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25 Ideas for a Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Your Husband

25 Ideas for a Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Your Husband

Starting a family and having a baby is a beautiful thing. When the time finally comes for your pregnancy announcement to husband, you should make it special.

But how do you go about making a pregnancy announcement to your husband special? Do you just tell him straight up?

No. You will want to have a look at these 25 ideas for how to make a pregnancy announcement to your husband before you make your decision. They are sure to surprise him!


Best Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas


01Plate Reveal
We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and he will love this idea because it will fill both his belly and his heart.
Pulling this off is pretty easy, all you have to do is purchase a non-toxic marker, and write ‘I’m pregnant’ in the center. Then, when you have made dinner, cover the words with the food so that he won’t see it until he’s finished eating.


avocado egg toast black plate wood
Photo by Joseph Gonzalez under Unsplash


02Mail Him The Ultrasound
A simple and cute way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is to mail him your ultrasound. You can go old school and put it in a letter address to him saying ‘I can’t wait to meet you.’
This is a sweet gesture because he will always have the picture to remind him of the day that he found out he was going to be a father.


03Use The Dog
If you have a dog or cat, then a cute way to announce your pregnancy is to attach a note to its collar. When your husband goes to play with it, or it approaches him, he will certainly get a surprise.
This is a clever idea because it involves the whole family!


my beautiful girlfriend loving on her dog and best friend

Photo by Shane Cook on Reshot


04Put It On A Ball
If your husband is a sports fan, a terrific way to make your pregnancy announcement to husband is to write ‘I’m pregnant’ on the ball. When he walks into the room, toss it to him and watch his reaction when he finally reads it.



05Homemade Card
A homemade card is a cute and intimate way to announce your pregnancy to your husband! What is great about making, versus purchasing the card is your ability to completely customize it. Collage, big letters, or a poem even. He will love it and treasure the card forever.


06Get The Kids Involved
A great pregnancy announcement to your husband idea is to get the kids you already have together, involved. Make or buy shirts that say ‘#1 big brother/sister,’ as a fun way to inform your husband another is coming.


boy holding a baby alligator girl scared
Photo by Danielle D’Ottaviano on Reshot


07Pregnancy Test Gift
A great way to surprise your husband is by handing him a gift-wrapped pregnancy test. He will already be expecting a surprise, but opening a box to find your positive test stick is one way to make sure he gets the news, immediately!


08Something Sweet
If your husband really loves deserts, then the best way to announce your pregnancy is to put ‘I’m pregnant’ on top of a cake, or cookie, or any other form of pastry. He will love this surprise idea because he can eat it afterward!


Men love drinking beer, so, what better way to announce your pregnancy to your husband than over a cold one? He’ll definitely tell the boys about this one.


glass of beer on table

Photo by Michelle Ha on Reshot


10Scavenger Hunt
Everybody loves a good scavenger hunt, right? Organizing a scavenger hunt is inexpensive and can be as simple as giving him a little run-around around your house.
You can end the scavenger hunt with an item like a baby bottle or a pacifier, or even a surprise note that says ‘I’m pregnant’. This is a great idea because it is fun and will build up suspense.



11Buy Him A Baby Book
If it is his birthday or any other occasion where people normally exchange gifts, a great way to announce your pregnancy is by gifting him a baby book. He will wonder what this is all about but will figure it out soon enough.
This is a great surprise because it is also educational and will teach him what he needs to know before the baby arrives.


childrens books books reading cup
Photo by AnnieSpratt under pixabay License


12Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband Banner
Another great way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is with a banner. You can even add some balloons. This is a great idea because you can easily make one at home in a few minutes.
Hang it up somewhere you know he will see, and watch his surprise.


13Belly Paint
Use body paint to paint the words ‘I’m pregnant’ on your stomach. You can even enlist the help of a friend or the kids.
At the end of the night, when you two are getting ready for bed, exposing your stomach only to find a message written for him, would be a surprise indeed.


14Writing A Poem
If you are good at writing poems and your husband loves reading your work, all you have to do is find a clever way to incorporate it into your work. This is a good idea because you can always frame it after and put it in your nursery.


type writer woman text

Photo by yeongkyeong lee under Unspalsh


15Adding An Extra Plate To The Table
At dinner time, you can add an extra plate to the table, and even a baby cup. The first thing he will ask is ‘Are we having guests’.
Just say ‘no, I’m eating for two’. Sure, he will be taken aback for a moment, but the best surprises leave you speechless.


person holding small cup

Photo by Caleb Lucas under Unsplash


16Team Jersey
Jerseys can be pretty cheap and getting the words ‘Daddy’, or ‘Dad to be’ printed on the back isn’t expensive at all. The jersey of his favorite sports team will already be a surprise, but when he sees the back, he will completely lose it!


17Mug Reveal
When he goes to drink a cup of coffee in his new mug with a ‘Dad to be’ message on it, he will be surprised. Simply writing the words ‘Dad to be’ on his coffee mug is a great idea because it is inexpensive and takes little to no time to complete.



18Bookmark Reveal
If your husband is an avid reader, a great way to surprise him is by getting him when he is alone and deep into his novel! Making a bookmark is pretty easy and you can easily sneak it into his book when he isn’t looking.


19Mirror Surprise
Does your husband get out of bed to use the washroom at night?
If he does, this surprise may be overwhelming in the wee hours of the morning, so expect to be woken up whenever the message is received.


guy looking on mirror lights
Photo by Milkwork on Reshot


20Wear It On A T-Shirt
A cool way to reveal your pregnancy is by putting it on a t-shirt. This will work better if you have on a jacket, and he offers to take your coat. He surely won’t be expecting that! 


21Supermarket Reveal
A super inexpensive way to announce your pregnancy is by disappearing when in the supermarket. Place yourself in the baby aisle in front of diapers, or formula.
When he finally finds you and asks what you’re doing, simply say ‘looking for stuff for the baby.’


22Piggy Bank
For this idea, all you have to do is get a piggy bank and write ‘Baby Fund’ on the front. Put it on your nightstand or somewhere he will see it, and when he asks about it, just say ‘we only have nine months to save.’
He will get the picture.


white and green ceramic pig decor

Image from Pixabay from Pexels Under CCO License


23Onesie In His Sock Drawer
Imagine rummaging through your sock drawer one morning only to find a onesie? Wouldn’t you be surprised? That’s why this is such a great idea.
Put it at the bottom of the drawer, folded among his socks and when he asks about it you can just say it’s for the baby.



24Easter Eggs
It doesn’t even have to be Easter for this idea to work! All you have to do is get a fake egg from the toy store and put a little note inside of it.
You can even get a real egg and write ‘hatching soon’ where it will be readily visible. This will surprise him when he goes to make his breakfast.


25Baby Shoes
Leave a pair of baby shoes in his closet, or on the bed. Under the shoes, leave a piece of paper with the note ‘surprise, you’re going to be a dad!’
Then when he picks the shoes up to bring them to you, or look at the paper, he will notice the words and get the picture.


three pairs of shoes
Photo by Lisa Fotios under Pexels License



Making your pregnancy announcement to husband does not have to be a hassle and it does not have to be costly. Most of the pregnancy announcement to your husband ideas we’ve given you can be put together in a few minutes and are guaranteed to work.

Which pregnancy announcement to husband idea will you be using?