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25+ Sassy and Funny Beer Instagram Captions

25+ Sassy and Funny Beer Instagram Captions

Beer can bring balance to your life, and taking photos with friends and family around a beer can make for a masterpiece of integration. The greatest part about it is having memories of each moment that you have shared around a pint of beer. For that reason, writing about your experience in your captions for Instagram is important.

Using these beer captions for Instagram will make for the perfect chance to recall how much fun you had getting drunk.

Beer captions for Instagram: For beers and friends

Sharing a few beers with friends on a night out or over the weekend after a hefty week can relieve you from stress, whether it’s coming from home or work. Being with your friends can help to improve your social skills as well.
You can take some selfies with your beer buddies or let someone take a quick back snap. Then, your friend can put the photo and caption on Instagram using any of the following examples.

01I am only chasing two things this weekend: bottles of beer from my local pub and my crazy friends. I will be glad to have my #beerandfriends


people happy beer party
Photo by Drew Farwell on unsplash


02Too much liquor, and it never gets sicker. Without a cold and distinctively ruddy beer, things aren’t the same. My buddies had too much to stay alive in this dimension.


03Never act single when you can mingle with a good Bavarian beer. Spend time with some friends who love you from the bottom of their beer glasses.


04Two, three, four, or ten, and still counting; these are the many glasses of beer he and I drank. He is so un-beer-lievable but also the most sober ale drinker in our crew.


05We are rocking glasses full of beer at the counter, and the bar attendant is quite the master of rolling down the booze into our glasses.


06As lager is to ale so is our friendship to brotherhood. We never stop beer-leaving in each other.


two men sitting beside barrels drinking beer while talking with each other

Photo by ELEVATE under pexels license


07How else can you end your week, if not by popping some bottles of beer with friends. Why not be drinking at the moment with some soothing music in the background?


08How beautiful would the world be if there were an awesome beer party filled with mixed drinks and flawless emotional music?



Captions for beers and life

Drinking beer can be soothing to your spirit because it keeps you moving. Each day, no matter the amount of struggle you go through, you can always wind down with a cold beer.
You can cherish these moments by posting a beer picture and using some of these captions to describe your experience.

09Don’t underestimate the healing power of a strong beer. It gives you far more satisfaction and comfort than therapy.


Beer being poureed down on a glass
Photo by on Pexels – under CC0 license


10I love my flawlessly interesting life and my cold beer. The power of combining these two things is truly amazing #lifenbeercouple


11In a world full of doctors and therapists, it would be better to act like a beer: Let people enjoy how you pour great insight and healing into their lives after just a couple.


12No matter how much you try to double malt yourself away, you can never get drunk enough to understand how nature works. I’d say that you should just live in the moment.


13Where there is ale, there is good-chilled life. It would be un-beer-able to live without having at least one bottle a day.


glass of beer on table

Photo by Michelle Ha on Reshot


14Heading to a brewery and drinking flights of beer is all I have left on my bucket list before this year ends.


15Time flies when you’re drinking beer; you never stop to realize how you went from being high on intellect, then ended up being the drunk idiot of the day.


Beer captions for Instagram: For a night out (binge drinking with friends)

Surpassing the drinking limit can be fun at times, especially when you have friends to take photos of you when you are crazily drunk.
You can use these beer Instagram captions below for these types of photos. Then, you can let your followers “like” how you live your life to the fullest with beer and friends.

16Here’s to many more beer nights and to watching the sunrise each morning. Here’s to many creepy hangover good morning texts too!


travel sunset camping couple love relaxation lunch picnic beer drinking

Photo by Dasha Pats on Reshot


17Make cocktails while the night lasts, share a vodka spiced with lemonade, and then wrap it up with a pitcher of beer before the sun rises.


18It is raining booze and shots; I cannot seem to get the heck out of it. I am getting out of hand, and I need a #beerdoctor


19Hang in there, pall! It is only a couple more ounces in your beer system, and we will be over with this. So, I thought at least before you got sick.


20The best about both worlds is hosting a beer party at your strict parent’s house, having too much to drink, and getting away with it.


of bottles of beer

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


21A jar of ale is worth a thousand glasses of plain water. It helps me keep reality at bay and good health far away.


22The bar is where our hearts, minds, and bodies beer-long. We always hit drunk levels that are not even possible for most other people.



Beer captions for Instagram: For saying cheers/bottoms up

Celebrating an achievement, friendship, or any happy occasion will require you to toast the occasion with your friends or family members.
Using these beer Instagram captions for saying cheers or bottoms up with a group picture of you toasting is a great idea.

23Cheers to the amazing host. Here’s to those who missed out because the drinks are bringing back all of the good memories.


men toasting drinking beer
Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash


24Beer tastes better when we chase down the bottles together. Bottoms up to the season of drinking, especially after such a long period of beer-restriction.


25Bottoms up to those who were our cups of tea and to those who broke our young hearts. We now take beers, and they do not stand a chance.


26Cheers to the many bad choices that we made in our teenage years. Here’s to those we have yet to meet in adulthood.


cheers drinking beer

Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash


27Toast to achieving greater heights in our respective fields of work. I will drink to that again and again and again. I won’t ever be over it.



Finding the best words to use as a caption for your Instagram beer photos is hard. Using the above beer captions for Instagram for your drinking photos can help you engage with your fans and get some likes too!
Go ahead, you can take some cool beer photos. Then, you can accompany them with the best captions from this list for your Instagram posts. Get ready to make memorable memories!