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8 Perfect Scripts of Resignation Letter for Nurses

8 Perfect Scripts of Resignation Letter for Nurses

Nurses resign for numerous reasons.

Some resign because they are unhappy with their job, others desire a change of environment. Some nurses resign because they wish to pursue a different career path and others resign because they stand to make more money.

Whatever your case may be, here you will find a perfect resignation letter for nurses’ script to use for your resignation notice.

Best examples of resignation letter for nurses:


Best examples of resignation letter for nurses:


01Resignation Letter for Nurses Who Wish to Pursue Higher Education
Dear Mr. Richards,
The purpose of this letter is to formally resign from my role as a [insert role] at St. Marlin’s Children’s Hospital. My last day of work is June 10, 2019.
I’ve made the decision to return to university and pursue a master’s degree in Nursing. There, I will enhance my knowledge and skill, and combined with what I have l learned at St. Marlin’s Children’s hospital, will teach future member’s joining the field.
In my final days, I will make myself available to assist in training the new nurses to fill the gap I will leave. Hopefully, this makes for a smooth transition.
All the best,
Lola Gregory, RN
It is very common for nurses to resign to focus on their studies.
This script is good because it not only states the reason for resignation, but it informs the recipient of the sender’s plans after university.


02Resignation Letter for Nurses Who Found A New Job Opportunity
Dear Mr. Williams,
Kindly accept this letter as my formal resignation from the position of [insert position] at the Lilly Dwyer Home for The Blind, effective August 12, 2019.
After a long consideration period, I have decided to leave this post and accept a more prestigious position in a private practice. I have served in this role for 7 years, and I am now ready to dedicate my life to saving lives in a different setting.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hone my skills as a nurse, and for allowing me to touch the lives of so many of our residents.
I trust that Lilly Dwyer Home for The Blind will continue to serve its community to the best of its ability and will maintain a reputation of exemplary patient care.
Many thanks,
Dwight Reid, RN
This is a good resignation letter for nurses who are offered a job elsewhere.
This letter is a good script because it is honest and acknowledges their growth during with time with the original employer.


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03Resignation Due to Family Reasons
Dear Mr. Whitter,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of resignation, but it must be done on account of my husband’s illness. Kindly note that my last day of work will be August 12, 2019.
I learned of his illness a month ago, and since then I have battled with making this decision. I love my job here at Whitter’s Pediatrics and never thought that this would be how my tenure would end.
During my final days, I will do everything in my power to bring my replacement up to speed so that my absence won’t cause too much of a disruption.
Thank you for your understanding.
Delilah Green, RN
Family emergencies can strike at any time, and some emergencies, such as an illness, may require you to be out of work for some time.
This script is good because it informs the employer of the illness without getting too personal. Very professional!


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04Resignation Due to Pregnancy
Dear Ms. Cross,
As you already know, I am now pregnant with my first child. As a result, kindly accept this letter as my official resignation from my post as [insert job position].
In accordance with my contract, I must provide you with a minimum of two weeks’ notice before my last day of work, which will be October 7, 2019.
While working here has been an absolute pleasure, I must now take time away from a hectic schedule to start this new chapter in my life. I plan to dedicate all my time to nurturing my child and looking after myself and my husband.
Thank you all for your continued support over the years and I look forward to seeing you all at my baby shower!
Best Wishes,
Elizabeth Myers
Pregnancy is another cause for resignation, as some women prefer to devote their future attention to their family obligations.
This script is good because adequate notice is given.


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05Resignation Due to Stress
Dear Mr. Hornigold
This letter is to inform you of my resignation as [insert job title] due to stress.
These past few months, my health has rapidly declined due to the demands of this job. After consulting with my doctor, it was decided that I need some time away from work to rest and recuperate.
While making such a decision has been extremely saddening, I must do what is best for me. Working with this company has been beneficial in other ways as I have found a family at Hornigold Orthopedics, and I will never forget all the good times we shared.
Should a time come where you need my input on anything, feel free to call me on my cell or home phone. I will happily lend a hand.
Best wishes to all!
Yours truly,
Michael Dunn, RN
Resignation letters for nurses due to stress are a bit more delicate.
This script is good because it mentions the fact that it is recommended by a doctor and so, will not come off as you giving up.
Finally, you have offered future assistance in case the employer needs it.


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06Resignation Due to Illness
Dear Dr. Jacob,
Please accept this letter of resignation due to illness. My last day of work as [insert job title] will be June 27, 2019.
Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have since begun treatment. It is within my best interest that I give my body time to be receptive to this treatment and to also focus on my mental health.
Hopefully, my absence will not be too inconvenient, and my co-workers will be able to carry out tasks as efficiently. My entire team has been advised of my departure and we hope to complete all unfinished projects by my last day.
Though it pains my heart to leave such a wonderful team behind, I know that this decision has been for the best. Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.
Yours truly,
Midas Lovelin, RN
Choosing whether to state what illness you are dealing with is optional.
This script is good because it gives the employer a clear indication of what is wrong, and that resignation is necessary.


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07Resignation Due to Migration
To Mr. Buckle,
The purpose of this letter is to formally resign from my role of [insert role] at Victoria Jubilee Hospital, effective September 9, 2019.
As you already know, my wife has been offered a job in China and, as a result, our entire family will be moving there. I have thankfully found a position at a hospital near her workplace.
I truly appreciate being a part of the nursing staff at Victoria Jubilee Hospital and the many work and non-work-related opportunities that it has given me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and to the team for making my experience here memorable.
During the transition period, I am more than willing to be of assistance when needed. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to email me at [insert email address].
Frank Powell, RN
Many letters of resignation for nurses are due to migration.
This script is good because it outlines the reason(s) for the move and helps during the transition period.


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08No Reason for Resignation
Dear Ms. Davis,
I am writing to inform you of my resignation from the position of Head Floor Nurse at the Old Age Retirement Home. My final day of work will be July 6, 2019.
It was an absolute pleasure to work at the Old Age Retirement Home, and this experience has been rewarding in more ways than one.
I wish nothing for the best for you, the staff and all the residents of Old Age Retirement Home.
If there is anything that I can do to ensure a smooth transition, please let me know.
Respectfully yours,
Bethany Brown, RN
You do not have to include a reason for resignation in your resignation letter for nurses. That is optional.
This is a good script to send when you wish to keep your reason(s) for leaving private, especially if you don’t wish to offend anyone. It is simple, respectful and to the point.


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A resignation letter for nurses can be for many other reasons.

If you don’t see your reason here, simply customize any of the sample letters. They can all be tweaked to your situation in a matter of minutes!