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35 Messages for Happy Boss’s Day That Will Make Every Boss Smile

35 Messages for Happy Boss’s Day That Will Make Every Boss Smile

Boss’s Day is just once a year, but it represents so much more than remembering to say Happy Boss’s Day. This special day gives you an opportunity to show your superior how much they mean to you and your career.

Use one of these 35 messages to say Happy Boss’s Day to put a smile on their face. If you’re brave enough, you can be a bit more tongue-in-cheek than usual!


What is Boss’s Day?

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Boss’s Day is a fairly new holiday, celebrated every October 16 (or the next workday, if it’s a weekend) in the United States and many other countries. It was created by a secretary at State Farm who worked for her father, as a special form of celebrating the efforts of bosses around the world.
The trend caught fire in the 1960s and it has spread around the world. What is the purpose of Boss’s Day?
It started off as a form of showing appreciation for the men and women who put in long hours to coordinate their teams and complete projects. After some time, it became a viable strategy to improve interpersonal relationships in the office.
On Boss’s Day, it’s irrelevant whether you like your boss or not. We all have our differences and this holiday is a great chance to set them aside and appreciate all the hardworking superiors in our lives.
A funny message written in a Happy Boss’s Day card can be just thing you need to improve the atmosphere in your office. Use this opportunity to reflect on what your boss does for you and maybe, they will soften up once they see that they’re appreciated.

Appreciative Messages for Your Boss


01I just wanted to let you know that your hard work never goes unnoticed. Leading our team is no small feat and you always rise to the challenge. Happy Boss’s Day, boss!


02Hey boss, I just wanted to remind you how important you are to us. Without your constructive criticism and guidance, I wouldn’t be what I am today.


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03If there is somebody I have to express my gratitude to, it’s you. Thank you for always reminding me about my priorities and tasks! Happy Boss’s Day!



04When I talk to people, I always say I hope their boss is as good as mine. Thank you for supporting me! Happy Boss’s Day.


05There is nothing more difficult than putting together a group of different people and leading them. Somehow, day in and day out, you manage to execute that task flawlessly!


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06I know it’s only one day, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for us. You’re a true champ!


07Happy Boss’s Day! I know these are just words, but I wanted you to know that your long nights, excruciating attention to detail and efforts don’t go unnoticed.


08Without your encouragement and belief, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It’s all thanks to you and today is the day to remind you of that! Happy Boss’s Day!


09Our entire team wouldn’t be what it is today without your guidance. Thank you for all the hard work and leadership you provide. Happy Boss’s Day!


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10Never let anyone discredit the hard work and effort you invest in improving your team and the company as a whole. Happy Boss’s day and may our cooperation be even more fruitful in the future.


11Happy Boss’s Day! You’re a boss one can only dream of and I consider myself very lucky. Enjoy this day as much as I enjoy working with you.


Funny Messages for Boss’s Day


12With a boss like you, who needs a pay raise! Happy Boss’s day! P.S. Please disregard the first sentence during my next performance review.


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13If you honestly think that I’d start talking about how much I appreciate you in this card… Then you just might be correct! Thanks for being such a great leader! Happy Boss’s Day!


14You just might be the first boss I don’t contemplate pushing down the stairs on Mondays! But… Who knows? Just kidding. Thank you for all you do for us.



15I’d like to use this day to thank you for putting up with us… Then again, we also have to put up with you, so it’s even! Happy Boss’s Day!


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16We may not always like what you say or ask us to do, but we know it’s for the good of the entire company. Who knows, if you continue being such a great boss, we might come to our senses and appreciate you even more!


17There’s a twist on the old saying – ‘The customer is always right,’ which is, ‘The boss is always right’ (except when he isn’t, but you come very close)! Happy Boss’s Day!


18I realize that everything I say today can and will be used against me when I ask for a promotion, so I’m just going to say – Happy Boss’s day!


19On Monday mornings, there really isn’t anyone I look forward to seeing, except maybe you. You’re not so bad, because you’re such an awesome boss! Thank you for being there for me. P.S. Maybe we can get an office coffee maker!


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20I’ve never had such a pleasant boss. You sure have a way with words – I imagine even getting fired by you wouldn’t feel so bad! (Don’t get any ideas, please!) Happy Boss’s Day!


21No boss is ideal, but you come close to that description sometimes! I promise I’ll do my best to make our relationship better (if you go easy on me). Happy Boss’s Day!


22If I told you that you were an awesome boss any other day, it would be ass-kissing. That’s why I’m going to use this day to tell you how great you are. P.S. Whenever I do something wrong, re-read this card!


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Messages for Your Mentor on Boss’s Day


23Thanks to you, I found my direction in life and career. I will always appreciate that.


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24Not only are you a great boss and an even better leader, but you’re an amazing mentor. Thank you!


25With you, I didn’t just improve professionally, but I’ve grown as a person and you’re the one to thank.


26Thank you doesn’t come close to expressing how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for me. I look forward to another year of your amazing mentorship.


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27You’ve done much more than be just a regular boss – you’re a role model. Thank you for everything!


28When I started working with you, I couldn’t even imagine what you were going to do for me. Thank you for the amazing mentorship!


29Nothing can diminish the effort you’ve invested in helping me grow as a person. Happy Boss’s Day!


30My life wouldn’t be the same without your mentorship. I can only hope to partially repay you by improving even further! Happy Boss’s Day!


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31Mentors like you don’t come along every day! It’s a pleasure to work with you. Happy Boss’s Day!


32You’ve taught me all about hard work and effort and it’s something I can never thank you enough for. Enjoy this special day.


33I wouldn’t wish to have any other mentor but you. I’m truly fortunate to have met you. Happy Boss’s Day!


34Work isn’t really work when I’m working with such an amazing mentor!


35I only realized what it means to grow up when I started working under your supervision. Happy Boss’s Day!


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Concluding thoughts

Use these messages wisely. Know your boss’s character and you will have no problem picking the right message for Boss’s Day!