good illustrative name. It basically describes a girl who is above average smart.


 If your girlfriend is intelligent, sweet, very smart and charming.


 For a hot and intelligent girlfriend. The nickname speaks of elegance and perfection.
Vintage cadillac

Photo by Jörg Buntrock on Unsplash



 This is a nice name for a girlfriend that sings beautifully like canary birds. She just melts your heart with her voice.


 For a pleasant girlfriend who knows how to pass good judgment in almost all matters.


 Like the name implies, for a girl who is always in charge, and is a master at leadership skills.
man in captain cap sailing with a dog

Photo by Rutger Geleijnse on Unsplash



 This nickname is for that special girl that never loses hope in you. She has high esteem and is always ten steps ahead.


 This is a cool name for a gifted and multi-talented girl. Originated from a character in Daredevil comics.


 A name after the great philosopher of science. Can be used as a variation of brainy.



 A natural mineral stone with high values. Does your girlfriend have high values?


 From the forever romantic ‘Romeo and Juliet’. A gorgeous name for a girl that makes you feel like a romantic hero.


 This is a simple Greek name that means goddess of wisdom and strategic thinking.


 For an insanely intelligent girlfriend with unique traits. Arose from the big bang theory movie.


 For a girl who takes on a task and excels at it as if she has superpowers. Extraordinary at what she does.
girl blowing up sprinkles

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash


 This is for a girlfriend that is considered rare, not easy to come by, of great value and skills.


 Short form for a wizard. Can be used if your girlfriend is exceptionally good at something.


 Zula is a name is of African origin. Perfect nickname if your girlfriend is very brilliant, likes to keep acquiring knowledge and always being ahead.


Bonus: Popular French terms of endearment to call your girlfriend


64Ma chérie

 It’s translated to my dear, my darling, and can be used in informal talks towards a person who is very close to you like your children.

65Mon lapin rose

 In a literal sense, it means my pink bunny. Another affectionate way to call your sweet heart.
girl in pink with cute bunny

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


66Ma puce

 Puce means chip in English. In French it means sweetie or darling but be careful because une puce means a flea!

67Mon petit cœur

 French words for my little heart. A term of endearment, its English counterpart is my sweetheart, my love.

68Ma biche

 Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely no link to the English word ‘Bxxch’. Literally means my doe, a female deer. ‘Ma bichette’ means the same but in a different written style.



Apart from these nicknames stated there are tons of other cute names to call your girlfriend, or you can be creative and just coin up one for her. You can also just ask her and ask her if she has any nicknames in mind that she would like to be called.

Test run some cute nicknames by just trying them on her to see her reaction. All in all, the main purpose of getting a cute name to call your girlfriend is to let her know how much she means to you