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10 best touching maid of honor speeches examples

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10 best touching maid of honor speeches examples

Being asked to be a maid of honor is a huge privilege that comes with some significant responsibilities. In addition to organizing the bachelorette party, the maid of honor must hold the bride’s bouquet and keep her dress looking on pointe. So, you’d think that by the time a maid of honor gets to the wedding reception, her duties for the day would be complete and she can let her hair down a bit. Wrong. Maids of honor have one final responsibility. It is the biggest one of the day. They must still prepare and give maid of honor speeches.

The content of maid of honor speeches is largely related to the personality of the bride and her maid of honor, and the setting of the wedding (formal or informal).


Here are some guidelines of what to include in maid of honor speeches:

There are some Do’s and Don’ts that should be noted when writing a maid of honor speech. First thing would be to make it brief; we don’t want to take the excitement away with prolonged explanations and stories. Do not use any curse words or profanity, except you are absolutely sure the bride and groom would not mind.
Do not talk about embarrassing moments, even if it is a touching piece of history, those moments should be left out, at least for that day. Do not talk about past relationships, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends should remain ex’s. Do not spill secrets, those should be kept.

wedding bouquet of coton with rings

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01Start your speech by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship to the bride. As a maid of honor, your assessment of the bridegroom goes a long way in people’s hearts, especially the couples.


02Say how honored you are to be at the wedding and how glad you are to be able to give your speech.


03Thank the families of the bride and groom (if applicable) for inviting all the guests.


04Include a personal element in the speech (a fond memory or joke). Do your best to add a bit of humor wherever possible, that means you can be funny but by all means do not be goofy, it makes things extremely weird.
Even if the speech is heartfelt or touching try not to sob uncontrollably while reading it. Even though you are in the story, do not make it about yourself; try to center on the couple especially the bride. Be polite against all odds, you can poke but do not cross the line. Keep it ‘clean’ so you don’t embarrass the bride.


05Offer the couple words of advice for their marriage (think about using a good quotation here).


06End your speech with the standard raising of glasses and proposing a toast (if applicable).


Good examples of maid of honor speeches:

bridesmaid bouquets of white flowers champagne

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01Good evening honored guests, I’m Linda, Sarah’s sister.
It is such a privilege to be here tonight to give my maid of honor speech. Look at this beautiful bride. I can’t believe she’s my baby sister.
Sarah, you look amazing tonight. This wedding is your dream come true, the one you’ve been talking about and planning since we were little girls. Remember when we practiced walking down the aisle? Tonight, you got to do it for you real!
To my new brother-in-law Michael, welcome to our family. We’re all so thrilled to see your love for Sarah and how much change you have brought into her life.
As the two of you embark on your journey as a married couple, I’d like to offer you some advice from Russel M Nelson, who said,

“Celebrate and commemorate each day together as a treasured gift from heaven.”

red flower dining table wedding banquet

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02I’d like to welcome all the guests attending David and Angela’s wedding.
I’m Lynne, Angela’s sister. To be honest, I had no idea what to say when I started writing my maid of honor speech.
Growing up, Angela and I argued a lot, about everything from chores, to school, to boys! But that changed as we got older, and today I have the privilege of being maid of honor to my sister the bride who is about to start a whole new life with David.
To both families, thank you for making this wedding so special. Much will be said about the wedding, but I want to share some special words marriage itself from Howard W Hunter, who wrote,

“Being happily and successfully married is generally not so much a matter of marrying the right person as it is being the right person.”

bridesmaid in purple gowns shot from their back

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

03Being a maid of honor is not all fun! When I said yes, maid of honor speeches weren’t on my mind! Saying a speech is not my strength.
Nevertheless, here I am, about to say a few words to two very special people, Bill, and Sandy. Sandy and I have been friends since kindergarten. We met on the first day and formed a friendship that has survived arguments and separations. Sandy and I got into plenty of trouble when we were kids. We spent quality time while teenagers grounded for not listening to our parents. Over the years, Sandy has remained as free-spirited and strong-willed as she ever was.
Bill, I hope you’re ready for a marriage to a woman who will keep you guessing and never let you have the same day twice! I wish both of you all the best and a marriage filled with joy and laughter. (Propose toast)

wedding banquet card of bride

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04Good evening. I’m Anne’s maid of honor and best friend.
Tonight, it’s my chance to give a speech to a very special bride and her new husband. Anne, we’ve been through a lot together. You were there for me during some very difficult times. As a friend, I cannot tell you how much I value you.
To Anne’s family, thank you for accepting me as your own. You’ve given Anne and William a beautiful wedding.
To William, I’m sure you know just how special Anne is and how lucky you are to have made her your bride.
I’d like to conclude my speech by sharing some inspirational words from Surabhi Surendra:

“A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.”

white flower wine glasses wedding banquet

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05Theresa, let me start by thanking you for giving me the privilege of being your maid of honor. You are such a beautiful bride. Saying a speech about you is easy.
Theresa is the kind of cousin everyone wants. She is loyal, kind and forgiving. My aunt and uncle have been blessed with a wonderful daughter. Thank you for giving her such a special wedding. Growing up, I thought this chance to be Theresa’s maid of honor would never happen. She was VERY picky when it came to dating, and we all thought that no man would ever meet her standards and make her his bride.
But then along came Stan, who entered Theresa’s life and changed it forever. I’m so glad for you both that you’ve met, fallen in love and decided to get married.
I wish you nothing but love, laughter, and happiness in the many years to come. (Propose toast)


bridemaids joking laughing happily

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

06The first time I met the bride we were very good enemies. Our dislike for each other was so terrible that we just could not stand each other’s presence, this went on for a long time until one day, in her good mind and out of her maturity she reached out to me when I was emotionally down.
All my other friends whom I thought I could trust and lean on in time of need deserted me, but she, the one person whom I thought was my cheerleading rival gave me a hand of help.
Since that time we have been inseparable, and now here we are. I could not have asked for a better friend. As the maid of honor I would like to propose a toast; cheers, to my best friend, my once upon a time enemy, and the loveliest bride ever I have ever seen. I wish you both the best things life has to offer.


bride sitting in the car smiling watching invitees

Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash

07Since time immemorial and for many years to come, marriage has always and will always be a beautiful reason to celebrate. There is nothing more loving to a friend than being given the opportunity to be the maid of honor in your best friends wedding. For a bride who has not always believed in fairy tales, I have just one question for her:”How does it feel to be married to your prince charming, knowing you both would live happily ever after?”
As a believer in romance and fairy tale, I have been fortunate to watch their love story unfold into the most romantic union ever. I wish your marriage loads of bliss, health, wealth and continuous laughter.


bridesmaids helping bride to wear wedding gown

Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

08I want to thank everyone who took out time to be here, to celebrate with the bride and the bridegroom on their special day. Most of you may not know me but I am the bride’s best friend. We have been friends since childhood so we are practically family.
When the bride first introduced the groom to me as her husband to be I was initially against it for all the wrong reasons, and after some time I realized that he is the kind of man every lady hopes to get married to.
He came into our family, warmed all our hearts, and we all love him, so now I am happy for her for all the right reasons. We still have a lot of drinking, eating and dancing to do. So without further ado, let us all raise our glasses as we wish them the best marriage ever.


bridesmaid touching her head thinking

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

09I have often heard people use the phrase ‘my sister from another mother’; I and the bride are a testimony to that. I am happy and lucky to have known her and to be here today. We have always been inseparable.
A lot of times I have seen brides get cold feet few days to their marriage, and I have also seen maids of honor swirl in confusion at the numerous plans they have to make for a wedding. I must confess I got to a point during the wedding preparations that I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion.
But as usual, she, the bride, steps in. I thought I was going to be the one to cheer her on but she was the one cheering me on. And I just could not help but marvel at her super strong heart. She really is a rare gem, and the bridegroom now owns this gem. I propose a toast to them, to a sweet life and to the sweet family they would make.


bridesmaid looking at camera smiling

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

10Seeing that the bride is my sister I have been honored with the maid of honor position, pun intended… (Not that I gave her a choice though.) I will try to keep this speech brief and not go overboard as I am overwhelmed with warm thoughts and teary eyes. As expected I am always protective of her, and I get emotional easily but, I promised her not to sob all through my speech so I am going to try to deliver it with a somewhat straight face.
How many of you here have ever seen true love and recognized it at first glance? Well, I for one am not so good at that but, my sister here obviously is a professional at it. According to her, she took one look at her husband and it was love all the way, and everyone here would agree with me that these two lovebirds would most definitely be celebrating their golden jubilee in a few years to come. I am very envious of their union, and I hope when I get married I can find at least half the love that she has found in her husband.



After going through this read, writing up maid of honor speeches should be a breeze. You might not be a comic or a clown but adding a bit of humor or adding a funny quote adds an air of relaxation to everyone who listens to your speech. It is obviously tough being a maid of honor, but trust yourself to have everything under control. Good luck.

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