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20+ Best Words to Describe Nurses Who Take Care of You

20+ Best Words to Describe Nurses Who Take Care of You

What would the world be like without our nurses? They are the ones who care for us while we are sick or give assistance to our older folk when we are unable to.

There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are for what nurses do. There are not enough words to describe them in general, but we sure can try.

Here are 20 words to describe nurses that have cared for you or an older relative:


11 Words to describe nurses who cared for you while you were in the hospital

If you were in the hospital for a while recovering from an illness or surgery, you would have had some contact with a nurse, or a few nurses, who helped bring you back to health and kept you company.
During that time, you would have learned some things about that nurse. When asked about the nurse, or if you want to write him/her a card, then you will need to use creative words to describe nurses.
Here are 11 words to describe nurses who took care of you:

An attentive person pays close attention to things and who is always on alert.
Being attentive is a very important quality for nurses to have, especially when dealing with patients who are gravely ill or in a critical condition.
This is a good word to use if you have been in that situation or simply because the nurse ensured that you were always doing well.
“When I broke my jaw in that terrible accident, I wasn’t able to communicate with people for a while, but Nurse Jasmine was very attentive to my needs so that it wasn’t a problem.”


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When you are in the hospital, you will need to be taken care of by someone who has a passion for helping others, someone who is kind, and someone who will look out for you like you are a family member or close friend.
“I’ve always heard bad stories about neglect in a private care facility, but I never had that experience with my nurses. They were so caring and gracious that I felt like a part of their family.”


An empathetic person will show concern for others and try to understand what they are going through.
This is a good word to describe nurses because they will have to understand what their patients are going through to do their jobs well.
“Nurse Jasmine was emphatic towards my condition when I went through my 3rd miscarriage. She helped make me feel so much better.”


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Hospitals can quickly become gloomy and boring, especially since most people who are there are also sick. What’s there to smile about? That’s where energetic nurses come in.
Energetic nurses are like rays of sunshine in a bad situation. They can bring laughter and joy into the lives of their patients. They can boost morale, confidence, moods, and overall hope for patients.
“I would’ve gone crazy during those two weeks at the hospital without those energetic nurses. They were like a breath of fresh air.”


Nurses need to be friendly to help them communicate with their patients and find out how they can be of service. Nurses also need to be friendly to help lift the moods of their patients and cheer up concerned families.
A friendly nurse is always kind and pleasant. A friendly nurse will also engage you and others in conversation.
“Not being able to have friends and family visit you in the hospital is a real bummer, but the nurses were so friendly that I hardly noticed the difference.”


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Being a nurse isn’t only about changing bedpans and smiling at patients. Nurses also need to be knowledgeable and well-informed.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who always knows the state of your condition and/or progress. Nurses always know a great deal about handling patients, such as yourself.
“Thanks to Nurse Kevin I learned more about living with diabetes, such as the things I can do to save myself from needing trips to the hospital. She was very knowledgeable on the topic, and she helped make me feel more comfortable over time.”


No matter how bad the situation may be, no one likes to have information kept from him/her. Honesty is one of the best policies in nursing, and it will help patients and doctors to place trust in them.
Honest nurses will let you know what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what effect it may have. They will also answer any questions truthfully and to the best of their ability.
“I knew my situation was dire, so I am glad that I had an honest nurse who always kept it real with me.”


An optimistic nurse is hopeful or positive about the future, even if a patient is being negative or has lost hope. This is a good quality to have because it can lift spirits and reduce stress, even if it is temporary.
You can use this word with a nurse who is always bubbly and tries to keep you cheerful while you are at the hospital. Here’s how you can use it:
“I wish all nurses were like Nurse Bailey. His optimistic outlook could make the worst situation seem okay.”


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A sensitive nurse will consider a patient’s feelings while trying his/her best to keep the patient’s spirits high. A sensitive nurse will think before he/she speaks.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who was able to get you through a tough time.
“I was a wreck when I was admitted to the hospital, but the nurses were sensitive to my situation. They gave me the support and care that I needed to recover both physically and mentally.”



A thoughtful nurse is considerate and does things that will benefit the patient or family member. Something as simple as being quiet when she comes in to change the bedpan or leaving the remote in arm’s reach of the patient can help make a stay at the hospital less dreadful.
This is a good word to use because it will show the nurse that you have noticed what he/she has done for you and that you appreciate it. This is one way you can use this word to describe that particular nurse:
“I told Nurse Candice that chocolate was my favorite flavor of pudding, so every day, she would ensure that it was in my meal tray. She was so thoughtful!”


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Being a nurse is hard, and anyone who does it has to be willing to go the extra mile for patients. This includes working long hours and going above and beyond to give their patients the best care possible, even if the patients are being difficult.
A willing nurse is always prepared to do the job well, and he/she will do so without complaining.
“I know it must be quite the task to care for someone who is unable to do anything for him/herself, but Nurse Danielle  was always so willing to help others. I will never forget her.”


11 Words to describe nurses who cared for your parents or older relatives at a nursing home

If you have a parent or relative who lived in a nursing home for a while, then you’ve probably met the nurses who took care of him/her.
These nurses were there with your loved one every day, and they are the reasons why your family member could live out the rest of their days comfortably in the company of others.
Here are 11 words to describe nurses who cared for your parents or older relatives at a nursing home:

A compassionate nurse will show great concern for the patient or ward. He/she will show sympathy whenever anything bad happens.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who is kind and understanding with your parent or relative. It shows you know that the nurse loves caring for others.
“My mother’s compassionate nurse helped her get through the pain.”


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A dedicated nurse is devoted to the job. He/she will care for others to the best of his/her ability, and he/she will do whatever it takes to make his/her patient comfortable and happy.
It is one of the best words to describe nurses when you are giving them a card or giving them a compliment in person. It shows that their hard work is not going unnoticed. Here’s one way that you can say it:
“I wish all nurses were as dedicated as you were.”


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A dependable nurse is someone you can always count on. If anything happens, you know he/she will call and keep you updated. You can rely on him/her to give your parents or relatives the best possible care. You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are in good hands.
“Nurse Powell is totally dependable. I can call him at any time, and he will put whatever he is doing aside to help out with my dad.””


A kind person is naturally loving, caring, and giving, even without the promise of compensation.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who is tender-hearted and does his/her utmost to meet every patient’s needs.
“My mother cherished Nurse Nancy because she was so kind and thoughtful.”



An intuitive person can sense things about others, and they can sense things about their surroundings that others might not.
This is a key quality for a nurse to possess because he/she will be able to tell when something is wrong with a patient, especially one who can’t communicate with words.
This is a good word to use when the nurse has helped save someone’s life by sensing something was wrong or off.
“Nurse Hera was the perfect caregiver for my uncle because she was naturally intuitive and aware.”


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An observant person notices things quickly.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who is aware of his/her patients.
“Had Nurse Robin  not been so observant, I don’t think my father would still be here with us today.”


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Dealing with older folks requires an extra ounce of patience, especially when they are unable to do things themselves or have some form of mental illness.
It is a good way to describe a nurse who doesn’t get upset when he/she has to put extra effort into doing his/her job.
“I know my grandpa can be a handful, especially when he is having an episode, but Nurse Lewis is always patient with him.”


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A polite person is respectful towards others and is considerate.
Nurses who have to deal with difficult patients every single day, and still remain polite to them, deserve a medal.
It’s not easy to smile after working long hours, missing lunch, or having to clean up poop for the 5th time that day. Regardless of how the day went, they manage to do it while being polite.
“Nurse Gregory is always welcoming and polite whenever I go to visit my great aunt.”


Professional nurses are qualified for their job, and they often show that they are very competent in these roles.
Professional nurses act in a way that is befitting to their profession, meaning they are always courteous, respectful, reliable and civil.
This is a good way to describe a nurse who behaves professionally in the face of tough situations and who handles things calmly.
“I’m glad my dad was assigned Nurse Joanne . She is the most professional nurse we have ever known.”


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Having to put a loved one in a nursing home is a tough decision, especially when you know you are not capable of giving the person the care and attention he/she will need. A good nurse understands this, and he/she will always be supportive.
This means that he/she will offer emotional help and guidance while giving meaningful advice when necessary to you and your family members.
“I hated not being able to care for my mom when she needed me, but the nurses at St. Jude’s were so supportive that I felt much better knowing she was in their good hands.”


A trustworthy nurse is truthful and reliable. He/she is competent and can be counted on to take care of patients well while treating them fairly at all times.
It is a good way to describe a nurse who treats your parent/relative like his/her own family and who always tends to the needs of others.
“I had no problem leaving my grandmother with Nurse Simon. He is very trustworthy and reliable.”



With these words to describe nurses, you can show the nurses how you feel and express your feelings about them to others. You can use these words and phrases in thank you cards, in a text, or in social media posts online. Not to mention, you can give the message in person, which is the most meaningful way to do it.