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25 Words to Describe Your Pet Dogs

25 Words to Describe Your Pet Dogs

When living with a dog, you encounter many experiences as you learn to live with it. At some point, you need the right words to describe your furry friend to your friends and family while conversing and bragging.

The words to describe dogs listed below will help you find the best description for your pet.


Words to describe dog looks

Dogs have beautiful looks that you would not want to miss telling your friends about. Here are some examples to help you describe the appearance of your pet dog.

Adorable describes a delightful appearance that makes you smile in amazement. It shows how pretty a dog is.
E.g. “I love taking a walk with my puppy through the streets and having everyone say how adorable he/she is.”


photography dog window book chocolate reading dogs cuteness photo fox terrier nutella
Photo by psiedoll La on reshot


When you have a pretty dog with dazzling eyes and fluffy fur, then call it cute.
E.g. “My dog sits on my lap, stretches his/her paws, and dangles to find the most comfortable position. I think he/she is the cutest pet I could wish for.”


Use muscular to describe dogs with heavily built bodies compared to their counterparts of the same age.
E.g. “Eggs and cottage cheese have been my dog’s favorites ever since I introduced him/her to proteins. He/she has since become muscular, and I love it.”


white black dog cute

Photo by Baptist Standaert on Unsplash


Lean describes a dog in good physical condition to run fast, feed well, and play actively.
E.g. “Despite my dog leaning on me each time we meet other big dogs in the street, I am certain his/her lean nature is an advantage when I am not present.”


Some dog breeds are more stout than others. Short is a word to describe a dog that is not tall in your opinion.
E.g. “Fluffy never hesitates to come running at me when he/she smells my presence. But the funny part is, being so short, he/she tries jumping up at me.”


Some dog breeds have a lot of hair on their bodies that cover their faces, paws, and heads completely.
E.g. “The smooth touch of my fluffy dog makes me feel comfortable. I never stop passing my fingers through his/her fur each time he/she sits close to me.”


02 animal portrait dog love white puppy cute pet companion puppies dogs doggy dog lover

Photo by Shirley Kim on Reshot


Dogs can turn out to have large bodies due to what they eat. Use massive if you have such a dog.
E.g. “I often tease my teenage son by asking him to carry his dog at times, but he tells me that because (dog’s name) is so massive, carrying him/her would take too much of his energy.”



Words to describe dogs on how dogs make you feel good 

Interacting with dogs helps your mind relax making you forget about your worries. There are many different feelings, so you may want to use the following words to describe dogs for some of them.

Each time a dog jumps on you or cuddles you, it makes you exuberant. You cheer up and become excited because of this.
E.g. “The dog never sniffed (person’s name)’s hand after he/she held it out, but (dog’s name) rolled upon him/her, making him/her exuberant.”


photo of person kissing a dog on grass field sunlight sky
Photo by Laura Stanley under pexels license


Dogs that run around, show constant attention-seeking behaviour and are playful make you lively. You have more energy to throw balls at them and remain active.
E.g. “Playing throw and catch with my dog is amazing, exciting, and makes me lively. Each time we have an intruder, his/her nature scares them away.”


This is an exciting feeling you have in the company of your dog on a walk, in the house, or when playing.
E.g. “Today, the neighborhood dogs decided to do a dog parade. I was so happy to see my dog lead his/her gang downtown.”


man holding brown dog trees lights

Photo by Jach McKeown on Reshot


Dogs always believe in their owners, and that is why they protect them at all costs. You feel that they completely trust you.
E.g. “Maybe dogs feel free around me when I treat them because I am an experienced vet. There is no other trust better than this.”


Dogs will sometimes growl in pain and bark in excitement, depending on the mood they are in. How you react to these feelings describes your empathy.
E.g. “The best empathy I can show to help my dog stop barking is laying him/her on my tummy for a while.”


Lovely dog emotional support animal smelling its owner on orange and blue jacket while hugging

Photo by La Fattoria di Tobia Rifugio per Animali under pexels license


You feel tense when something wrong happens, but your dog may help you relax.
E.g. “Today, I came from a hectic day at work and lay on the couch, feeling tense. But my dog’s cute eyes and funny moves made me relaxed.”


Doing great things for a dog makes them happy, and in turn, they tend to make you lively by cheering your mood.
E.g. “Taking a bone from the mouth of a dog is a fun game. I tried it on my dog, and it left me with high-spirits.”


boy holding dog photo while smiling

Photo by Alicia Jones on unsplash


Words to describe dogs when it makes you mad

Dogs may irritate you by their behavior of chasing moving cars, barking uncontrollably, or pulling on leashes. Use the following words to describe a dog with annoying behaviors.

Use vicious to describe your dog when they are chasing people randomly and jumping at them without any aim or for any reason.
E.g. “I feel ashamed to invite visitors to my home when my dog is present. He/she is so vicious that it will jump on them all the time.”


dog beagle ears big

Photo by kyle smith on unsplash


When your dog does not give you peace of mind, use irksome to describe it.
E.g. “Why does my irksome dog have to keep begging for food on the table? His/her bowl is full for the second time.”


Dogs may bark without control when lonely or to protect their territories. It makes you feel irritated.
E.g. “It has been only ten minutes of leaving the dog alone, but his/her barking is becoming irritating. Maybe he/she is bored.”



Use annoying when your dog chases pedestrians and cars while on a walk or does something similar without reason.
E.g. “I need to train my annoying dog to stop chasing cars. Last weekend he/she was nearly hit by a moving truck.”


brown dog lying on bed pillows
Photo by Andriana on Reshot


In any situation where your dog is difficult to control, use troublesome to describe it.
E.g. “My troublesome dog is teething, and it is not much fun for me. He/she constantly chews on my furniture.”


Words to describe dogs if they are intelligent

Training dogs builds their ability to think, act, and respond to specific instructions. Use the following words to describe dogs to explain their intelligence.

Use smart to describe your dog when it is quick to learn.
E.g. “I often tell my dog to sit when I know he/she is about to be jumpy. But this time, I only had to stare at him/her, and before I uttered a word, my smart dog sat.”


09 portrait of a smiling young woman with dog

Photo by Kai-Chieh Chan under pexels license


When your dog exhibits excellent performance, use splendid to describe them.
E.g. “The dog of the year award goes to Tinny. My splendid dog has made me proud once more.
I never knew he had mastered picking up and dropping items in the right places until now.”


Intelligent dogs follow orders and rules when expected. Describe your dog as obedient when he/she does what you tell them.
E.g. “I am surprised at how your dog comes running to you at the snap of a finger. He/she is so obedient, and cute as well.”


dog lying bed pillow room

Photo by Leena Nguyen on Reshot


Knowledgeable describes dogs that have retained information you taught them or anything they learned alone.
E.g. “My knowledgeable dog came running to me and pulled my cloth because it noticed a water pipe leak.”


Sharp describes a dog that understands information and uses it efficiently.
E.g. “I had a bad fight with my mum. My sharp dog stayed by my side throughout as he/she noticed my anger.”



Intelligent dogs know the outcomes of their actions and how to gain your attention.
E.g. “Every time my guests feel uncomfortable by his/her presence, I only need to snap my hand and stare slightly at him/her. My intelligent dog reads the signal and goes out of the room without hesitating.”



Dogs are great pets who  have various character traits, some of which help you carry on with life. Describing them based on their behaviors, skills, and appearance may not be easy.
In this case, use some of the above examples of words that describe your pet dog to help explain more about them.