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90+ belated birthday wishes sure to get you out of trouble

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90+ belated birthday wishes sure to get you out of trouble

There’s no getting around it. No one deserves that dreaded belated birthday wishes from anyone, especially a loved one, but it’s inevitable we can forget about our nearest and dearest on their special day. It’s work getting the best of you; a friend’s personal problems sidetracking you; sometimes you just outright forget without reason, having to regrettably send belated birthday wishes.

So how do you make up for it? (Besides spoiling them to no end.) The best way to get on anybody’s good side is to make them laugh! That’s right; your run of the mill “Belated Happy Birthday…” won’t cut it. Plus, humour is great because you can be funny in so many ways: self-deprecating, philosophical, sarcastic, absurd, facetious, you name it. No matter what your personality, there’s a right message for any and everyone to cheer them up. (But please give them nice things too!)


01“I know you think I forgot your birthday but I just couldn’t find a place that would do fake toe tags.”

 candles birthday cake

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02“I’m so sorry, I guess I forgot your birthday. But you know what I haven’t forgot? You might be getting older, but deep down you’re still an awkward antisocial teenager.”


03“You know your Facebook doesn’t have your birthday listed? How else am I supposed to remember. I had to go through your wallet to double-check only find out you haven’t been 30 since 2013. belated happy birthday!”


04“These can’t be belated birthday wishes because birthdays are suppose to last a week long. Happy birthday week!”


05“Since humans created the concept of time, and I know you’re not really turning 30 this year, I’ll go along with you being 30 so long as we agree I’m not late to wish you a happy birthday!”


06“You’ve been 50 for like 10 years now I stopped paying attention after the 5th time. But anyway so sorry for the belated happy birthday wishes I hope your birthday was wonderful!”


07“Being late is frowned upon in polite society, but you know how much we’ve gotten used to you frowning at me. Belated happy birthday!”

 lovely baby messy eating

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08“I’m usually so early for things I feel weird knowing I came late for once. Sorry and belated happy birthday!”


09“Okay fine, so I’m late to wish you a happy birthday, but we haven’t had a birthday celebration yet, so if you want free drinks I haven’t forgot your birthday because it still is your birthday!”


10“I know you’re mad about the belated birthday wishes, but you’ll get over it at dinner after a couple glasses of wine and your free slice of birthday cake at the restaurant.”


11“Today, everyone’s going to be saying “wow it’s your birthday? You haven’t aged in years and you’ve still got so much left to experience and live for!”


12“I know I constantly give you a hard time and I’m so sorry you can’t do the same to me because I’m literally perfection, so I tried to humble myself and give you my version of the best birthday present: I am sorry I purposely “forgot”


13“These belated birthday wishes are as late as my last period. Surprise!”

 Cup cake candle firework

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14“There’s no way to truly say sorry. I legitimately forgot your birthday. Maybe now you’ll stop buying me gift cards and actually make an effort when mine rolls around.”


15“Look, you’re growing old by the seconds, not years. Birthdays are a hard form of measurement to keep track of your aging. But despite all that, belated happy birthday!”


16“Sending belated birthday wishes makes it look like I forgot and that I don’t care about you, but if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have attached a cute cat picture to go with my message!”


17“Not everything that comes late has to be bad! Steve Carrel wasn’t famous for his comedy acting until he was 40 years old and he turned out just fine. Belated happy birthday!”


18“What’s that saying, better late than never? Did my attempt at being charming work? Ok fine, I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday, so there’s unlimited drinks on me tonight.”


19“Alright but my bad memory is never an issue anytime I forgot your mom’s lunch dates so… You know I’m right but belated happy birthday regardless!”

 best friends girls birthday

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20“My belated birthday wishes are as late as you were to your own party for it. I add a sorry to this and we’re even?”


21“Yes, I know you’re going to be upset I’m wishing you a belated happy birthday so I’m taking full blame. But you always say there’s nothing a little wine and handcuffs can’t fix.”


22“It’s so weird, my original happy birthday wish didn’t seem to go through, just like all the texts of you randomly checking up on me never going through, even though you’ve definitely been sending them to me. Belated happy birthday!”


23“You don’t need one measly birthday for me to tell you how special you are, so I’ll just be randomly wishing you a happy birthday every other week or so. Belated happy birthday!”


24“I know you’re not happy, but you know how selfish I am. Remembering anything that isn’t about me is hard, so belated happy birthday!”


25“You’re always saying how much you like unconventional people, so hey, I haven’t forgotten your birthday, I’m going against the grain and making it a thing to wish you a wonderful belated happy birthday!”


26“You’re the one always saying how stupid birthdays are. I thought it’d be rude to wish you a happy one-year-closer-to-death day anyway. But sorry anyway, please accept my sincerest belated birthday wishes.”

 30th birthday cake

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27“You know how hard it is to come up with a funny way of saying happy birthday? Took me all day and then I forgot what I needed to say trying so hard to find the humour. This is all I came up with. That and I’m the worst! I forgot your wonderful day but hope you’ll find it in you to still accept my best belated birthday wishes.”


28“Remember that time you wished me a happy birthday a day early and you thought it wasn’t a big deal? Yeah, I’m wishing you one a day late. Belated happy birthday!”


29“Your birthday’s the last in the family’s so you can’t blame us all for forgetting when it comes around.”


30“Sometimes I’m too early, sometimes I’m too late? Until you make up your mind, belated happy birthday.”


31“What’s worse, me forgetting your birthday completely, or just being a day late to wish you one? Either way please don’t hate me and belated happy birthday!”


32“What lie should I come up with this time? Belated happy birthday!”


33“I thought I spoiled you enough! I’m so sorry I have to care about your birthday too. Just kidding, I know you had the best possible day and hope I never let you down again.”

 birthday cake on table garden

Image from Canva – under one-time use license

34“Forgot your birthday? Your birthday isn’t over until there’s no cake left!”


35“May God/the universe not have my memory and remember all the blessings you deserve. Belated happy birthday.”


36“Me? Forgot? Your birthday? No way! I’m just trying to separate myself from the herd. Hope your day was filled with as much laughter as this message better have given you.”


37“Unless you received all of your birthday wishes on your exact birth time, I’m not the only late one. But belated happy birthday.”


38“I’m way too special for my birthday wishes to be drowned by everyone else’s. Blessings and more time spent with me on your birthday! Belated happy birthday, my brother!”


39“Well you’re always saying I’m getting old, so jokes on you! Even if it’s not my fault I forgot, what with my aging brain and bad memory, I’ll say sorry and have a belated happy wonderful birthday.”


40“I’m not telling you it’s time to die, I’m just saying your birthdays are getting harder to keep up with I don’t even know what year we’re at now… Okay fine, I’m sorry I forgot your birthday, but I hope you enjoyed it despite my forgetting.”

 little girl birthday gift

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41“I know your birthday comes around the same time every year but you also know I never say sorry. But consistency was never my thing, so I’m really sorry and I wish you a belated happy birthday with love and support.”


42“Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to cut me off because yes I forgot your birthday. But, I’m such a nice person I’m still sending you a belated happy birthday with or without me in your life.”


43“You said birthdays are never a big thing with you so I’m showing you how much I listen and support your ideas by sending you casual but belated birthday wishes. PS but don’t think I forgot about it. PPS I’m sorry.”


44“I feel so bad for the belated birthday wishes. I’m eternally sorry and would like to give up one of my kids/pets as a token of my apology. Your pick!”


45“I’m so sorry for the late birthday message. How much is it going to cost to make it up to you?”


46“THERE’S NO TIME FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY THE REVOLUTION IS UPON US. Just kidding, I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday but I hope your special day was as beautiful and amazing as you are.”

 Pink rose birthday cake

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47“I honestly think trying so hard reminding myself every day about your birthday somehow made my brain tired of remembering. I’m so sorry! Have a belated happy birthday filled without overcompensating!”


48“If I say sorry, and never give you crap for making me wait for you when we’re going out, can we pretend I never forgot your birthday? Either way belated happy birthday!”


49“Hey what kind of flowers say I’m sorry for being late to wish you a happy birthday? Asking for a friend…”


50“Okay, I can hardly remember my own birthday, so I feel like it’s expected I wouldn’t remember yours either…belated happy birthday my dear!”


51“Oh, please you think that I got late and forgot your birthday. I just wanted to make sure that this grand celebration lasts a little longer. Happy birthday!”


52“I am so far away from you, but I am lying on my bed after devouring a big cake which I cut for you. Happy birthday!”

 a girl happy bunch of ballons

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53“The sorry news: I got late and forgot to wish you happy birthday; the cheerful news: I am visiting you soon so that we can have a blast. Belated happy birthday, my friend.”


54“Hey! Do you want a gift? I thought I was the one. Belated happy birthday – be grateful to have me!”


55“My greetings are reaching a bit late to you, but they are arriving at least – hahaha! Happy birthday, dear!”


56“I got late in wishing you, but you did the same for me on my birthday. So we are even now! Happy birthday!”


57“I am sorry that I missed your birthday, but then I miss you every day. Belated happy birthday!”


58“It’s your birthday! I’m going to spam you for the next twenty-four hours. Be ready!”

 happy birthday cupcake pink

Image from Canva – under one-time use license

59“This message is to wish you a belated happy birthday. It’s full of the sweetest sugar and honey so that when you receive it, you explode with all the love. Sorry that I got late and forgot, but who else understands me, but you? I hope you had a great one.”


60“Smile while your teeth are still intact, and sorry for the belated birthday wishes. Happy birthday!”


61“So I have an idea: if they call you old, hit them with your cane, or better still, your set of false teeth!”


62“They say time is a great healer, but also a terrible beautician, as it is evident in your case. Belated happy birthday, nonetheless.”


63“Hey, you are more special to me than your birthday, so don’t be mad at me because I got late. I am so sorry for that. Belated happy birthday!”


64“I am so silly. I forgot your birthday, but a sillier you would not mind. I am sorry. Belated happy birthday!”


65“Have you ever seen rock stars on time? No wonder I am so late. Belated happy birthday!”

 little lovely girl ballon birthday

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66“With age comes wisdom, and with birthdays come cake. I am glad you have both! Belated happy birthday!”


67“Wow, looks like it has been a year already. But birthdays are great for you – the more you have, the longer you live. Belated happy birthday to you!”


68“I have been late for my class, my graduation, my bills, and everything. Sorry that I forgot, but I love you the most. Happiest birthday to you!”


69“Feel good that I am not for your birthday; otherwise, I would’ve devoured all of that cake. Happy birthday!”


70“Ah, all these famous people were born on your birthday. Too bad that you are not one of them, and that is precisely why I forgot your birthday. Belated happy birthday!”


71“Another year has passed, and I still could not get a birthday card for you. I am sorry. My bad that I forgot! Belated happy birthday!”


72“Have your cake before your teeth are gone. Belated happy birthday to you!”

 Happy birthday chocolate cake

Image from Canva – under one-time use license

73“Happy birthday to you! I hope the candles didn’t cost as much as the cake.”


74“Another year has passed, and you are still cool – cool enough to forgive me because I forgot your birthday again. Belated happy birthday! Also, I am sorry for wishing this late.”


75“Sorry for wishing you late, but I hope your trip around the Sun was a great one. Belated happy birthday! Hope you have a great year ahead.”


76“Hey, so sorry that I forgot your birthday. Can you please re-schedule it when I am free?”


77“So sorry that I forgot your birthday – memories get worse over time. Hope you know that. Belated birthday wishes to you.”


78“Sorry that I got late for your birthday. But trust me; this only happens once in a whole year, so belated happy birthday to you.”


79“I forgot your birthday, but I won’t tell you the reason because it comes under classified information. Belated happy birthday!”

 Happy birthday candles on colourful cups

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80“Sorry for the belated birthday wishes. Blame the time-zones! Happy birthday!”


81“So can you blow out all of these candles by yourself, or should I call the fire department?”


82“All these candles! Hope your lungs have gas enough to blow them all.”


83“Belated happy birthday. I am late because I flew all the way to see you. But now I am here, and it’s a date.”


84“Sorry to have missed your birthday, I even missed my presentation at work today. Now that I am doomed, and you had nobody to wish you, let’s celebrate. Belated happy birthday!”


85“Can you even blow these candles on your cake, now that you are quite old? Hahaha! Happy birthday, friend!”


86“Life is all about forgiving. I forgot your birthday, so I hope you forgive me for belated birthday wishes. I am so sorry!”

 Happy birthday candle smarties

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87“So you look great when you get into that forgiving mood. I forgot it, and I am sorry – I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. Belated happy birthday to you, my dearest one.”


88“So if you were to accept a bribe to forgive someone, what would you take? Would a cake do it? Tell me quickly because I forgot your birthday and I am sorry for that. Belated happy birthday!”


89“Nobody but me wished you a belated happy birthday. Thank me for that. P.S. I am sorry for the belated birthday wishes.”


90“Life throws lemons at you, so here’s a sour and sorry one from me since I forgot your birthday –Belated happy birthday to you.”


91“Don’t think that I forgot your birthday; it’s just that it took me a lot of time to decide over this great gift – I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for getting late. Belated happy birthday – have a great one!”


92“I am so sorry to wish you late but I think your dog ate the birthday card which I sent you, so belated happy birthday wishes to you.”
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