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50 Questions to Get to Know Someone Who You’ve Newly Met

50 Questions to Get to Know Someone Who You’ve Newly Met

Either professionally or personally, the ability to confidently and naturally meet and greet someone is an important skill. When you meet a client, a colleague, a friend for the first time, aim to create a rapport by showing interest in the other person – try asking a mixture of open and closed questions to show your interest.

Ease into a conversation by encouraging the other person to talk about themselves, then share your experience or response to the same question. When you ask questions to get to know someone, you must be sure to listen to the answers, and perhaps have a follow up question to ask.

The way you ask the question is also crucial – your body language and tone of voice will give you away if you are only going through the motions.

Below is a comprehensive compilation of conversation starting questions to get to know someone.


01“Where did you grow up?”


02“Where do you live now? Do you like it?”


bird nest
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03“If you don’t live alone, who else do you live with?”


04“What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend and why?”


05“What’s your favorite concert that you’ve ever been to?”


06“When it comes to TV, do you prefer to watch comedies or dramas?”


07“If money was not an issue, where would you vacation to?”


08“What’s the best place that you’ve ever been to?”


09“Do you prefer tea or coffee?”


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10“If you do like coffee, what’s your favorite way to drink it? Like iced, latte, cappuccino, etc…”


11“Do you play any instruments?”


12“What’s your favorite type of music?”


13“What’s your favorite color?”


14“When is your birthday?”



15“What’s the best Halloween costume that you’ve ever had?”


16“Did/do you go to college? If so, where did/do you go?”


17“What did/do you study in college?”


18“Do you like to watch sports? If so, what’s your favorite to watch?”


19“If you don’t like to watch sports, are there any other live events that you do like to watch?”


20“What’s your lucky number?”


lucky number roulette
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21“Are you close with your family?”


22“What’s your favorite curse word?”


23“What’s your favorite time of the year?”


24“What were you like in high school?”


25“Did you play any sports in high school?”


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26“What was your favorite class in high school?”


27“What’s your favorite restaurant?”


28“If you could fly anywhere for free, where would you go?”


29“How much time, on average, do you think you spend on social media?”


30“Do you prefer Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and why?”


31“Do you like to go hiking? If so, where is your favorite place to go and why?”


32“Do you like to swim?”


33“Do you have any tattoos or piercings?”


woman tattoo on arms and hands

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34“What three things do you always keep in your house?”


35“What is your middle name?”


36“What do you do for exercise?”


37“Do you like video games? Do you have a favorite?”


38“Did you have a nickname in high school/college?”


39“Do you like to sing? What’s the best go-to jam that you like to sing?”


40“What’s your favorite song at the moment?”



41“What’s your favorite snack?”


blueberries rasberries
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42“If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?”


43“If you were to get your fifteen minutes of fame, what would it be for and why? “


44“Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”


45“What do you like to do for fun?”


46“What’s the first physical feature that you notice about a new person?”


human physical feature nose mouth profile

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47“Are you an extrovert, introvert, or a mix of both?”


48“What’s your favorite breakfast food?”


49“Do you collect anything that might be considered unique?”


50“What was your favorite childhood TV show?”