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27 Sure-fire Ways to Respond When Someone Says Merry Christmas

27 Sure-fire Ways to Respond When Someone Says Merry Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, so you can expect to hear a lot of Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays greetings going around. For some of us, we come up short on what to say when someone says Merry Christmas.

When someone says Merry Christmas, the obvious response would be to say it back, but there are more ways to say it than merely repeating what the other person said. Plus, when you have multiple ideas of what to say, your response will seem more genuine and sincere.

This post will guide you on what to say when someone says Merry Christmas, and provide the examples you need to get you through these holidays, and every Christmas for the rest of your life.

Here are 27 sure-fire ways to respond:


8 things to say when someone that is close to you says, “Merry Christmas”

We’re used to hearing Christmas greetings from our friends and families every year and are likely to spend the holidays with them. Since we are close to them, it’s going to be easier to figure out what to say when someone from that group says Merry Christmas.
Here are 8 responses you can use:

01“Thank you for always being there for me, no matter the weather. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.”
This is a good response to use when your friend or family member has been with you through thick and thin this year and you wish to emphasize that. You then extend Christmas and New Year greetings as is customary.


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02“I appreciate all the light and love you have brought to my life this year. You are one of the reasons I can celebrate this season and look forward to the new year. Happy Holidays my dear friend.”
Use this to show appreciation to your friend for continuously being in your life, and to show that you look forward to more years of friendship.


03“You certainly know how to make a guy/gal feel special. Your gift is exactly what I needed and I will always cherish it. Happy Holidays to you and yours.”
Use this when you receive a gift from your friend or family member. It is a perfect message for an email/text when there is a person who lives far away and you can’t extend your holiday wishes face to face with them.


04“Merry Christmas my dear friend! Your showers of love during this Christmas holiday have certainly been felt and deeply appreciated. I hope we will continue down this path of having a fruitful and meaningful friendship.”
This is good to use when your friend has gone out of his/her way to make your Christmas special. It is perfect because it wishes him/her Merry Christmas while showing appreciation for the gesture.


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05“Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Santa sent me here on an important mission. I’m supposed to collect your wish lists and send them off to the North Pole.”
Use this one on your younger relatives when you want to get them something for Christmas but have no clue what they’re into. This is the ultimate cheat sheet and will give you major cool points.


06“My favorite thing about Christmas is being able to spend it in the company of the people I love the most. Thank you for being an important part of my life and enriching it in the way you all do. Merry Christmas to you all.”
This is the perfect response when you are gathered with friends and family, and you are exchanging season’s greetings. Once you gather everyone’s attention, repeat this and all your friends and family will be moved by these heartfelt sentiments.


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07“As we approach the end of this year, I am proud that I can reflect on positive memories with the people I love the most. Happy Holidays and thank you for being amazing.”
This nostalgic message is great because it lets your friends and/or family know that you are aware of their contributions to your life over the past year and you are grateful to have them in your life. It also brings you closer together and makes them think of how you have enriched their lives as well.


08“Well, this Christmas will be a whole lot merrier if I hear that the egg nog is spiced. Who’s with me?”
If you say this when you walk into your family/friend’s Christmas celebration, it’s almost guaranteed the room will erupt into laughter. Use this when you want to lighten the mood at the gathering.


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6 things to say when someone that you see often but don’t know well says, “Merry Christmas”

It’s customary for other people in our lives that we see every day but don’t know that well, like our colleagues, neighbors, and classmates, to tell us Merry Christmas during the holidays. Of course, the polite thing to do is extend well wishes and the season’s greeting to them.
Here’s what to say when someone says Merry Christmas but you don’t know them that well.

09“I’m sorry I could not be there this year to celebrate with you all, but I hope you all have a jolly good time! Tell everyone I said they should have a Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year.”
This response can be used when you are unable to attend a Christmas celebration at the office but wish to send your message through another person. This heartfelt message is much more effective than saying “Tell them I said Merry Christmas” because it shows that you really wanted to be there, and feel bad for missing it.


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10“Thank you for being you. Co-workers like you make working here fun, and let’s face it, bearable. Have a Merry Christmas.”
Send this to the co-worker you fool around with and crack jokes with during the day. While you may not know much about this person, they still play a role in your work life.


11“Your dedication to your job is part of the reason I enjoy working with you and can look forward to a new year of productivity and fruitfulness. Happy holidays!”
This is a way to compliment an employee/colleague on doing a good job this year while extending holiday greetings.



12“Merry Christmas [insert name of classmate], thank you for being kind to me this semester and for sharing your knowledge where I fell short. Without you, this semester would have been a real struggle. All the best in your upcoming courses.”
Use this for that classmate who always had your back and was willing to help you out when you didn’t understand concepts in class or forgot to do your homework.


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13“Great neighbors help to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, and your kindness and giving spirit throughout the year is something everyone in this neighborhood can learn from. Merry Christmas [insert name/s of neighbors.”
This is a good response for the kind of neighbors that are always dependable and you can call on at a moment’s notice. Even if you aren’t close friends, these neighbors are always kind or courteous and make living in the neighborhood pleasant.


14“This neighborhood would be quite dull without your yearly Christmas lights and decor. My husband/wife and my kids look forward to seeing what you will do every year and you always manage to woo us. Happy Holidays and thank you for keeping the Christmas spirit alive.”
People who put up impressive Christmas displays love compliments about their work, so this is the perfect way to respond to their Merry Christmas greeting, especially when you don’t know what to say when someone says Merry Christmas from next door suddenly.


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6 things to say when a stranger says, “Merry Christmas”

Other times, you’ll hear Merry Christmas from people you don’t know at all. The polite thing to do is extend the greeting back to the stranger.
This is what to say when someone you have never met says Merry Christmas:

15“I hope your Christmas and New Year are abundant with love, peace and joy.”
This is a good response to someone you meet in passing. It is simple, yet heartfelt.


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16“May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas season.”
This is another simple message that gets to the point but has well wishes attached.


17“Merry Christmas to you. I hope your stockings are as full as your stomach will be.”
Christmas dinners are customary in most families, as is the tradition of placing gifts in Christmas stockings. This greeting is a good way to wish a stranger a bountiful holiday.


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18“Have a Merry Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.”
This is the basic response when you don’t know what to say when someone says Merry Christmas. It works because the stranger is probably not expecting much.


19“Thank you. I hope your holidays are full of good cheer.”
It is good to use this response when you want to thank the stranger for the kind words and return good wishes as well.


20“Same to you! Don’t forget to catch up on some rest during all the festivities, God knows these holidays fly by.”
This is a joke you can share with a fellow adult stranger who wishes you Merry Christmas. It’s one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give!


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7 things to say when you are not Christian

Even if you are not a Christian, the popular thing to say is Merry Christmas, and many people do it without thinking and genuinely mean no harm. Whether you belong to another religion or are simply not religious, it’s okay to celebrate the season to be festive and give.
Here’s what to say when someone says Merry Christmas and you are non-Christian:

21“Thank you! For me, it’s Happy Hanukkah/Ramadan/Kwanza! I hope this season brings you and your family a lot of joy and happiness.”
Use this when you want to clarify or let it be known that you are of a different religion. It is good because you return the sentiments without being dismissive of the greeting.


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22“Season’s Greetings! May this period be one of good fortune and wealth.”
This is a good response if you’re atheist/agnostic. It’s a well-wish without any religious reference.


23“May the joy in our hearts keep us warm during these winter nights! Happy Holidays.”
This is another simple response that means you wish the person a good time during the holidays.


24“I hope your home is filled with laughter and the comfort of loved ones during this season. Merry Holidays and Prosperous New Year.”
This is good to say when you want to wish the person a good time during Christmas and the New Year.



25“The holidays mean more than just receiving gifts or going to parties. It’s a time to hold the ones you love dearly and to reflect on the memories of the past year. I hope your holidays are filled with joyous memories and immeasurable bliss!”
This response is more heartfelt and is best used when you actually know the person. It means that you wish the person and their family well for the holidays and that they embrace the ‘Christmas spirit’.


26“I hope your smiles and laughter will be as big and long-lasting as your bills from this holiday season.”
This is a joke you can use when you don’t know what to say when someone says Merry Christmas and you don’t want to make it awkward by saying you aren’t religious or don’t celebrate Christmas.


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27“Why do Christians say Mary Christmas? Isn’t it Jesus’ Birthday?”
You can use this when someone mistakenly says Merry Christmas to you, but you don’t want the person to feel bad about doing it. This joke will make the situation feel less tense and you can follow it up by saying, “Happy Holidays”.



Christmas is a time to be spent in the company of loved ones, relaxing and having a good time. There’s no reason you should be worrying about what to say when someone says Merry Christmas.
With this list, you no longer have to wonder. You’ve got this covered, so now you can focus on finding yourself under the mistletoe, or sneaking a bite of the cookies that were left out for Santa.