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36 Sweet Birthday Wishes for Twins from Parents & Friends

36 Sweet Birthday Wishes for Twins from Parents & Friends

Though there are two of them, twins are unique in their own special way, and on their birthday, we should let them know that! Birthday wishes for twins are not much different from regular birthday wishes, the only difference is that they are for two people.

Here are 36 examples of sweet birthday wishes for twins from parents and friends:


Wises for Twin Girls from Parents

If you have twin girls, here are 8 birthday wishes for twins that are sure to make them feel special:

01Happy Birthday to my beautiful twin girls. You have brought my life immeasurable joy.


happy father and children twins cuddle snow forest
Photo by Eugene Kukulka on Reshot


02Even though you are identical, you are both beautiful in your own ways. Happy birthday to my beautiful twin girls.


03Girls are better at everything, and I have two of the smartest, most gorgeous twin girls to prove it. Happy Birthday girls!


04Watching you guys grow into the kindhearted and brilliant young ladies you have become moves me to tears every year. Happy Birthday from dad.



05To Bailey and Hailey: Happy Birthday to the world’s best twin girls. I am so proud to be your mommy!


06Even though you guys are so much alike, you are so different at the same time. I am just happy to have been able to raise two strong, independent women. Happy Birthday twins!


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07Today is the day where we celebrate two young women becoming adults, and though you look the same, I know you guys will both contribute to society in your own individual ways.


08I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my amazing twin girls. I know you guys will have a blast today because you girls have always been able to make the best out of everything for each other.


Birthday Wishes for Twin Boy from Parents

Here are 5 happy birthday wishes for twins that will let them know how much you love being their parents:

09Your dad was hoping for a boy, and instead, he got two. Now, it’s always going to be 3 against one. Happy Birthday sons!


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10Happy Birthday to my handsome twin sons. Every time I look at you, I am reminded of your father and I know you guys will grow up to become as great as a man as he was.


11I thought the miracle was giving birth to you guys, but the true miracle was handling all the stress and cuts and bruises over the years. I loved every minute of it! Happy Birthday boys.


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12I am so lucky to have been blessed with two boys. Happy birthday twins!


13Happy birthday to my two naughty sons! I love you guys both so much.



Birthday Wishes for Twin Boy & Girl from Parents

If you have a twin boy and girl, then you are very lucky because you have the best of both worlds! Here are 5 birthday wishes for twins.

14Your mom and I went back and forth over what gender our baby would be, so you can just imagine our surprise and delight when we found out we would get one of each! Happy Birthday twins. Mommy and Daddy love you.


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15Being the parents of twins is not something you can plan for, but over the years we realized just how lucky we were to get a son and daughter at the same time. Happy Birthday kids!


16Happy Birthday to my twin son and daughter. We are twice as blessed and twice as grateful that you guys came into our lives.


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17It is such a relief that we can celebrate your birthdays on the same day. Happy Birthday Twinsies.


18Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and birthday girl. Your mom and dad love you.



Birthday Wishes for Twin Girl from Friends

Having twin girls as friends is like having a best friend, but twice! Here are 8 birthday wishes for twins that are girls:

19Having two awesome girls like you in my corner means the world to me. Happy Birthday Girls! You deserve to have an amazing birthday.


two girls wearing white pink top hat
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20Sending the best birthday wishes to my two best friends who just happen to be twin sisters! I can’t wait to turn up with you guys later!


21Happy Birthday girlies! I am glad to be able to call you my friends because you always make everything more fun.


22Even though it is hard to tell you guys apart, because you look so much alike, I just wanted you to know that you each mean something incredibly special to me. Happy Birthday Twins!



23Today is a special day for the most beautiful twin girls I know. I just wanted to send my best wishes and tell you guys to have a Happy Birthday.


24You are by far the most adorable twins I have ever seen, each unique in her own way. Happy Birthday ladies!


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25You twins are my best friends in the whole wide world so all I want for you guys is a Happy Birthday!


26I am so glad that I got to share the most amazing moments with two of the nicest girls I know. Happy cake day guys!


Birthday Wishes for Twin Boy from Friends

To tell your favorite twin boys Happy Birthday, use any one of these 5 birthday wishes for twins:

27Happy Birthday to the world’s funniest twin boys. I always know that I will have a good time when you guys come around and today is your day to have fun!


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28A double happy birthday to my favorite twin boys. You guys are the best friends a guy could ever ask for.


29You guys are always a pleasure to be around so you deserve to have the very best birthday ever!


30I couldn’t let this day pass without letting you guys know how much I love and appreciate having you guys as close friends. Happy Birthday to my twin brothers from another mother!


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31Happy Birthday Twins! I love and adore each of you the same.


Birthday wishes for twin boy & girl from friends

Being friends with a twin boy and girl is great. These 5, birthday wishes for twins, will let them know that.

32Being a twin brother and sister is probably like having another version of yourself. At least, that’s how I see you guys. Happy Birthday Twins!


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33Happy Birthday to the best twin boy and girl I know. I hope you guys have a great time today.


34In a way, it is much better to be friends with a twin boy and girl because it’s like having both a brother and a sister. You guys mean the world to me and I am glad that I can call you my close friends.



35Everyone who comes around you is glad they met you and I feel the very same way. Happy Birthday Jessie and James.


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36Best wishes to my favorite twin boy and girl. You guys deserve to have a great day today and on all your other birthdays together.



The best part about these birthday wishes for twins is that they can be bent and twisted into whatever way you want to make the twins feel special on their big day. Which birthday wishes for twins will you be sending?