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25+ Ideas for What To Text After the First Date

25+ Ideas for What To Text After the First Date

No matter how your first date with someone went, you will probably want to text something to him/her afterward to check in and show how you felt about it. Use any one of these text after first date examples to get your message across in a way that’s natural and effective.


Text after first date examples to send when you hope to see that person again

When the date goes well, and you are interested in going out with him/her again, these text after first date examples will let him/her know that you enjoyed yourself.

01“That was fun! We should definitely do this again.”
This text lets your date know that you had a good time and that you would be open to the idea of going out again.


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02“I had a good time. I hope I visit your dream later.”
This text is a bit on the flirty side and should be used after a night out with someone who you had evident chemistry with. It will keep the momentum going and spark a conversation.


03“I forgot to tell you how amazing you looked tonight.”
This text can be used on both males and females. It will make him/her feel good, and it makes your interest crystal clear.


04“You are such an amazing kisser.”
If your first date ended in a kiss, or at least a good one, letting him/her know will stroke their ego, and perhaps you will get the compliment in return.


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05“I woke up thinking about last night.”
If you fell asleep without texting your date, this is an excellent text to let him/her know that they’ve been on your mind.


06“I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone.”
Using this text is an ideal way to show how much you liked the date. By saying this, you are telling him/her that it was a great experience.



07“That was an epic fail lol. We should try this again next week.”
This is a perfect text to send after an awkward first date. It means that despite whatever happened, you are still willing to give it another shot.


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08“What are your plans next week?”
With a message like this one, you are telling him/her that the date went well, you enjoyed yourself, and you want to go out again next week.


09“So, when are we doing this again?”
This is another way to say that you enjoyed the date. It also means that you are interested in a second date.


10“Get home safe?”
While this may seem like common courtesy, some people just don’t text back after a bad first date. This is one of the text after first date examples which shows that you care about the other person.


11“Please tell me you had as much fun as I did.”
This is a good conversation starter because it can come off as cute and funny, and it‘s an easy way to ask your date if he/she had a good time.


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12“How did you find that comedy club? The Colombian guy was hilarious.”
This text can be customized to your experience on the date. Recall something you liked about the date and use it to fuel a conversation.
This is an excellent strategy because it shows that you had a good time, without being too personal or jumping straight into the feelings aspect of things.



13“Oh! By the way, I’m free again next Friday.”
This text is a bit forward, but it can work like magic when used correctly. If you guys were laughing up a storm and vibing with each other, use the text to let him/her know that you are down to hang out again soon.


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14“That went better than I expected.”
If your date got off to a rough start, this text is a perfect option because it shows that the date exceeded your expectations and that you had a good time.


15“How was the rest of your day?”
This is a great approach to take after a daytime first date because it shows that you are interested in how his/her day went outside of the date.


16“Thank you for taking me to [insert name of place]. I really enjoyed it.”
If he/she took you to someplace special, thanking your date for the experience shows that you are glad you went and that the other person made an impact on you.


Text after first date examples to send to someone you didn’t connect with

Not every first date goes well, and you might end up losing romantic interest in that person. But, if you still want to stay friends, use these text after first date examples.

17“Thank you for an interesting evening, but I don’t think we’re a great fit.”
This message is respectful, straightforward, and simple.


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18“I think we can both agree we would be better as friends.”
A comment like this takes the burden of rejecting him/her off your shoulders.


19“Maybe we could bring some friends along next time.”
If you still like the person as a friend, this is a sensitive way to let him/her know that you are no longer interested in a romantic relationship. It’s a clear way to suggest that you would rather hang out together as part of a group.



20“I had a good time with you, but I don’t think we quite clicked. We can stay friends, though.”
If you are not a beat-around-the-bush type of person and need to get your point across with no room for confusion, this is a good text to use.


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21“I now realize that I’m not as ready to date as I thought I was.”
If you happened to mention that you just came out of a relationship, this text could serve as a great excuse for passing on future dates without hurting his/her feelings.


22“Today was fun, but I don’t think that we don’t have much chemistry.”
You can have a fun-time with someone but not feel attached or attracted to him/her. Use this text to let your date know that you had an enjoyable time, but not one that would lead to more dates.


23“Romance might not be in the books for us, but friendship could be. Who knew that a bad date could lead to an interesting friendship?”
Use this text if you and your date didn’t click. He/she will probably already be expecting a let-down and agree with you.


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24“You’re a great guy/girl, and I’m sure you will find somebody just as wonderful as you are. I don’t think I’m that person.”
Even if the problem was him/her, this is a good way to let a not-so-great date off easy because you are wishing them well without being spiteful about it.



25“I don’t think we hit it off, but good luck on your dating journey.”
If you and the person did not hit it off, this is an effective way to say it without sounding mean.


26“Hey, can we try this again, but as friends?”
Many friendships start off as bad first dates. This text shows that you like him/her, but as a friend, and not in a romantic way.


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By using these text after first date examples, you are taking the anxiety and awkwardness out of texting after a first date. The hard part is done for you, all you have to do is press send.