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How to Ask a Coworker out without Being Awkward

How to Ask a Coworker out without Being Awkward

Love can be found anywhere, at any point in your life, and, it may even happen where you least expect to find it, like in the workplace. The problem with this is, many people just don’t know how to ask a coworker out without it being weird or uncomfortable for both parties.

Luckily, this article is the ultimate guide on how to ask a coworker out without it being awkward and is sure to improve your chances of success!

But, before we delve into how to ask a coworker out, you must be aware of the risks associated with doing so.


Risks Of Asking Your Coworker Out

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01The first risk is, of course, being rejected. Rejection can sting and you need to be prepared for working with them afterward.


02If you are too forward with how you ask a coworker out, it may come off as harassment and you may risk being reported. So, just be careful with your words.


03You will need to find out whether your coworker is currently seeing someone or is currently single. If they are not currently available, you may create an awkward situation.


Examples Of How To Ask A Coworker Out

If you are okay with the risks and are still interesting in finding out how to ask a coworker out, then the next step is to figure out your approach. Will you be asking your coworker out in person or via text/email?
If you choose to send a text, here are ten examples that will give you some ideas on how to ask a coworker out:

01I really enjoyed the chat we had the other day in the breakroom, and I was so disappointed when it got cut short.
Would you like to finish up chat over coffee, after work, on Monday?

This text is perfect for if you have already established communication with them, especially if it went well. Asking to get coffee is not too formal, and your coworker may feel more comfortable doing this as opposed to a full-blown dinner date.


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02Working with you these past four years has truly been a pleasure. But it occurred to me that we don’t know much about each other outside of work.
A couple of old college friends and I are planning to have a Barbeque on the 25th. I’d love it if you could swing by so I could learn more about you and maybe you’ll even make some new friends. What do ya say?

This text is perfect for coworkers who to keep to themselves or who are a bit shy. This does not scream intimate date and the fact that other people will be there will make them more inclined to accept the invitation.



03The weather has been amazing lately, don’t you think? Just perfect for a picnic. Would you like to join me for one next Sunday?
Use this text after you have been talking for a while. This will be a smooth transition from general conversation to asking them out.


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04Hey Tim, I’ve seen you around the office and I really admire your drive and work ethic.
I’d love to get to know more about you, not just the work you. Would you like to get drinks on Friday?

For coworkers who are between twenty-one and mid- to late thirties, chances are they won’t be interested in any activity that doesn’t scream fun. If he or she seems the type, asking him or her out for drinks is a perfect idea .


05I remember hearing you say you love Coldplay the other day. They’ll be in town next Saturday and I have an extra ticket for their show. Wanna join?
Music lovers rarely pass up on an opportunity to see their favorite singer or band. If your coworker has shown an interest in this, you are almost guaranteed as yes if you have that free ticket.


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06A few of us from work are gonna go to this sports bars at the end of the block to catch the big game. You’re welcome to join us.
This kind of text works because you are not being too pushy with the invite. And, if they are a big sports fan you can be sure that they’ll show up.


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07Hey, I remember you were telling me you’re from out of town. If you’d, like I could show you around and take you to the best Friday Night spots!
Coworkers who are not from the area and who haven’t made any friends yet are usually open to these kinds of invitations.


08I really enjoyed the discussion we had about modern art last week. Would you like to accompany me to an art exhibit on Tuesday?
Appealing to your coworker’s interest is one of the best strategies. This kind of text also works because you have already talked about it, which shows you are attentive, so this invite is not awkward.


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09We are usually too swamped at work to have any real conversations. I’m interested in getting to know you better. How about dinner on Friday night?
This kind of text is very direct and to the point. If your coworker seems like this kind of person, go for it!



10If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned that you love sushi. Well, this new sushi bar opened downtown and I was planning to try them out. Care to join?
Food is the way to a lot of hearts. If your coworker is a foodie, then they won’t want to miss out on trying a new place.


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If All Goes Well:

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Even if all goes well on your date, there are still some rules you must follow. Remember, you guys are still coworkers and most workplaces have rules or policies governing romantic work relationships.


01At the beginning of your relationship, it is important to establish rules regarding behavior at work, disagreements, PDA or a potential breakup.
Being professional at all times is a must so don’t think you guys can be kissing and cuddling in the breakroom.


02Whether or not to keep your relationship a secret is all up to you. If there is a strict policy against work relationships, then it is probably in your best interest to keep to yourself and maintain a professional relationship at work.


03However, if the workplace has more relaxed rules, it is best to inform your coworkers and your boss, rather than there be gossip and suspicion regarding you two at work.


04Being in a relationship with a coworker should not affect the quality of work even if your boyfriend/girlfriend is the boss.
This can lower office morale, lead to gossip and tension and can even result in one or both of you getting fired.


How To Reply If You Were Rejected

As mentioned, rejection is a risk when asking your coworker out and handling it like a professional is extremely important.
Here are five ways you can reply if you are rejected.

01Okay, I understand. See you on Monday!
This text makes it clear that you respect their decision and that the rejection has not caused any tension.



02That’s fine. See you around the office then!
This text also shows that there is no tension and that you will continue to behave professionally in the office place.


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03No worries! Hopefully, we can still be friends and move past this.
If you had been very forward in your approach and was explicit about your intentions, then this is how you should respond to being rejected. Do not make them feel guilty about their choice and offer to move on without resentment.


04That’s unfortunate, we will miss you. Hopefully, you can make it to the next one.
This text works in situations where you have invited your coworker out to a social gathering and have been rejected. It leaves the door open for another invite.


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05I respect your decision. No hard feelings!
Your reply can be as simple as this. Clear and straight to the point.



If It Doesn’T Go As Planned:

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If you have been rejected, remember the following:

01Rejection happens to everyone. But don’t be discouraged, you will meet the right person eventually.


02Do not be mean to your crush and do not lash out. This could make things worse, so stay professional.


03If you are bummed out by the situation, do something to take your mind off it. Go out with friends or stay in and catch up on your favorite series.


You know how to ask a coworker out without being awkward and you know what to do if you are rejected. What are you waiting for? Send that text!