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What to Say When Someone Has an Accident: 15 Comfort Words

What to Say When Someone  Has an Accident: 15 Comfort Words

Accidents have become common nowadays with the number of vehicles on roads increasing. This is why we need to know what to say when someone has an accident.

Another reason why we should know what to say when someone has an accident is newer technologies pose safety threats in the workplace along with centuries-old hazards.

If your friend or a family friend has been involved in an accident, how can you comfort them?


What to say when someone has an accident due to sport

There is a lot that can go wrong in sports activities, especially when you are on the field playing.
It depends on what sport you are partaking in as to the level of risk, but the risk generally increases for contact sports. If a friend or family member got injured on the field, what could you say to him/her?

01Minor injury
“No sleeping on the job! Get up and go get them. We need you out there. Just kidding- we hope you recover quickly and that we see you on the field again soon.
Take care of yourself before coming back so we can have you for the longest time possible.”


man in red and blue shirt helping kid in white jersey accident
Photo by Yogendra Singh on unsplash


“Sorry for what happened during the game and about the subsequent concussion. Just to be in the clear, please try to go see a doctor because a head injury might have other effects as well.
Take your time to recover fully before joining us back in the team. Your spot will always be open for you.”


03Severe injury
“I know it sucks and that you might be off the team for a long while but take the time to cherish all the moments you have had.
Think about all the achievements you have attained and the successes you have led your team to.
We appreciate your sportsmanship and we will miss you. Speedy recovery.”


two men playing boxing

Photo by Hermes Rivera on unsplash


What to say to someone who was involved in a road traffic accident

Motor vehicles make life very simple but the fact that there are reckless drivers that threaten the safety of other drivers and pedestrians can’t be denied.
Wondering what to say when someone has an accident on the road?

04Reckless driving
“I am so sorry for the car accident you were involved in. I hope you are doing okay and recovering well.
Please update me on your recovery and the trial also if you decide to press charges. Hang in there! Get well soon.”



05Hit and run
“I wish there was a way to track them down and make them pay by taking legal action. Nonetheless, I am happy that you are still alive and recovering well.
You will be up and running in no time and back to ordinary daily business. Take care.”


policeman leaning on sports car helping accident
Photo by Matt Chesin on unsplash


06Motorcycle accident
“I hope you were wearing personal protective equipment when the accident happened. It is so shocking how things could be going well, then in the blink of an eye, an accident has happened.
Our heart pours out to you. Stay safe and take care.”


Comforting someone involved in a workplace accident

Workplace accidents happen every now and then and the nature of these incidents differs.
Some of these accidents are caused by machinery in the workplace, whereas others are due to disregard for safety principles.
Here is what to say when someone has an accident at work:

07Severe injury caused by machinery
“What a tragedy! Sorry for your injury. If you happen to need anything, I’m just one call away. I hope you get to work as soon as possible but don’t rush the recovery process.”


man welding a black metal wearing gloves and protective gears

Photo by
Daniel Wiadro on unsplash


08Injury caused by disregard of safety principles
“If only the safety officers had done their job and made the environment safe to work in. I guess that’s in the past now though, just focus on getting better.”


09Injury due to a slip and fall
“Sometimes a small negligence leads to big accidents and derails someone’s life completely. I hope you get compensation for what happened in your workplace. Stay safe and get well soon.”


triangular sign yellow slippery road signage screwed on wood post

Photo by Skitterphoto under pexels license


How to comfort someone who was in an accident involving an animal

There are many different accidents that might be caused by an animal.
For example, a pitbull might jump over the fence and attack you, a bull might injure you at the rodeo and so forth.
Here is what you can say to someone who was in an accident involving an animal:

10Dog attack
“Hey friend, I hope you are doing well. Just checking if you went to the hospital to ensure that you are free of any disease? If not, please go as soon as possible just as a precautionary measure.”


black white and brown colored long coated dog walking

Photo by C Perret on unsplash


11Motor vehicle accident involving an animal
“I hope your car can be repaired and that you were not seriously injured. Speedy recovery and all the best with the repairs.”



12Accident involving an animal on a farm
“I heard about your accident while tending to the cattle. I’m just grateful you are alive and recovering. I hope you are treating this as a learning curve and not as a discouragement. You’ll do better next time!”


White horse kicking while man is lying on the ground
Image from Pixabay under pexels license


Encouraging words for someone who has been the victim of clinical negligence

Clinical negligence can happen to anyone.
You could be going in for a simple procedure and then experience clinical negligence which causes bigger and long-lasting or even permanent effects.
If you know someone who has faced this, here is how you can comfort them so they can deal with their situation much better:

13Surgery-related clinical negligence
“I am just checking in to see how you are doing. Would you consider finding a lawyer to get compensation even though it won’t turn back the hands of time?”


hospital person lying accident dextrose hospital bed

Photo by
Olga Kononenko on unsplash


14Wrong medication prescription
“I just heard they have switched you to the appropriate treatment now. How is that going for you? I hope you adjust to it much better and faster.


15Not getting treatment in time
“Sorry about what happened. I heard that when you got to the doctor, it was a bit late for treatment. Whatever happens, just know that I’m here for you every step of the way.”



If you know what to say when someone has an accident, it can be both comforting and soothing to the person.
Some simple words can mentally heal the patient and provide him/her the right motivation to buck himself/herself up and recover faster. The suggestions here will certainly help.