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Top 40 Cool and Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Top 40 Cool and Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

It may not seem like it, but guys love having monikers too. Having an array of cute names to call your boyfriend not only adds spice to your relationship –it can even liven up your stale, day-to-day interactions with your man.

If you want to put some spark back into your relationship but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered girl!

Here is our list of Cool Names To Call Your Boyfriend that are sure to turn your connection and bond with your boyfriend around. Now you and your boyfriend can have special monikers for each other!

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Is Sporty or Athletic

athletics running competition
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“Every guy’s dream is to be a Rocky Balboa. Big biceps, one-man punch – Rocky is a man’s man, and your boyfriend would surely love to be compared to him!”




“Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive on the planet. If your man wants to be the top dog, being called Bolt suggests both strength and speed!”




“It means the ‘Greatest Of All Time’, reserved to sports superstars such as Michael Jordan. If your boyfie strives to be the very best, being called the GOAT will put that missing smile right back on his face.”




“Studs are the prime mating males chosen to impregnate all females on the farm. There is literally usually only one. This cute name instantly turns the mood of your man from bad to good.”




“Brawny and bossy seems to be the name of the game if your man is sporty – I am sure he’d really love the be called a hunk *wink*”




“Remind me again, who is the king of the jungle? That’s right, YOUR MAN is a LION and you should let him know it.”




“every guy wants to be a champ – it literally means champion! Giving your man this moniker will leave no doubt in peoples minds how good he is.”

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Is Kinda Nerdy

nerdy cute bou red glasses
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“No need to explain it right? One of the smartest persons who lived, IQ of 160, theory of relativity…?”




“If you think Einstein is too “old school” for your taste, then his modern-era fictional counterpart Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory might be a cute name to call your boyfriend.”




“Just like a walking encyclopedia, your man will definitely switch up his chair if you call him this cute name.”




“Your nerdy guy will definitely want to be complimented more for his brains than his brawn – so Brainiac seems to be a perfect nickname for him.”


12Book Worm


“Another cute name for your man who loves to read and devour books”




“A cute name to tease your boyfriend who wears glasses.”


Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Is Tall


giraffe wandering

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“Taken from Shaquille O’neal, the 7-foot basketball player from Los Angeles Lakers”


15K.S.A, Knight in Shining Armor


” I know, it is kinda cheesy but having a guy who is tall certainly fits the billing of a K.S.A.”




“Kinda cute name to call your tall and lanky boyfriend, don’t you think?”




“now this is a cute name to call your guy who is not only tall but also huggable and chubby – like a sasquatch!”


18Daddy Long Legs / D.L.L.


“Well, I really think that this name is adorable.”


Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Is Brawny or Muscular


man weight lifting at gym
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 “A shortened version for JUGGERNAUT, which kinda sounds bad-ass, but still a cute name if you ask me.”



 “If your guy has big quads (thighs) and he likes to flaunt them, why not call him your “quadzilla” instead?”


21Gym Rat

 “I haven’t met a muscular guy who didn’t blush after being called a gym rat. I am sure this cute name will stick in your guy too.”



 “If juggernaut is too vague for your boyfriend, toughen it up a bit with the HULK.”



 “If you want to level it up even more by adding more muscle and brawn – TANK seems to fit the bill perfectly.”



 “Need we explain more? The Man of Steel? Strong, Muscular, Super bod?”



 “Think Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion. Graceful yet still muscular. Your guy would definitely love that.”


Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Loves Mathematics


calculating mathematics

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 “Want to fan your guy’s ego a bit more? Call him your “Fibonnaci” and watch him blush.”



 “I think this nickname already explains itself – geeky and brainy”


28Sweetie π

 “Pi(π) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter:3.14159….A smart and cute name for your genius.”



 “A cool and cute name that is not seldom used. If your guy can calculate faster than a calculator, then this is the perfect name for him.”


30My Wiz

 “Calling your guy who loves mathematics your “Wiz” will definitely make him feel like a math wizard.”


Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who Is Chubby


panda resting

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 “Calling your man FAT will definitely put a frown on his face. But calling him chubbyschums? Definitely your nickname of choice.”



 “This is such a cute name to call your boyfriend. Pooh is not only chubby – he is kind and adorable too!”


33Big Boy

 “Sometimes, getting straight to the point works wonders, and calling your boyfriend a big boy works like a charm”


Other Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend


34Sweetie / Sweetie-Pie

 “A true-and-tested nickname that is popular around the world. If your man is sweet, this is the perfect nickname for him.”



 “If your boyfriend and his sweetness can’t be contained by just a simple Sweetie, add some Honey into the mix”



 “Dreamy eyes, fair skin and tall? Your boyfriend definitely deserves to be called this nickname”



 “A super adorable nickname that is popular not only during Halloween, but all over the year.”



 “Another popular cute name for your man: Before Anything Else = B.A.E”


39Baby / Babe

 “Classic nickname for your boyfriend who is quiet, cute and sweet as a babe”


40Numbawan Kenobi

 “If your man is your number ‘one’ like a true Jedi, Numbawan Kenobi fits him perfectly.”



 “Take your boyfriend’s geekiness to another level by calling him your “professor””


42Hunkey Tonkey

 “if your man has a body of a weight trainer, then this nickname will really fit him”


43Axel Rose

 “If your guy looks like someone straight from the 90’s, with long hair and a set of faded blue denim jeans on his cabinet, why not call him Axl (From gun’s and Roses lead singer)”