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25+ Things to Say to Your Partner After Sex

25+ Things to Say to Your Partner After Sex

After sex, things can become a bit awkward if you don’t know what to say, or if you say the wrong thing.

Knowing what to say after sex can create an intimate moment between you and your partner, let him or her know that you had a good time, and clarify how you feel about him or her.

Here are 25 things you can say after sex to a committed partner or a one night stand:

What to say after sex to your first-time partner

No clue what to say after sex with a partner you’ve slept with for the first time? Here are some good ways to break that awkward silence.

01“I hope you liked that as much as I did.”
If you are a bit shy about your first time with your partner and wish to know if he or she enjoyed it, then this is a perfect way to find out.


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02“That was even better than I thought it would be.”
This is perfect for when you’ve been anticipating sex with your partner and when you finally get the chance, your mind was blown. This can even boost your lover’s confidence if he or she was nervous about doing it for the first time.


03“Your body is amazing.”
Nothing beats seeing your partner bare naked for the first time, especially when you’re just about to have sex.
A comment like this can make him/her feel more comfortable about the experience, and it shows that you are grateful to have been able to share such an intimate moment.



04“I don’t know why we waited so long to do this.”
Now, don’t get this confused with a situation where your partner was not yet ready to have sex.
This applies more to a situation where you both haven’t been able to get together to do the deed and have only just now finally gotten a chance.
It means that you had a good time and you wish you guys had done it sooner.


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05“I was so right about you.”
Using this says, clearly, that you had a good time, and are proud of your choice in a partner.


06“Where did you learn how to do that?”
This is, of course, a rhetorical question, but it is a great way to lessen the tension after the fact because it shows that you are impressed, and more importantly, that you liked it.


07“I’m officially obsessed with you.”
This means the sex was mind-blowing and now you have no choice but to be hooked on him or her, almost as if you’re under a spell.


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08“I miss you already.”
After some good sex, this is an excellent text to send him or her to show that the time you shared is on your mind.


09“You’re definitely a keeper.”
This quip not only shows that you had a great time, but it also indicates that you feel a strong connection with your partner.


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10“Who knew you were so flexible.”
This is just a way of giving your partner props for pulling out some cool tricks during sex. It shows that you are impressed by them.


11“That felt incredible.”
This is a simple way of saying that you had a good time. It’s a perfect, simple follow up because you aren’t blabbering on and on about the experience.


Best things to say after sex with your partner

If you and your partner have been getting horizontal for a while, it’s still important to let him or her know how you feel.
Sometimes, you get a little dumbstruck and don’t know what to say after sex. Here are best things you can say to your long-time partner after sex.

12“I’ve missed you so bad.”
This works when you haven’t seen your partner in a long time. Maybe you’ve got a long-distance relationship, or he or she has been away for a business trip or overseas for school.
This shows that you have longed for intimacy with him or her and that the sex you just had made up for everything that you missed.


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13“I love you.”
Great sex will have you feeling closer than ever to your partner. This is the perfect time to use those three little words.


14“You just made my day.”
After a stressful day, some good sex is what you’ll need to feel a release and unwind. Using this lets him or her know precisely how much you enjoyed it.


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15“I love that thing you did with your tongue.”
You can customize this to fit any new or impressive trick your partner did during sex. This phrase complements his or her sexual prowess and will serve as a perfectly timed ego boost.


16“I’m so lucky to have you.”
This is more on the romantic side and lets your partner know that you value your relationship (and the sex of course).


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17“You know exactly how to turn me on.”
Use this when your partner is the one who initiated the sex. This is another way of saying ‘good job’ and letting him or her know that their mission was a success.


18“I love the things you do to me.”
After some breathtaking, toe-curling sex, this lets your partner know that you are obsessed with what he or she does to both your mind and your body.



19“I don’t know how I’m going to stay focused at work today knowing what’s home waiting for me.”
This is great following morning sex because it shows that the experience was memorable, and you’re looking forward to another round in the afternoon.


20“That was a great workout.”
Some say sex is a great workout, especially when you’ve tried multiple positions, shown flexibility, and broke a sweat. This is a perfect comment for after a long sex session that left both of you breathless.


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21“Now, this is why I married you.”
This is, of course, a joke because you married your partner out of love and dedication, but saying this will make both of you laugh. It’s just a funny way of saying the sex was good.


22“I love waking up next to you.”
Many will argue that the best sex is night time sex since you go out like a light after. When you wake up, this is the perfect good morning because it will make your partner feel closer to you.


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Best things to say after sex with your casual date

After a hook up with a one night stand or your casual date, things can become a bit weird if you don’t know what to say after sex.
So, here are good things you can say to make him or her feel more comfortable.

23“Thanks for such an amazing night.”
If you just had an amazing one night stand, saying this will let him or her know that you enjoyed yourself, without giving the wrong impression and making it seem like you are catching feelings.


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24“I wish this moment could last longer.”
For some people, the best thing after some good sex is pillow talk. If you and your date are having a moment after being intimate, something like this will suggest that you’re glad to be there.



25“I’ve never been with someone as skilled as you.”
If your date showed you a few tricks and pulled some new moves on you, this is a great way to start a follow-up conversation because it lets him or her know how impressed you were.


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26“Thank you.”
With this one, you’re keeping it short and sweet, and showing appreciation to your date for a good time.


This shows that the sex was so amazing that it has left you speechless.


28“We should do this again sometime.”
After casual sex with a fling, this lets him or her know that you had a great time and you’d be down for a second, third, or even fourth round.



Now that you know what to say after sex, there is no longer any reason to suffer through that dreaded awkward silence. Speak out and let your sexual partner know how you feel.