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20 Uplifting Notes to Say “Happy First Day of Work”

20 Uplifting Notes to Say “Happy First Day of Work”

When someone goes back to work after a long time away, it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge and celebrate that person’s return.

Office notes that say, “happy first day of work” so perfectly and non-intrusively are highly recommended. However, what do you write in the note other than “happy first day of work”?

We have a few alternatives for your “happy first day of work” notes below:


How to say “happy first day of work”: When someone is back after a long break due to family issues or health issues


01Hey Jenna, welcome back to the office! I am so excited to have the smartest girll in town back in the building. I can’t wait to meet with you and catch up on your life.
By the way, so much has happened since you left, but I am ready to catch you up on everything that has been going on. 


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02Patrick, welcome back, man! We’ve missed you over here. I hope you are feeling much better or just well enough to get some beers with me after work.
I pray that you have an amazing first day back today. If you feel like catching up on what happened here while you were away, just tap me on the shoulder. 


03To Damien, who is starting work today after three long and cold months away, welcome back, big boy.
On behalf of everyone who can’t write their own notes or who are pretending to be too busy, I welcome you back to this beautiful dump, which is as chaotic as it has ever been. I wish you a beautiful first day back too.


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04Shawn, everything is as crazy as you left it, but it will now be more interesting with you back. Could you please just alert me when you’re ready? I’ll fill you in on everything you missed around here.
Most of all, welcome back, dude. It’s great to have you back in the trenches. I hope you have a terrific first day.


05Hi Lindy, it’s so nice to have you back! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I have missed you so much since you took a leave of absence.
The office felt empty without your smile and wit. I hope you have a very comfy, sunny, and easy-breezy first day, darling.
P.S. The office feels fuller already. I knew it was because you are here now.


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06Hey Pete, this note is to express how happy I am that you’ve made it back to work, but I can’t find the words to do justice to the happiness that I feel.
All you need to know is that I am so glad that you’re back. I hope your first day goes swimmingly well.
P.S. Beers and darts at Koon’s Bar after work today. You’re invited. No RSVPs are necessary.


07Hey Lizzie, WELCOME BACK! I missed you a lot, babe. Three months felt like forever. Welcome back, and I hope you have a great first day.
P.S. I am already loving that new urban chic look that you’ve got going on. Also, I have all of the gossip you need, including some very naughty office romance rumors that I am sure you’ll love. 


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08Terry, I gather your back is feeling much better now that you’re back at work. I hope you are feeling much stronger. I was quite terrified when the accident happened.
Now that you’re back and bubbling with health, my fears have deteriorated. I look forward to meeting you later today and talking to you like we used to. I hope that you have an outstanding first day back.


09My dearest friend, Nadine, welcome back to work. I just want to say this: thank you for coming back. Thank you for choosing to come back to work and sharing your life with us after the terrible tragedy. You could have moved away or done something worse; I can’t imagine it.
I have missed you terribly, and I am very glad that you are back. I hope your first day back goes perfectly.


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10Mr. Edelson, I am very glad that you are back to work. We all missed our department head, so everyone is excited to see you again.
I hope that you have had enough rest to rebound from your unfortunate illness. I am also willing to get you up to speed about things that you need to know. I hope you have a great first day back.



How to say “happy first day of work”: When it is someone’s first day of work at a new job


11Hi Jim. I am Pam Jennings from the HR Department. I gather that today is your first day of work in this office. For that reason, I wish you a wonderful first day. I hope you make friends, get oriented, and see your career goals come true.


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12Hello Linda, I want to formally welcome you to our Delight Bakery. You’ll find that this is a rather fun workplace, and it is a rewarding one too career-wise, especially if you are a hard worker.
I wish you a perfect first day today and a seamless work experience every day after that.  


13Mr. Jon Rice, welcome to Silver Line Consulting. This being your first day, you must be feeling nervous about everything. I want to say that you don’t need to be. Judging from my personal experience and what happened just one year ago, I can say that it all turns out well in the end.
I hope you have the best first day possible, and I am available if you need anything.


14Dear Jennie, welcome to Money Wizard Finance. It’s always nice when we get a new employee here; we girls are quite outnumbered across the company, so we’ll need to stick together.
I hope you have a good first day, and I am available if you have any questions or concerns. I want you to feel at home.


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15Hey Mike, I heard you are starting work today. First off, congrats on nailing the company’s numerous interviews. Those tests are crazy. Secondly, welcome to Kingfisher Publishing.
If you like a good, supportive working atmosphere, I’m sure you’ll love it here. I hope you have a great first day here.


16Miss West, this is Ray Arnold, department head of editorial. I want to welcome you to this department and the company at large.
If you aren’t too busy later today, you should come down to the cafeteria at lunch to meet some of the other staff members. It’s not too shabby, and I’m sure you’ll like them.
Otherwise, I hope you have a good first day here. I would like us to start on the right foot.  



17Hello to you, Mr. Jerry Hammond. This is Gloria Symonds, a fellow employee and the representative of the worker’s union.
I want to formally welcome you to this office. I hope the first-day jitters aren’t hampering your excitement too much.
You can relax, make some friends, and have yourself a good first day. 


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18Dr. Arthur Woods, welcome to Prime Pharma. I am excited that an individual with so much experience and knowledge will be working here.
I hope you find our company to be a good fit for you. I am looking forward to learning all that I can from you. I hope you have an idyllic first day here.


19Hi Gulliver, welcome to this company. I hope you have a good first day. I’m sure that you’ll love Premier Accounting soon enough. The crowd here skews young, so you should fit in perfectly and in no time. Best of luck.
Miss O’Connor, welcome to the Crowe Company. I always get excited when younger people join the firm.


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20If you are having any doubts about yourself, remember that you are now working here because God thinks you deserve to work here. You’ve earned it.
I want to congratulate you, and I hope you have a great first day at work. 



As the notes show above, you can always find better alternatives to the typical message of “happy first day of work.”
If you don’t feel particularly creative, you can use one of the ideas above in your notes. Or, you can get inspired to write your own version of one of these alternatives to “happy first day of work.” Your new workmates will surely appreciate your effort.