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55+ Belated Birthday Wishes Sure to Get You out of Trouble

55+ Belated Birthday Wishes Sure to Get You out of Trouble

It’s quite normal to forget about sending birthday wishes to those close to you. Life can be so hectic that you might not remember the basic items on your calendar, let alone remember special events and dates.

Whether it’s your friends, your family members, your wife, or husband, they all expect you to wish them a happy birthday. However, if you recently forgot the birthday of someone you love, here are some belated birthday wishes.


Belated birthday wishes to your friends


01It would have been easy to bring up thousands of excuses, but I just felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. I am so sorry for missing your birthday, and I promise to make it up to you next year. Happy belated birthday to you.


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02I am frustrated that I couldn’t wish you a happy birthday on time, but it was intentional because I wanted to give you a big surprise. I hope you had a wonderful day, happy birthday, my friend.


03My friend, this is what happens when you are always a step ahead of me, now, I have to wish you a happy belated birthday. I am sure family and friends have spoiled you on your special day.


04I enjoy doing things differently just to impress my friends. Today, I am sure you are impressed since I am late to wish you a happy birthday.


05Happy birthday, my friend. Life is so hectic right now that I may have even forgotten your special day. I hope you are still enjoying it with your family and friends.


06Even though this birthday wish has come to you a little late, it’s still full of love, my friend. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. Forgive me for the delay, happy belated birthday.


girl happy bunch of ballons

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07This is a late happy birthday wish to you, my friend, and it comes from deep in my heart. I wish you a life full of love and happiness. Happy birthday.


08I am wishing you a late happy birthday because I want you to feel loved and celebrated all week long! Your birthday is important to me. Have a belated happy birthday.


09You are my friend, and I want to celebrate every day like it’s your special day. It doesn’t matter if I’m a little late in wishing you a happy birthday.



10Oh, please you think that I got lazy and forgot your birthday. I just wanted to make sure that this grand celebration lasts a little longer. Happy birthday!


11The bad news: I fell behind and forgot to wish you a happy birthday! The good news: I am visiting you soon so we can celebrate!


12My greetings are a bit late in reaching you, but at least they arrived – hahaha!!!


birthday chocolate cake
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13Happy birthday! I got you the same thing you got me! Late wishes for a great birthday!


14I am sorry that I missed your birthday, but then I miss you every day. Belated happy birthday!


15Smile while your teeth are still intact, and sorry for the late wish. Belated happy birthday!


16So I have an idea: if they call you old, hit them with your cane, or better still, your set of false teeth! Belated Happy Birthday, bro!


17Hey, you are more special to me than your birthday, so don’t be mad at me because I am late. I am so sorry for that. Belated happy birthday !


18Have you ever seen rock stars on time? No wonder I am so late. Belated happy birthday!


girl birthday gift

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19With age comes wisdom, and with birthdays come cake. I am glad you have both! Belated happy birthday!


20Wow, looks like it has been a year already. But birthdays are great for you – the more you have, the longer you live. Belated happy birthday to you!


21I have been late for my class, my graduation, my bills, and everything. Sorry that I forgot, but I love you the most. Happiest birthday to you!



22Another year has passed, and I still could not get a birthday card for you. I am sorry. My bad that I forgot! Belated happy birthday!


23Have your cake before your teeth are gone. Belated happy birthday to you!


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24Happy birthday to you! I hope the candles didn’t cost as much as the cake.


25Another year has passed, and you are still cool – cool enough to forgive me because I forgot your birthday again. Belated happy birthday! Also, I am sorry for wishing this late.


26Sorry for wishing you late, but I hope your trip around the Sun was a great one. Belated happy birthday! Hope you have a great year ahead.


27Hey, so sorry that I forgot your birthday. Can you please re-schedule it when I am free?


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28So sorry that I forgot your birthday – memories get worse over time. Belated happy birthday wishes to you.


29I forgot your birthday, but I won’t tell you the reason because it comes under classified information. Belated happy birthday!


30Sorry for the belated birthday wish. Blame the time-zones! Happy birthday!


31Life is all about forgiving. I forgot your birthday, so I hope you forgive me for being late. I am so sorry!


birthday blowing out candles cake

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32So you look great when you get into that forgiving mood. I forgot it, and I am sorry. I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. Belated happy birthday to you, my dearest one.


33So if you were to accept a bribe to forgive someone, what would you take? Would a cake do it? Tell me quickly. Belated happy birthday!


34Life throws lemons at you, so here’s a sour and sorry one from me since I forgot your birthday. Belated happy birthday to you.



What to say when you forget the birthday of your wife


35Even though this happy birthday wish comes to you a bit late, the wish it brings for glorious days and happiness are great on any date. A belated happy birthday, my beautiful wife.


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36Knowing how much you love celebrating your birthday, I assume that I am not too late for the fun. Keep enjoying your birthday! Happy belated birthday, my angel.


37Babe, it’s difficult to believe that you are getting older every year. It feels like you just had your last birthday only a few days ago. Happy belated birthday.



38Having a wife like you is a blessing, but forgetting this special day of yours is unforgivable. I am so sorry, my love. Happy birthday to you.


39Nowadays, time is moving so fast, and I have to admit I completely missed your birthday. My Athena, I am wishing you a belated happy birthday.


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40I know you are not happy with me for forgetting your birthday but trust me, you are going to have an excellent birthday present. Just wait until I get back home. Happy birthday, my hot chocolate.


41This is the first time I forgot your birthday, and I promise this is also the last time it will ever happen. Happy birthday, my queen.


Belated birthday wishes to your husband


42I am sure you were surprised not to get a birthday wish from me, and you know how I don’t like to disappoint you. It’s weird to forget your birthday, happy belated birthday, mon chéri.


birthday girl winking 29 donuts

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43The special day may have passed by, but the happiness that you give me every day will always be there. Belated happy birthday, my handsome.


44You haven’t changed a bit since the last time we celebrated your birthday, and you are still as young and sexy as ever. This might be the reason why I forgot your birthday. Happy birthday, my prince charming.



45I feel like I am in a dreamland living with you, and while I was busy with the dreams, I failed to notice that your birthday was the other day. Happy belated birthday, my king.


46I’m so sorry, and there is no excuse for why I missed your special day. You will always be part of me. Happy belated birthday, mon Coeur.


Happy Birthday with cupcake woman smiling
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47You are everything to me, and I hope you will let me compensate for missing your 42nd birthday. I will be making you the best homemade birthday cake of your life, my superman.


48I am so sorry that my birthday wish is probably the last to arrive, but whether your day is special or not, you are always in my heart and mind. I hope you had a wonderful day, my honey.


49Don’t think that I forgot your birthday; it’s just that it took me a lot of time to decide over this great gift. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it is late. Belated happy birthday, my superman.


Belated birthday wishes for your family


50Sorry, I am late in wishing you a happy birthday, bro. I didn’t forget this special day. I just wanted to give you a well-timed surprise. Happy birthday.


51I hope you had a fabulous birthday yesterday, sis. I missed eating your birthday cake. I plan to eat at least two of them this weekend to make up for the lost opportunity. Happy belated birthday.


Birthday girl cake happy woman

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52I waited to wish you a happy birthday so that you could extend this special day just a bit longer. I want you to know that I love you. Happy belated birthday, my little brother.


53It’s clear that you have been blessed with many wonderful things on your birthday, but a timely birthday message from me wasn’t one of them. Oops! Belated happy birthday, sister.



54I wished I could rewind the clock just so that I could get to say happy birthday to mom on time. I know you will forgive me, though. Happy birthday, my superwoman.


01 big_macaroon_cake_pink
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55I want to wish you all the happiness on your special day. I know it’s quite late, but a dad always understands. Happy belated birthday.


56I hope you enjoyed everything that happened on your birthday, brother. I deeply regret not being with you but, for the next one, I promise I will be the first person to send you a happy birthday.


Concluding thoughts

When we fail to send birthday wishes, it’s always a sad situation. If this happens, belated happy birthday wishes are a great way to show that you are sorry and to assure your loved ones that you have not forgotten them.
Try the above belated birthday wishes if you recently forgot someone’s special day.