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30 Sweet Thank You for Your Hospitality Messages

30 Sweet Thank You for Your Hospitality Messages

Being the subject of someone’s hospitality is a privilege. By allowing you into their home and life, a person is showing you a window into their world. This is not something that should be taken lightly.

The best way to show your appreciation for someone who has been welcoming, is to write them a note or message to say, “thank you for your hospitality”.

Due to the personal nature of the experience, the writer should be specific about what they’re thanking their host for. Additionally, the writer should convey sincerity.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas


How to say “thank you for your hospitality” after staying at a friend or relative’s home


01“Thank you so much for letting us stay in your home while ours was being fumigated. You really came through for us at a time when we weren’t sure what to do. We cannot begin to find the words to say thank you for your hospitality.”


Photo by ernestoeslava – Under CC0 license


02“Our holiday wouldn’t have been the same without getting to see and spend time with our favorite aunt and uncle. Thanks for showing us the sights and for your care and kindness during our stay. Let us know if we can return the favor.”


03“You opened your door to us when our accommodation booking fell through. No one would have blamed you for saying no, given the short notice. Yet you decided to let us share your home for a week. Thank you for your hospitality.”


Photo by – Tim Mossholder – under pexels license


04“I know having our large family staying with you for a week couldn’t have been easy. We’re loud and all over the place 24/7. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you allowed us to stay with you. Now that we’re gone, I hope you enjoy the silence.”


05“A big thank you for your hospitality goes out from me to you. The month I was between apartments would have been really difficult if you hadn’t been prepared to let me stay with you. My door is always open to a special friend like you.”


06“Thank you for hosting my aunt and uncle during the preparation time for my father’s funeral. They appreciated how kind and considerate you were. It came at a difficult time for my family. You really came through for us.”


Photo by click – Under Mourgefile license


07“Thank you for your hospitality during the family reunion. Getting together with you was like old times. Isn’t it amazing that with family you can pick up where you left off two years ago, and it feels like five minutes ago?”



08“I was so grateful I could stay with you for the duration of my business trip. Staying with you was far nicer than any hotel could have been. It was great to spend time with you. If you’re going to be in my neighborhood, don’t you dare book a hotel!”


09“Thank you for taking us in during our bathroom renovation. We were prepared to rough it for a few days, but you wouldn’t hear of it. Having a cousin who’ll step in to help at the last minute is appreciated.”


Photos by – Milinoj Kuhar – Under Unsplash license


10“Our trip to the city wouldn’t have been the amazing experience it was, if you hadn’t allowed us to stay overnight at your home. Thank you for your hospitality and for making the experience even more special for the children.”



Photo by Jeremy Irish on reshot


How to say “thank you for your hospitality” after staying in a hotel or Airbnb


11“Thank you for your hospitality in preparing the apartment we rented with Airbnb. The welcome note was appreciated. Thanks for explaining how the stove works. If you hadn’t, we would have had to eat takeout every night!”


Photo by Toa Heftiba – under Unsplash license


12“The standards of service at your hotel were exceptional. The treatment we received was more than we could ever have hoped for. Our late arrival was handled speedily by professional staff members who made us feel so special with their solicitous service.”


13“My lengthy stay at your hotel due to my business activities, turned into a surprisingly pleasant experience. Your friendly staff and personal service made me feel like I was staying in a home-away-from-home. Thank you for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome.”


14“We really appreciated the help offered by the hotel during our son’s asthma attack. The quick response of the staff prevented a serious medical event that would have included a visit to the hospital. As a family, we cannot thank you enough.”


Image from Under Pexels License


15“Thank you for opening your home up to us through Airbnb, it was a truly pleasant experience.  It added to the enjoyability of our vacation to have a ‘home’ to return to at the end of each day.”



16“The effort the staff went to when helping us secure adjoining bedrooms in an already full hotel was received with much gratitude. Thank you for your hospitality and the care and concern you showed for our comfort.”


17“Our Airbnb accommodations were amazing. They lived up to our expectations and went several steps further. The photographs on the site didn’t do the home enough justice. What a magnificent home and what a privilege to have stayed in it.”


Photo by Chris Goodwin – under pexels license


18“To the hotel staff, we can not say thank you enough for your hospitality.  The way the staff helped us as we navigated around during our first visit to the city went above and beyond their job description. They were ready to help and answer all our questions.”



Photo by Michael Block under pexels license


19“Staying in such a big hotel, it’s normal not to expect a such personalized treatment. I was pleasantly surprised by how each staff member goes the extra mile to make such a large establishment seem like a bed and breakfast. The staff makes sure each guest feels welcome and important.”


20“Without being able to make a last-minute Airbnb booking, our family vacation would have turned into a disaster. We are so grateful that you were able to help us. Your apartment served our needs perfectly and was exactly what we required. Thank you for your hospitality.”


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


How to say thanks after having a friend act as a tour guide


21“I cannot express my family’s appreciation enough, for all the effort you made to ensure that we enjoyed our trip. Your careful planning and knowledgeable approach were the secret ingredients that allowed us to make the most of a marvelous trip.”


22“Taking time out of your busy schedule to show us around was something we wouldn’t have dreamed of asking you to do. We know it took a lot of reshuffling of priorities. The fact that you did it of your own accord was unbelievably kind. Thank you for your hospitality.”


Image from Startup Stock Photos – Under CC0 license


23“Traveling to a new city is exciting but also a little overwhelming. We were so lucky to have you as our tour guide. You took us places we didn’t even know existed. Your local knowledge made our visit better than we could have imagined.”


24“How blessed we were to have our very own tour guide when we visited the area. The way you set about showing us all the sights and places of interest took much forward planning. We are so grateful to you. Thank you for your hospitality.”



25“Our visit to the country would have been so different if you hadn’t been there for us every step of the way. The program you set up was jam-packed with so many exciting activities that catered to our family’s needs. Thank you for your hospitality and the privilege of your friendship.”


Photo by Breakingpic – under CC0 license


26“Thank you for taking the time to show us around during our vacation. Your selflessness made our trip more memorable than ever, and it was so awesome to spend some quality time with you. Let us know if we can repay the favor the next time you’re in our area.”


27“Acting as a tour guide and host to our rambunctious family is much appreciated. The children enjoyed spending time with you and were so impressed by all your local knowledge. They’re already talking about a return visit since we didn’t get to see it all on our first visit.”



28“What a wonderful place you live in. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. Without you, we wouldn’t have seen many of the places you took us to. And as to the wonderful restaurants you showed us… my mouth starts watering at the thought!”


Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes – under unsplash license


29“Speaking to friends who have visited the area and been on guided tours made me realize how lucky I was. I think I got the better deal having my good friend take me around and make my visit as special as it was. Thank you for your hospitality.”


30“Thank you for acting as our tour guide. Your presence made our vacation even more special that we thought it would be. Your patience seemed endless, and we were able to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you’re ever considering a career change, consider being a tour guide. I know I’d certainly recommend you!”