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35 of the Best Skiing Captions to Use on Instagram for Your Snow Trip

35 of the Best Skiing Captions to Use on Instagram for Your Snow Trip

If you need skiing captions for Instagram that you can use during this year’s winter, we’ve got you.

We have interesting captions for Instagram. We’ll provide you with captions for Instagram that can cover most of your skiing posts. Check them out.


Cool skiing captions for Instagram

One of the best ways to spend your winter is by going on a skiing or snowboarding trip. These are fun hobbies and can present great photo-taking opportunities.
Check out some of these skiing captions for Instagram you can use for your photos.

01Nothing can de-stress you better than good slopes, a good board, and endless hours of peace and quiet, just you and the snow #WinterIsComing.


photography of a person skiing snow sky sun
Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels


02It’s official- nothing’s better than that rush of speeding down a slope on a good board; you should all try it out #snowboarder.


03You can never be too much of a pro for skiing as there’s always a slope you haven’t tried that will give you a challenge #backcountryskiing


04Hey guys, skiing’s a very versatile #wintersport. It’s fun solo and awesome with the boys!


05Skiing is great for connecting with like-minded people; plus being outdoors enjoying the scenery can make you connect more with #nature.


three person riding on snowboard snow sky

Photo by Yann Allegre on unsplash


06I see you all complaining about the cold spoiling your holiday while we are out here skiing… #Bahamas in summer and the #Alps in winter.


07Even though I prefer #freeskiing, I like ski resorts too because I get to have a skiing trip and a holiday with my family.


08I never understood why people go skiing like why would you want to be outside in the snow; I know now though- my first skiing trip was #lit!


09Don’t forget to stay sober when skiing, because you don’t want to get slapped with thousand dollar fines for trespassing or damaging property #skiingislife.


woman holding hands facing backwards near mountains snow

Photo by Daniel Frank on unsplash


10The struggle of trying to exercise in winter is very real, especially in places like these where you can’t even ride a bike, so I started skiing #fitness.


Captions for those priceless skiing moments

They say a picture can say a thousand words and that’s why many people choose to let their skiing pictures tell their stories on Instagram.
Here are a few skiing captions for Instagram that you can use to chip away at some of those words a picture can say.

11The weather’s perfect for skiing this morning guys. I think I might even try doing those 180s I used to do back in the day #morningvibes.


woman in pink skiing snow checkered jacket goggles

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


12I think I’ve fallen in love with the #skilife; I’m a super amateur though, so I’ll look for easier slopes to try out.


13A good back rub is all I need now; I’ve been trying out skiing lessons and I’ve never tried so hard not to fall in my life #skiingislife though.



14I had a bad fall today: I tried standing up when I was rolling and nearly broke my neck; I’ll just keep #keepitrollin next time til I stop.


15That cable car trip to the top of the slope is awesome. It’s a perfect selfie moment, especially when you’re with the boys #skitouring.


three person wearing ski gear riding on a cable car
Photo by Emma Paillex on unsplash


16I don’t know you all. This is me almost falling down the slope. The weird thing is I never felt more alive than at this moment #livinglifetothefullest!


17I have been practicing for weeks and here is my first perfect flat spin, nothing like what the pros do but it’s pretty decent #funtimes.


18The boys and I used to make our own slalom ski tracks in the #backcountry; I might just build another one for this winter.


19The boys and I are looking for some fresh blood to go do some good old downhill ski racing, so we’re ditching #freeskiing for the #skiresort.


person in green jacket riding skiing on mountains during winter

Photo by Daniel Frank on unsplash


20Being a #freeskier is not for the faint-hearted: bumpy slopes are very common in those country mountain slopes.


Ski lesson captions

Learning how to ski is relatively easy and the injuries that most people get aren’t that different from those incurred when learning how to ride a bike.
As you’re learning this new skill, you might want to share your journey with others. Here are some skiing captions for Instagram that are great for beginners.

21Learning how to ski as an adult is a bit of a challenge but it’s fun and I’m starting to get really good now #snowfall.


man snow skiing on bed of snow during winter

Photo by Visit Almaty under pexels license


22There are some #skitracks that are good for training beginners and some that are great for pros. Slopes marked with black or red aren’t amateur friendly.


23Hey everyone! As you already know, I’ve been teaching myself how to ski; it’s been a bumpy road but here I am doing 40% and 60% incline slopes #whoopwhoop!


24I had a great coach, so it didn’t take me long to get the positioning right, and now I don’t look like a duck paddling in snow #wintergoals.


two people holding black ski pole looking down during daytime

Photo by George Kroeker on unsplash


25Keeping my skis apart at the right width is hard for me; I just don’t feel like I’m balanced right but I’ll be good someday #skiing #mountains.


26If you know how to selectively move certain parts of your body, the #skilife is for you. You have to turn using your legs only.



27Whatever you do when skiing, don’t tense your joints. They act like shock absorbers and prevent you from falling #wintersport #skilessons.


28Whilst your legs do most of the work when #skiing, you need to position your upper body correctly and not lean on the turns.


man in orange using ski boards day time smiling mountains trees
Photo by Ben Koorengevel on unsplash


29To ski better, remember to keep your elbows in front of your ribs, your hands wide and waist-high, keeping them back but still visible #skicoach.


30Some say skiing is impossible to learn as an adult- they’re wrong! It is a bit harder but definitely possible #skilife forever!


Captions for skiing gear

Skiing and snowboarding are winter sports, so that means you need to have the right gear if you want to survive the cold. We have some skiing captions for Instagram that you can use when sharing pics of your new gear.

31Got this new baby; it’s warm enough and it seemed pretty good at keeping the water out when I went skiing today #skigear.


woman in black standing near snow covered forest smiling

Photo by
Holly Mandarich on unsplash


32I thought any glove would work well for skiing if it was warm until I started getting wet hands after a few minutes of skiing. Got these #skigloves now.


33Getting the right pants for skiing is important; I prefer any that can prevent snow from getting in my boots #backwoods.


34On super cold #winterdays, even a good jacket won’t be enough to prevent you from freezing. That’s why I always wear long fleece tops.


person holding snow ski blades walking on snowy mountains while talking

Photo by Alain Wong on unsplash


35Snowboarding with sunglasses is okay if it’s not snowing heavily. If I want to go out in heavy snow, I use ski goggles #snowboardgear.



We hope that these skiing captions for Instagram will help skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from beginners to pros.
We just want to help make your Instagram posts lit. Have fun in the snow and on ice. Winter is coming!