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40 Warm “Good Luck on Your Exam” Wishes for Special Ones

40 Warm “Good Luck on Your Exam” Wishes for Special Ones

Wishing people luck, especially your friends or family members, is something you do all the time. However, when it is an important exam or test, you want your words to be more interesting, memorable, or special than usual.

This means you need to come up with good luck on your exam wishes that convey how much you wish for their success.

We’ve crafted warm wishes that will help inspire your loved ones to perform better in any exam they are taking, knowing you believe in them.


‘Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Any Kinds of Exams


01Do not let the fear of examination get to you. Ignore your nerves and concentrate on all the positive things and your thorough understanding of the subject. You have all the resources that you need for passing the exams, so good luck on your exam.


person human girl child eyes face scared
Photoby Pezibear from Pixabay – uner CC0 License


02May all your efforts and hard work be decorated with the beautiful and vibrant colors of the rainbow. Hope this examination will be a great opportunity for you to really shine.


03I know how talented and smart you are and honestly, this examination will be a walk in the park for you my friend. Go and smash it!


04Better grades will help you get a better job, a nice apartment, a better car, more happiness, and a better life. After all, examinations are worth the trouble, so good luck buddy.


05If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, just take a deep breath, and keep in mind how many people simply love you because you are great. Then picture all of them cheering for you while you take the exam.


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Photo by CJ Graglia from Pexels – under CC0 license


06Remember that hundreds of students take this exam, what will set you apart from them is your resilience and attitude. Do not worry about any other thing and focus on the exam.


07These examinations are your opportunity to show everyone your worth and dedication to yourself and your education. We are already behind you, so just go and do what you do best!



08Exams are just a test of our perseverance, attitude, hard work, and diligence. I am sure you will pass with flying colors. 


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Photo by HarinathR from Pixabay – uner CC0 License


09Dear brother, you never worry about losing the game before you even start to play ball; you just give it your best shot! So, why get worried about failing before you see your exams? You got this!


10Do not let any other factor decide your outcome on the exam except you. This is based on your dedication and hard work. I sincerely think that your determination is more than enough for success, so take this exam fearlessly.


Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Candidates Who Have to Take Secondary School Leaving Tests


11Sister, I simply know that you are the best. While your high school examination is looming closer, keep calm and be confident. You can totally do it, so good luck on your exam!


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Photo by ska_chai from Pixabay – uner CC0 License


12Sending you best wishes galore as you start preparing to sit for one of the most crucial examinations of your academic life. Thanks in advance for making me a very proud father; I know that you will get that diploma.


13You have shown, through hard work and dedication that you’ve really hit your stride. I know that good luck is nice, but you honestly don’t need it. This is where you shine. I firmly believe that you will pass this high school examination with an outstanding result.


14In life, it’s impossible to be a hundred percent sure of whether you would pass or fail an examination. But working as hard as you do is a sure way of increasing your chances of performing well, so good luck on your high school exam.


highschool student studying

Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash


15You will face several obstacles and challenges on the way to success; just know that standing strong until the last moment is part of what makes you a success, not matter if you stumble a few times. Best wishes for your high school exam!


Good Luck Wishes for Students Who Take Admission Tests to Medical Colleges


16I know that medical school admission tests are tough, but do not let stress and anxiety get the better of you. I have complete faith that you will be successful in your exams, and that your hard work and efforts will pay off.


student concentrated preparation

Photo by janeb13 from Pixabay – uner CC0 License


17When you enter the examination room with a positive mindset, you are bound to be successful. Good luck on your exam, I know you will ace your MCAT!


18Good luck with your medical school admission test my dear. Just take the challenge head-on without any fear and all the best to you!



19Do not be nervous or overwhelmed. You’re probably thinking to yourself, why or, how could you not. It’s because the hard work and effort you’ve put in, combined with all my prayers for you, almost guarantee your success!


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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


20You have put in an incredible number of hours in preparing for your medical school admission test. So, at the end of the day, you deserve nothing but excellence.


‘Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Students Who Take Admission Tests to Law Schools


21Law school admission tests are grueling, and it is only natural to be overwhelmed and tense in the face of the exam. Take a deep breath, relax, and conquer. I know how well you are prepared.


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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash


22May deep insight and understanding be all yours while you prepare for your LSAT. I wish you the best.


23Why worry over this law school admission test when you’ve been destined to ace it your whole life? Good luck on your exam.


24All you need is focus, confidence, and determination to succeed in your LSAT. I wish you all three, so best of luck.


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25I wish you an ocean of good luck as well as success in your upcoming law school admission exams. May good luck follow you always, but especially during your exams.


‘Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Students Who Take Graduate Management Admission Tests


26All those midnight candles that you burned for your business school admission test would not go to waste. You will, indeed be rewarded with great success.


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Photo by Min An from Pexels – under CC0 license


27Be cool and confident and drive out all of your fears. Your preparation for GMAT is great, and you have to believe in yourself. 


28Hard work and perseverance always pay off in life, and you can reach every goal you want. I wish you good luck for your GMAT.



29Exams do not test your knowledge as much as they assess your attitude and state of mind. So, be relaxed and composed, I am sure you’ll do great in your business school admission test.


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Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash


30If you truly believe in yourself, you don’t have to be fearful of any challenge. I wish you all the best for your GMAT.


‘Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Those Who Need to Take Driving Tests


31As you take your driving test, I will pray you pass! All my prayers and best wishes are for you. Good luck to your exam!


32I hope that everything during the driving test goes smoothly. I know you will nail it, so go get that ID!  


document id uk driving license driving licence

Photo by Dom J from Pexels – under CC0 license


33Just relax and drive. I know you will ace your driving test with flying colors.


34It is time to demonstrate your driving skills. Do it well, I’m wishing you the very best for your driving test.


35I know you have the right aptitude and attitude needed for a driving test. Good luck on your driving test!


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‘Good Luck on Your Exam’ Wishes for Those Who Need to Take Music Grade Exams


36I know music is in your blood. Best of luck for your music grade exams.


pianist music musical musician

Image from Free-Photos from Pixabay – uner CC0 License


37Failure isn’t in your bones. I know you will shine bright and ace your music exam.



38You have an important point to prove with this music exam, so better give it your best shot and do yourself proud.


woman in gray cardigan playing a violin during daytime
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels – under CC0 license


39After this examination, you will sing the song of victory. Good luck on your exam.


40This music exam is just a stepping stone to success. So, do it well!


Final Thoughts

The above exam wishes are great and suitable for any type of relationship. These best wishes for different types of exams can inspire your daughter, son, students, colleagues, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, and besties. So, let them know that you are by their side during these testing times.