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Keep Yourself Cool: 23 Witty Responses When a Guy Calls You “Weird”

Keep Yourself Cool: 23 Witty Responses When a Guy Calls You “Weird”

How would you feel when a guy calls you “weird”? If you’re the type of person who embraces your unique qualities, like Wednesday Addams, you might act as if you don’t care and secretly take it as a compliment.
However, the tone in which the guy says it matters a lot. If he said it in an affectionate way, you might interpret it as a way to express his fondness for your quirks.
But, if the guy uses a mean-spirited tone or a disgusted expression when calling you “weird”, regardless of your relationship with him, it can feel like a personal attack and can be hurtful.
When we face hurtful comments or feel misunderstood, it’s natural to want to stand up for ourselves.
In this article, we will explore how to respond in a measured and dignified way when a guy calls you “weird,” with the goal of de-escalating the situation and maintaining your grace. We will also provide some snappy comebacks that you can use if you prefer to confront the person directly and stand up for yourself.

So, why does a guy call you “weird”?

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It’s likely that societal norms played a role in shaping the other person’s perception of what is considered socially acceptable. Being “weird” often means being different from the norm.
For example, someone with an unusual hobby that isn’t widely shared, like taxidermy, may be labeled as weird. Similarly, someone who dresses in a unique or unconventional way, such as in Lolita fashion at work or using soy sauce as a salad dressing, might also be seen as weird.

Being called “weird” can have negative effects on our mental health

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This label can damage our self-esteem and make us feel like outcasts or freaks who don’t belong in our social group. In order to fit in, we may start second-guessing ourselves and worrying about being judged or ridiculed by others, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression.
Feeling confused and frustrated is also a common reaction when we are called “weird,” especially if it comes from someone we care about or respect. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth.
However, it’s important to note that being different is not a bad thing. Many successful people embrace their unique qualities and use them to stand out in a positive way. Ventriloquists, contortionists, and escape artists have all turned their quirky talents into successful careers, some even winning the biggest talent shows in the world. Being called “weird” by others doesn’t define who we are, and we should not let it challenge our self-worth.

How to respond when a guy calls you “weird” in a measured and dignified approach


01Asking for Clarifications
By asking for clarification when a guy calls you “weird,” you show that you are willing to communicate and resolve any misunderstandings. It’s also a way to gain insight into the guy’s perspective, which can help you decide on an appropriate response.
“Excuse me, can I ask you something? I’m not sure if I heard you right earlier, but did you just call me ‘weird’? It sounded kinda negative, and I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something. Can you explain what you meant by that?”
This response uses a direct and confrontational way to ask to clarify the guy’s intent when he calls you “weird”. It emphasizes that you are confused by his comment, and would like an explanation to clear up any confusion


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02Setting Boundaries
If the guy’s comment makes you feel uncomfortable or offended, it’s important to set boundaries. Let him know that you don’t appreciate being called “weird” and that you expect to be treated with respect. For example, you could say:
“Seriously? You called me ‘weird’? Look, I know I have my quirks, but that’s just who I am. I don’t need anyone judging me or telling me how I should act or what to do.
So let’s be clear: I believe in respecting others, even if we don’t agree on everything. But disrespect me? That’s not cool and I won’t put up with it”
This response communicates your boundaries in a direct and assertive manner. It expresses your frustrations and emphasizes your sense of self-worth. It shows that you’re willing to respect differences, but you’re also not afraid to stand up for yourself.


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03Redirecting the Conversation
If you don’t want to engage in a discussion about your “weirdness”, shift the focus away from the negative connotations associated with the word “weird”. For instance, you could say:
  • “Haha, well, I guess ‘weird’ beats ‘boring,’ right? At least I caught your attention and got us talking!”

  • “Wait, you mean I’m not like everyone else? Well, thank you so much. I mean, why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary?”

  • “Wow, I’m flattered. I didn’t realize I was interesting enough to earn the label of ‘weird.’ Maybe I should make it my TikTok bio. ‘Professional weirdo and proud of it.'”

These responses aim to acknowledge the guy’s comment in a lighthearted way and potentially diffuse any tension while steering the conversation toward a more positive direction.
By injecting humor into the situation, you show that you have a sense of humor and that it’s not easy to bring you down.


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Snappy comebacks for when a guy calls you “weird” in a mean-spirited way

These snappy comebacks are perfect for those awkward moments when a guy calls you “weird” in a mean-spirited way due to your unique traits or quirky behavior.
With these responses, you can let him know that you won’t tolerate any disrespect, all while showing off your confidence and humor. It can also emphasize that you are happy with your quirks, and that you are not ashamed of who you are.

What to say when he calls you “weird” for your eccentric eating habits


01“I get that my eating habits might seem unconventional to you, but that doesn’t give you the right to label me. I’m happy with the way I eat, and it’s not up to you to validate my choices.”
This response sets a boundary by indicating that you don’t appreciate being labeled, but in a non-confrontational way.


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02“Are you Jay Rayner or Gordon Ramsay? I’m not sure why my eating habits bother you so much, but I’m not changing them just to please you.”
This response injects humor by referencing two famous food critics, which can help to diffuse any tension in the conversation.


03“Have you even tried it? Or are you just jealous that I discovered the joys of eating this way before you did?”
This response uses a rhetorical question to challenge his assumption that your food choices are “weird.”


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04“You’re calling it ‘weird’, but I call it creative. Life’s too short to eat the same thing in the same way every day. Time to think outside the box.”
This response emphasizes that you believe in trying new things and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.


05“I don’t remember asking for your opinion on my food choices. Maybe worry more about what’s on your plate instead of mine. Unlike you, I know how to cook more than just instant ramen.”
This response sets a boundary by indicating that you are not interested in his opinion. It also injects humor by poking fun at his lack of culinary skills.


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3 comebacks for when you are called “weird” for your quirky hobbies


06“Just you because you can’t accept it doesn’t mean it’s weird. It just means you are closed-minded. I enjoy doing [insert your hobby] and will continue doing it, and I’m not going to change just to fit your idea of what’s normal.”
This response challenges his narrow-mindedness and suggests that it’s not your hobby that’s weird, but his inability to accept differences.


07“I was just thinking that someone who doesn’t have any passions of their own is pretty sad. But hey, keep living that beige life if it makes you happy.”
This comeback turns the tables on the guy by suggesting that he’s the one with a boring life.


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08“Wow, how boring your life is to make you have to judge the passions of others for fun? I got you, man. It must be tough staying so basic.”
This comeback is similar to the previous one, but adds a touch of humor by using the slang term “basic.” It implies that the guy lacks originality or creativity and shows that you’re not afraid to call him out on it.



3 comebacks for when you are labelled as weird for your unique talent


09“You know what sounds ‘weirder’? Someone thinks they are the authority on what’s ‘talented’ or ‘weird’ just by watching AGT or BGT. If you can’t handle that, then that’s your problem, not mine. But don’t expect me to change just because you’re jealous of my talent.”
This response challenges his judgmental attitude and also implies that his criticism stems from jealousy of your talent.


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10“What about you? Do you have anything unique to offer the world, or your talent is just going around judging other people without giving any constructive inputs? If so, and that’s called ‘pathetic.'”
This comeback flips the script by asking him about his own talents and contributions to the world. It also uses the word “pathetic” to suggest that judging others without offering anything constructive is an unproductive way to spend his time.


11“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that [Insert your unique talent] was such a foreign concept to you. Maybe if you get out more to broaden your horizons instead of staying in your comfort zone, you wouldn’t be so quick to criticize and be less cynical.”
This response subtly implies that his criticism comes from a place of cynicism and a lack of willingness to try new things.


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3 comebacks for when a guy calls you “weird” for your quirky traits


12“Weird? Interesting, because I was just thinking the same thing about you. Who feels the need to put others down just to make themselves look or feel better? That’s a special kind of quirky trait too, right?”
This response turns the tables on the guy by pointing out that his behavior is just as “quirky” as yours, if not more so. It implies that his need to put others down is not only rude but also reflects poorly on his character.


13“I’m sorry, are you an officer or a prosecutor? I didn’t realize that having [insert your unique trait] was a crime. Thanks for enlightening me. Maybe you should work on accepting people for who they are, instead of being a judgmental jerk.”
This comeback is sarcastic and dismissive, suggesting that the guy is being overly dramatic about something that is not a big deal.


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14“Everyone has their own unique traits, and nobody is perfect, not even you. But it takes more courage to embrace our ‘weirdness’ than it does to hide it to fit in with the mainstream. My quirks are a part of who I am, and they’re none of your business. If nobody asks for your opinion, please keep it to yourself.”
This response is more introspective and positive, emphasizing that everyone has their own unique traits and that embracing them takes courage. It also sets boundaries by stating that your quirks are none of the guy’s business if he is not going to be respectful or helpful.


How to respond for when your partner calls you “weird”

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If your partner has called you “weird” and you’re feeling hurt or confused, it may be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with him. Express your feelings and calmly ask for his clarifications. This approach can help clear up any confusion and resolve the situation in a respectful manner. For example,

  • “Hey, I wanted to bring something up that’s been on my mind. I know we tease each other sometimes, but when you called me ‘weird’ earlier, it kind of bothered me. Can we talk about it for a sec?”

  • “I’m all for playful banter, but when you called me ‘weird’ earlier, it felt like you were mocking me. I’m not sure if that was your intention, but it hurt my feelings. Can you explain what you meant by that?”

If your partner is constantly disrespectful and dismissive towards you, it might be time to reassess the relationship. Your worth and self-respect should never be compromised for someone else’s inability to treat you with respect.
The following responses will help you express your feelings and set clear boundaries for what you find unacceptable in your relationship.

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  • “My quirks might seem a little strange to you, but they’re just part of who I am. I mean, everyone has the right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. But when you keep calling me ‘weird,’ it makes me feel uncomfortable.
    So, I just wanted to ask if you could maybe stop using that label for me. If my quirks are too much for you to handle, then maybe we’re not a good match for each other.”

  • “I don’t know why you keep calling me ‘weird’ all the time. It feels like you’re trying to change who I am, which isn’t fair. I just want us to be able to have an honest conversation about this, without any judgment.
    But if we can’t do that, maybe we need to take some time apart and think about what we really want from this relationship.”

    Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your quirks shine

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    When a guy makes a judgmental comment and calls you “weird,” it can be a blow to your confidence. However, it’s important to remember that your quirks are what make you who you are, and you don’t need to change them just to please someone else.
    Instead of feeling down, embrace your unique qualities and try to see any negative comments as a byproduct of your awesomeness. In fact, many successful people throughout history have been considered odd or eccentric, but their quirks and unconventional traits helped them stand out and achieve success.
    Take Albert Einstein, for example. The man who revolutionized our understanding of the universe had an unconventional way of thinking, wild hair, lack of socks, and a tendency to talk to himself that made him an oddball among his peers.
    And let’s not forget Steve Jobs, the “Father of Apple.” Despite his well-known difficult personality traits, his tendency to think outside the box and his unique vision and creativity were instrumental in the success of Apple. Under his leadership, Apple launched a series of innovative products that we now use in our daily lives. 


    In a Nutshell

    Being called “weird” by a guy can be hurtful and confusing, but it’s important to remember that your quirks are what make you unique and special. There are a variety of responses you can use to handle the situation, depending on your personality and the specific circumstances.
    Asking for clarification can help you gain insight into the guy’s perspective, while setting boundaries can show that you expect to be treated with respect. Redirecting the conversation with humor can also help diffuse any tension and shift the focus away from negative connotations.
    In situations where your partner calls you “weird,” having an open and honest conversation can be the best approach. If the disrespect and judgmental comments persist, it may be time to reassess the relationship and prioritize your self-respect.
    Ultimately, embracing your quirks and being true to yourself is the best way to thrive and succeed, just like successful figures throughout history who had their own unconventional traits.
    Don’t be afraid to let your quirks shine and be proud of who you are, even if someone else doesn’t quite understand it. With the right mindset and responses, you will know what to say with grace and wit when a guy calls you “weird”.


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