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50 best wedding wishes for couples, whether you know very well or not

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50 best wedding wishes for couples, whether you know very well or not

With wedding season upon us, sending the perfect wedding wishes is tricky. And so many of those messages of congratulations can easily drown yours out.

Whether you’ve known the couple their whole lives or just started working with one of them a year ago, congratulations seem to straddle the line between familiar banter and trying too hard. Here are 50 different ways to send wedding wishes to couples you barely know or ones you know better than they know themselves.

25 wedding wishes for couples you do not know very well


01“Wishing you more love, life, and blessings on this special occasion. Congratulations and happy wedding day!”


02“May you both grow and forever cultivate a healthy and prospering love with one another. Congratulations and happy marriage!”


03“So happy and excited for the shared life you’ve got ahead. Congratulations and best wedding wishes!”

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04“We all can’t wait to see what married life has in store for the two of you. Congrats and best wedding wishes on your happy day!”


05“Congratulations you two. Through the good and the bad times, remember how happy you are today as a reminder of your commitment to each other. Best wedding wishes going forward and here’s to an everlastingly happy marriage.”


06“Congratulations and best of wedding wishes. May your love for each other shine bright and grow stronger every day.”


07“We’re so happy for the two of you. Congrats! Wishing you a happy and love-filled future together!”


08“The whole family is honoured to have been a part of today’s celebrations. May your relationship grow into more than anything the two of you could ever imagine. Congratulations and happy marriage!”


09“On the happiest of wedding days, I’d love to leave you with a quote on love: “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”


10“I don’t know if fate or destiny exists, but you two are the closest thing to making me believe it. Congratulations! I’ve never seen such a loving and nurturing couple before, and I hope that fire burns unwaveringly. Our sincerest wedding wishes!”



11“Even though we’ve only known each other for a few short years, in that time I’ve grown to see how strong the bond between you two is. You two really were made for each other. Congrats and happy marriage going forward!”


12“Never stop loving and caring for each other. You give us all hope! Congrats.”


13“As time progresses, things and people change. But you’re the kind of souls that will improve and adapt with each other. Congratulations, you two. Happy marriage and best wedding wishes.”


14“Love is about finding balance. Through the mayhem of this world, remember what anchors you. Congratulations and happy marriage!”


15“The key to a happy marriage is to feel as good and happy as you did on your wedding day. Nonstop happiness and love for the both of you crazy kids. Congratulations!!!”

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16“You two are joining hands in matrimony today, but you’ve both got a wide support system as well. Through thick and thin, you’ve got so much love and encouragement backing you two. Congratulations on this most splendid wedding day.”


17“You two have already committed to this road trip together, and today is just an overdue pit stop. May you both travel safely and smoothly together, reaching whatever destination you’re meant to reach. Congratulations on the first of many wedding days to remember.”


18“We’ve officially got the best tennis player on our side now! Happy marriage ya goofs!”


19“May you both never stop falling in love with each other! Congrats on your beautiful wedding day!”


20“I know we haven’t gotten to know each other too well, but now’s a better excuse than any to fix that. Congratulations! Happy marriage to you two and welcome to the family [specific name].”


21“Remember that nothing’s really changed today. You had already made this commitment to each other and you’re just now letting the rest of the world in on your little secret. Congratulations and happy marriage.”


22“I swear we’re witnessing history today. The greatest love story to ever exist. Congratulations you iconic lovers. Here’s to a happy marriage and a lifelong love like yours for all.”


23“May the honeymoon phase of your marriage never end, maybe simmer, but never completely die out. Congratulations you two.”


24“Congratulations! This day only comes around once in a lifetime so live it up! Happy wedding day!”


25“I hope your love for each other is as grand and sweet as your wedding cake. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you both!”


25 wedding wishes for couples you know very well

P.S. These special wishes are with some mean jokes and are supposed to be for couples whom you know very well (both the bride and the groom). Be sure that they would absolutely understand what you meant were jokes before writing these wedding wishes.


26“We used to joke about you two all the time but now that it’s finally happening. It feels so weird to call you Mr and Mrs now. Congrats guys!”


27“Congratulations, you two! You’ve already been together for so long it’s practically already been a happy marriage. This is just a party to show off your love and get your parents up to speed, right? It was a lovely reception guys. Best wedding wishes and a long and prosperous love ahead.”

 lily pearl wedding

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28“Congratulations on the new chapter in your lives. You can’t get out of it that easily now!”


29“It’s about damn time. I heard panic and ultimatums were in the air so much I don’t even know if a congratulation or a condolence is in order. Here’s to a happy marriage. We love you both so much and wish you the best of wedding wishes.”


30“Glad to see you both could share your first marriages together. Congratulations and happy wedding day you two! You’re both so beautiful and wonderful!”


31“Remember spanking is only permissible if it’s consensual. Best wedding wishes for your happy marriage!”


32“We’re just here for the free food and booze. And to give our congratulations of course. Wishing our favourite couple an amazing wedding and happy marriage ahead!”

 cupcakes at a wedding party

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33“You two must really love each other to go through all this. We just exchanged ring pops and had a Simpsons marathon on our wedding day. Congrats you two!”


34“You two are married now but ya ain’t conjoined at the hip, okay? Happy marriage you two lovebirds. Congratulations!!!”


35“It’s not like we hadn’t accepted you into the family already but here’s to making it official. Congratulations for the future ahead and happy wedding day you saps!”


36“You know that crap about your wedding day going by so quickly you should try taking mental pictures of the most significant moments? I’m doing the same tallying up all your hot relatives! But seriously, I can’t contain the overwhelming joy I feel for the two of you today. Congratulations and happy marriage for now and forever.”


37“Enjoy the high while it lasts. It won’t be forever. Just kidding! Congratulations! HAPPY WEDDING DAY TOO! We’re so excited for what the future has in store.”


38“Y’all ready to consummate or what? Congrats you two.”


39“You seriously couldn’t afford a buffet? Just kidding, guys. Congratulations! Everything was as beautiful and perfect as you two. HAPPY MARRIAGE YA OLD FARTS!”


40“We’re all just glad it finally happened. We were honestly starting to worry for the both of you. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you two!”


41“I don’t know any two people that make us laugh harder. We hope you do the same for each other every single day of your lives together. Congratulations and happy marriage you two.”


42“Alright, it’s husband and wife/husband and husband/wife and wife now. When’s it gonna be father and mother/father and father/mother and mother? Congratulations on your very special wedding day!”

 a couple just married

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43“Congrats you two! I helped raise [insert name of one of them]. I expect you to take care of them just as good, if not better.”


44“You two have already been living with each other for a while I hope this doesn’t really change anything. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you both.”


45“We’re all expecting this to be greater than any celebrity power couple! Congrats!”


46“Are you two happy? You’ve started a trend among our friends, now everyone’s going to feel like they have to play catch up…not us though! Seriously, congratulations you two. I can’t imagine a more deserving couple to make this commitment to each other. Wishing you a happy healthy wedding and marriage.”


47“This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. The beginning of the end. An end I hope is nowhere near in your futures. Congratulations on your big day!”


48“God, there’s no end to what you two will do for each other. It makes me sick. Congratulations guys!”


49“You two make it so hard for me to be pessimistic about love and marriage. Hope you’re happy with yourselves. Best wedding wishes to the best newly-weds.”


50“I honestly hope you start having kids as fast as you two were ready to get married. Love you both and happy marriage!”
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