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20+ Valentine’s Day Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush

20+ Valentine’s Day Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush

Valentine’s day is coming up and that means that it is time for you to step up your game and finally take your shot with your crush.

You are probably asking, what do I even say? How do I know it will work? What if I get rejected?

Relax. Those are all valid concerns but with these valentine’s day pick-up lines in your arsenal, you have nothing to fear.

Here are some of the best valentine’s day pick-up lines that you can use on both guys and girls:


Pick-Up Lines Used on Guys When You Don’t Know Your Crush on Valentine’s Day

If your crush is a guy, your valentine’s day pick-up lines must get his attention and keep him interested. Here are the valentine’s day pick-up lines that do just that:

01Do you think I should wear a red dress or a white dress for our date tonight?
This pick up-line might leave him speechless for a second because it is so bold and daring. Luckily some men find that very attractive in a woman.


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02I forgot to get your valentine’s day chocolates but if you’re craving something sweet I’m available tonight
This is a flirtier valentine’s day pick-up lines to use on a crush who you are pretty sure already likes you. When he reads this, his mind will wander all over the place, just make sure he knows exactly what you mean.


03Hi there, I’m lost. Can you tell me how to get to your heart?
Confidence is very sexy in a woman. Walk right up to him and use this line to show him you mean business.


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04[Holding phone to your ear] Hello, Cupid? I’ll take this tall, strong, and gorgeous guy I’m standing by this year
Okay this one might be a bit silly but it’s a great icebreaker and you will make him laugh. Some would say you’re off to a great start!


05Are you feeling okay? You look like you may be in need some vitamin me.
When it comes to pick-up lines, they have to be somewhat natural to be effective so you will have to take advantage of situations as they arise. If you hear him sneeze or cough, or even if he looks a little pale, use to line to get a chuckle, maybe even a number out of him.


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06Hey, are you the package I’m expecting from Cupid?
If you catch him near your mailbox or even in the hallway, this line is sure to get his attention. If he says yes, you can also be flirty and suggest you take him into your room to see what’s inside, or on a date to get to know him better.


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07Can you do me a favor? Catch me, if I fall too hard for you
This line says everything he needs to know: That you are interested in him and you want to know what he thinks about it.



08How do you feel about dinner under the stars, because I was thinking that’s what we could do on valentine’s day!
Being assertive can make a great first impression. If that’s what you want, you should let him know.


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09Hey, do you know if the guy in 5c is available tonight? I’d love to take him out for dinner
A classic pick-up line strategy is to talk in the third person to your crush. This way it is less direct and you two can even make it into a funny moment.


Pick-Up Lines Used on Guys When Your Crush Is a Friend on Valentine’s Day


10Hey you! Do you plan on giving me my heart back anytime soon?
Use this pick-up line to let him know that you are completely smitten by him. His response will let you know if he is actually interested in you. 


11Get the roses, they’re my favorite
If you see your crush in a flower shop or simply passing by one, use this line to let him know that you are expecting some flowers from him on valentine’s day. Just be careful though in case he is getting them for someone else! 



12So what time are you picking me up? [he asks for what] For our date silly!
Sometimes you just have to go right for it and shoot your shot directly. This way you’ll know for sure whether he’s into you or not. 


13I think I’ve found something much better than flowers and chocolates this valentine’s day
This will only work if he is the only one around otherwise, he might get confused about who you’re talking to. And, if he ignores you, you can always pretend you weren’t even talking to him. Win-win. 


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Pick-Up Lines Used on Girls on February 14

When it comes to pick-up lines to use on girls, they may have heard all of them before. To stand out, your valentine’s day pick-up lines must be able to capture her attention.
Here are valentine’s day pick-up lines to use on your female crush:

14If I flip this coin and it lands on heads, I’ll take you out for dinner. But, if it lands on tails, you’ll have to take me out.
If you want your crush to go out with you, then you have to do something that will capture her attention. This classic coin trick will do the trick.


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15Do you prefer white roses or red?
The best pick-up lines are in question form. Simple questions like these will get her talking to you and you can work your way up to asking her out from there.


16I hope you didn’t make any valentine’s day plans without me
If you want to ask her out but feel too nervous to be direct, this is a wonderful way to indirectly tell her that you want to take her out on valentine’s day.



17I considered buying you a teddy bear, but thought you could just hug and cuddle with me
If you already know she likes you this is one way to get the ball rolling. A little flirting can’t hurt.


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18You’re so sweet I bet every candy bar in here feels jealous
Again, this is a pick-up line that will only work in specific scenarios such as a candy store. Remember to always use your surroundings to make your pick-up line seem more natural and be unique.


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19I suck at pick-up lines and flirting so I’ll just come right out and say it. Will you be my valentine?
While women love a strong and confident man, they also love when men are honest and allow themselves to be vulnerable.


20If you flip your hair like that one more time I’ll be too mesmerized to ask you to be my valentine
The best valentine’s day pick-up lines are disguised as compliments. You will surely have her smiling and more likely to say yes to being your valentine.


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21I’m new here and I’d hate to spend valentine’s day alone. Do you have any plans?
If she knows you are new then she may do the neighborly thing and show you around and spend time with you. This will be your chance to show her that you like her and that you are a great guy.


22If you had to choose between valentine’s day lunch with me or valentine’s day dinner, what would you pick?
This pick-up line requires a lot of confidence. Just make sure she likes you first or else it could go very wrong very fast.


23You can’t just go around stealing people’s hearts like that. They should have you arrested
The police pick-up line is overused but if you spin it in just the right way like this one, it is bound to get her attention. 


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