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35+ Absolutely Romantic Love Notes for Her

35+ Absolutely Romantic Love Notes for Her

You realized a long time ago that your wife or partner works really hard, either at work or taking care of the kids, or both. Not being great at expressing how amazing you think she is, sometimes, a simple romantic love note would give her joy you could not begin to imagine.

If you’re reading this and want to write love notes for her, here are 45 examples that will help inspire you!


Affectionate Notes for Her

Image from rawpixel under Pixabay License


When trying to learn how to write love notes for her, the secret was learning to express affectionate thoughts, and deeper feelings because it is the simplest approach. You can win her heart over with genuine words of affection.

You needed to be honest and sincere when writing love notes for her. Figuring out how to do that allowed you to be able to express your feelings when you found yourselves going through difficult times.

The key to success in writing love notes for her, was taking the few sentences you could create, and putting them together to make ‘poetry.’

I’m not Shakespeare but trying using some of these sentences to compose poetry of your own. Remember, the dedication is to that incredibly special woman in your life, she already loves you.

There is nothing more special to her then a few ‘love notes for her,’ written by you. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings – you will learn how to become better at it with each attempt.

The start is always the most difficult part, but with a little practice, you will start thinking of love poems or notes on your own.

If you don’t believe us, just take your favorite three of these and play around with them, then you’ve technically, already started!


01Growing old is amongst the things some people fear the most. Unlike these people, I have you – so growing old, and the time spent, is only something I can look forward to.


02Just looking into your beautiful eyes’ pulls me into a pool memories we’ve made together. One day I hope that pool will have expanded into an ocean, the beauty of its existence, no match to yours.


Photo by Inna Lesyk under Pexels License


03What is love if we don’t express it? It is merely a feeling that knows no joy! Without fear I write, my love for you is all emotions, and I will love you always.



04I couldn’t possibly imagine how my life would be without you. I will do my best to ensure I never know the truth of that possibility.


05The first time I saw you, I didn’t know what to feel because such a burst of emotions was unknown to me. After some time, I learned how to calm the storm within me and express my feelings for you in the only way I know how. I love you!


06Every new day is a chance for me to express my love for you, as well as appreciation for you being the amazing person you are.
Words don’t do my feelings justice, but I will try every day to show you the depth of my love by loving and caring for you.


Photo by Diego Alves under Pexels License


07Marriage is supposed to represent the relationship we have, and yet, one word could not begin to describe the million memories we have made together.
Marriage, with you, is unlike anything I have ever tried to describe because no words could capture the trust, love and joy I feel within your heart.


08How do I begin to list the characters that describe how amazing you are?
That explain the dream that has come true, of meeting a person who has filled my life with such wonderful and grand changes due to their love? I can’t, but I will continue to try.


09A woman like you is a true gift from God. Thank you for being in my life and refusing to leave my side during difficult times. I love you!


Photo by 小胖 车 under Unsplash License


10I will learn how to manage my frustrations, my insecurities, and my fears but also how to express my love, and joy and thoughts because I love you.
You deserve the best man I can be, and to always feel as loved as I hope you do now.


11There is nothing in the world that can replace my morning dose of you. It’s so easy to ignore the sun’s rays when you’re in my life.
While you brighten everything in this world, nothing compares to the brightness you bring into mine.


Photo by Valerie Elash under Unsplash License


12I can’t even fathom what my day would look like without you. You are an indispensable part of my life and I can’t wait to build our life together, one dream at a time.


13I commit to you wholeheartedly and willingly. You are truly the sunshine that gives life to the flowers of my life. I love you, babe!


14There are times when I’m afraid, scared of the unknown but then I remember one thing.
There is a woman in my life who lives and loves fearlessly: You. And with you by my side, I can overcome every difficulty in my life. You are my strength, my courage, and my guide.



15Love is not a game of chance – but I’ll try my luck if that is fate. Cause all I know is I’d love to dance, if my hand you would only take.


Image from Pixabay under CCO license


16Creating love notes for wife is no easy task, though I will try, but not even Shakespeare has the skill to depict my love for you.


17Your lips, in the morning, are worth waking for. Your smile brings mine to life. It is these gifts I can never find words for, so I will continue to wake each day, hoping for a new day to try.


Imsge from Pixabay under CCO License


Funny Love Notes for Her

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Sometimes, affection is the way to go. But when life gets crazy, or a little hectic, laughter is an incredible way to rekindle your bond. So, writing funny love notes for her, became another way to express your love for her.
These funny limericks, or quite notes are ways to put a smile on her face and express your love at the same time!
Depending on the occasion, you can leave her a funny love poem, but remember all these options provided when creating love notes for her can only reach their full artistic potential if you put them together in your own unique way!
Remember, love notes are for her, so don’t be vulgar or too explicit. Even when being funny, you are trying to show her that you love her, even if it makes her chuckle.


18You’re my treasure, but I’m not a pirate. If I were one, I would have to bury you somewhere! Love you!


Photo by Nick Karvounis under Unsplash License


19Honey, the police have arrested me! They want to convict me for stealing your heart, but I don’t want to return it. What should I do?


20How come I didn’t meet you earlier in life? If you cared about me, you would have saved me the trouble!


21Just because I love you from the bottom of my heart doesn’t mean I have space for other women on top! I love you, my beloved wife, you fill me right up!



22You know love is true, when it is I who writes to you – but when an argument ensues, my letters are abused!


23Do you know what I love the most? Read the second word in the earlier sentence.


Photo by dellxps15 under Pixabay License


24Is your dad a thief? Because he must have stolen stars from the sky to be your eyes!


25Do you have a bandage? I hurt my knees falling for you.


26Hello, police? I need to report a crime – my wife is just too beautiful


Photo by King’s Church International under Unsplash License


27Honey, you are going to be arrested for possession – of my heart!


28A common picture is worth 1000 words, but one of you leaves me speechless.


29I might stop loving you, but only under one condition – if I see an orange growing on an apple tree!


30You don’t need a key to get into my heart, you are the locksmith with the master set.


Photo by Daryn Stumbaugh under Unsplash License


31I wish I would hit the ground already, because I’ve been falling for you for years and every time I look into your eyes, I just keep falling.


32Our love is the perfect crime, I stole your heart and you stole mine!



33I would sing all the love songs in the world, but I’m tone deaf and flat. Take these words as the purest form of my respectful love!


34Is your dad a terrorist? Because you’re a bomb!


Photo by Jens Johnsson under Unsplash License


35I would not be surprised if you were taken and locked up in a museum – you’re a work of art!


Photo by Juhasz Imre under Pexels License


36Give me eternities with you, okay? I’ll need the time to grow into the man you deserve!


37Gosh, would you look at the time? It’s time to fall in love with you all over again, as I do every day!



Creating a love poem isn’t something to over think – remember the most important part is that you want to tell her how you feel. Remind your wife or girlfriend every day about how much you love her.

It’s true that actions speak louder than words. But when you master both, your beloved spouse will know without a doubt from the love notes for her how much she means.