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How to Ask a Guy Out: 30 Cool Texts That Can Make It Easy

How to Ask a Guy Out: 30 Cool Texts That Can Make It Easy

Liking a guy is easy, but how to ask a guy out is the tricky part. Fear of being rejected, fear of coming off as desperate or simply not knowing what to say, are the main reasons why most of us avoid asking guys out altogether.

But what if you were given some cool ways to ask him out, so you wouldn’t have to put much thought into it? Here are 30 cool texts for how to ask a guy out that you can even use in face to face interactions without either of you feeling awkward:


How to Ask a Guy Out Through Text

We’ve all written and deleted texts to a guy we like before because we have felt they weren’t good enough. Need some help? Here’s how to ask a guy out

01This is pretty last minute, but I’m in your area tonight with some of my friends. Would you care to grab some drinks with us?
It isn’t uncommon for people to hang out outside of where they live, especially with a group of friends. It can easily be considered a coincidence that you’re in his area.
Whatever the case may be, this text won’t feel awkward because you have a genuine reason for being close by. Plus, there will be other people around so it won’t seem too intimate, making him more likely to accept the invitation


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02Do you want to go out with me this weekend?
This text is better suited for guys who are more straightforward and confident. He will appreciate your forwardness so you won’t have to worry about it being awkward for either of you.
It’s best to use this text after you guys have been talking for a while, and feel more comfortable with each other.


03Let’s talk more over a cup of coffee, shall we?
If you guys are talking about an interesting topic the conversation would be much better had in person. This will seem reasonable to him so the invitation won’t be awkward at all.


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04Wanted to treat you to dinner. How does tonight sound?
If you guys are already friends, this approach is perfect. It is simple and to the point and doesn’t seem like there are any strings attached. This could keep you in the friend zone though, if you do it together frequently.


05I will be in town tomorrow. Would you like to show me around?
This type of text is best suited for people who have been talking long distance. Say for instance you met the guy at the airport and exchanged numbers if you are in town it wouldn’t be weird for you to ask him out again.



06I feel like I could use some company. Do you mind if we meet up at our spot?
‘Spot’ can refer to anything, from the place you met, a place you both like or even an inside joke. If you suggest meeting up somewhere you are both familiar with, it will completely remove any awkwardness from the situation.


07I found this really cool joint that plays some good music. We should go there this weekend.
This can work because it isn’t really a question, but more of a statement. The success really depends on the type of guy.


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08Would you like to spend an evening with me?
This type of text message is one that cannot stand alone. It must flow with the conversation.
Say for instance you volunteer at a pet shelter in the afternoons, or take walks in the park after work. When you mention this and he says it sounds cool, you can use the opportunity to invite him to spend an evening with you.


09Today is my birthday. I was wondering if you’d want to come to a little get-together I’m having at my place tonight.
Even if you guys aren’t familiar, who is going to turn you down on your birthday? It’s a communal event so it won’t be too awkward for either of you.
You can even invite him to cut your cake with you!


10I’d love it if you would join me for lunch today. Are you free?
This type of message is not awkward for either of you because it is so casual. Unlike dinner, lunch is just lunch and doesn’t require either of you to dress up or go somewhere fancy.
You will both feel more relaxed and the pressure of being on a date will be virtually non-existent.



11Am I horrible if I say my desk is the most boring place in the world? I’m going for a coffee break in about 15 minutes. You should come along.
If you both have busy work schedules, this is a great way to get him to go out with you. After all, it might be impossible for him to go bowling on a Tuesday night, so a coffee break is only logical.


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12Do you know where this is?
If you are new to the area, a great way to get a guy to go out with you is asking them where something is. If he knows where it is, chances are he will be willing to take you there.


13Sorry, I’m the worst texter ever. I’m sure we’ll have a better conversation if we were to meet up.
If you both busy and take a very long time to reply to each other, it can kind of kill the vibe. Use this to your advantage!
If he realizes it too, he will jump at this opportunity.


14All this texting is making my fingers hurt. Meet me at my apartment in 15 minutes so we can continue our conversation in person.
This kind of text will probably only work if you guys live close to each other. It can also come off as pushy if he isn’t interested in coming over.


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15If you’re not too busy on Friday, we should meet up for a study sesh.
For students, a study session is probably the easiest way to get a guy to go out with you, especially if you can help each other with assignments.
You can suggest meeting up at the library so it won’t be too awkward.



Through Text And Face To Face

Here is how to ask a guy out through texts that can also work in face to face conversations

16I love baseball too! Hey maybe we should watch the game together next weekend
Using something you guys are both interested in is foolproof. It is very common for sports fans to watch games together and talk about them.
Maybe you can modify this text to ask him to come over to your place, or even to invite yourself over to his!


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17There’s a new coffee shop that opened around the corner. I was just going, would you like to join me?
Asking someone to join you at a new place that just opened is completely ordinary. No pressure.
If you happen to run into him at work or school, you can also use this text to get him to go out with you.


18My friends and I are going to watch that new Avengers movie. You should come.
Who doesn’t love the Avengers? This will be a guaranteed yes!
Having friends come along certainly takes the date impression out of his head, so feel free to use this on any guy! Plus, you can use this text in real life.


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19I’d love to hear some more of your thoughts on this. How about over dinner?
Talking through text just doesn’t provide the same opportunities as speaking face to face does. If he is interested in you, you can expect a yes.
If you are talking in a public place, use this opportunity to make an excuse to ‘get away from the noise’, or that ‘it’s too crowded in here’. This way, you can get him all to yourself.


20Aren’t you the guy who was going to buy me a drink? Just so you know, I’m free this weekend.
If he had mentioned it before and hasn’t brought it up since he’s probably just as nervous as you are. Text this to him, or say it to his face.



21So, I hike every Saturday but my old hiking buddy’s away for the weekend. Are you available?
This type of approach will work best on guys who enjoying the outdoors and being active. Hikes burn some calories, invigorate your mind and body and allows you to have an easy flow of conversation.


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22So, tell me: how does dinner at my place sound? FYI, I’m a good cook
This approach is more of a follow up to something in your conversation. For example, if you guys are discussing favorite foods, cuisine or restaurants, you could slide this in there without it being considered awkward.


23Since it appears you may not be asking me out anytime soon, can I ask you out instead?
If the guy you are interested in has shown signs of being interested in you but is a bit shy, this might be a good approach. Here’s why:
He will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief now that that’s out of the way, and since he likes you, he’ll be pleased to know that you like him enough to take the first step!


24I was thinking about going to [insert name of someplace relaxing] to relax and unwind. Wanna join me?
If it is the summer holidays for those still in school, or if it’s the weekend/holidays and you have time off work, going to a relaxing place isn’t out of the ordinary.
Just make sure you use this with a guy who you have already been properly acquainted with and not one you just met or else it might be a bit too forward or awkward.


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25Hey! Just wanted to let you know I am free tonight. I’d love to take you up on that dinner you suggested.
If the guy has been asking you out for a while but you were not able to find the time, then this is one way to ask him out. After all, it was his idea, you’re just finally agreeing to it.


26I have an extra ticket to [insert name of event]. Wanna tag along?
This is a classic, yet effective line, especially if you know he enjoys the performer.



27I haven’t got anything planned for this weekend. Would you be free for drinks?
There’s nothing wrong with a coworker inviting another coworker out for drinks after a stressful work week. If he is as tired and worn out like you, he will jump at this invitation.
And, even if he isn’t he must be tired of being in the office all the time.


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28This calls for drinks! Let’s meet up somewhere Friday night to celebrate
If either of you has some good news, it’s natural to want to celebrate. Using this opportunity, you ask him on a date will work only if he is a drinker, and if he isn’t you can alter ‘drink’ to a food spot, say tacos or frozen yogurt


29The thought of that makes me crave Indian food! I hear there’s a great restaurant downtown, we should check it out sometimes.
If you are talking about something such as a movie or a destination, you can bring up their cuisine as a way to ask him on a date. It can be Chinese, Mexican, Caribbean, whatever! If he’s as interested as you are, he’ll definitely say yes!


30We’ve been having some good weather lately. Good enough for a picnic. Want to meet up in the park on Sunday?
The weather is always great for small talk, but you can use it to your advantage when asking a guy out.
You could also switch good weather here, to bad weather, and invite him over for some hot chocolate and smores if it is cold outside.


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It won’t be awkward because it is only a friendly invite, and it makes sense.

Knowing how to ask a guy out is all about confidence. You can make the first move if you are interested, because sometimes, you need to take the lead!

Now that you have 30 different ways to ask him out, what are you waiting for? Go for it!