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30 Eggs-cellent Easter Greetings for Friends and Family

30 Eggs-cellent Easter Greetings for Friends and Family

Happy Easter! On this day, millions of people around the world eat their chocolate eggs, go to Church and celebrate together.

This lovely holiday is all about spending time with your family and valuing one another. To make Easter even more memorable, we’ve compiled a list of 30 Easter greetings for your friends and family.


The best Easter Greetings for your friends and family


01I hope this blessed Easter holiday brings you and your family everything you want. From health to love, you deserve it all. God bless you and happy Easter!


Photo by J Carter under Pexels License


02I’m sending you all the hugs and kisses you can possibly imagine! All your wishes and hopes are bound to become a reality. I’m sending you my Easter greetings and wish you and your family a happy and carefree Easter!


03Happy Easter, dear! I hope this wonderful holiday fills your already beautiful home with peace, happiness and lots and lots of colorful eggs! May you win all the egg hunts and come home full of delicious chocolate! Bless you!


04Easter is the time for new beginnings and forgetting about all the bad things from the past. Use all the love and positive energy to make sure your life takes a turn for the better. Spread love (and chocolate eggs on this blessed day! Happy Easter to you and your family!)


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05Easter isn’t just about love and family. What’s love and family without a big basket of chocolate eggs? I hope you see the bunny! Happy Easter, dear!


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06On this day, may your heart be filled with hope that will never stop shining! Let the joy of this day continue onwards for the rest of your life. Here’s wishing you a very happy Easter, one that will be remembered for a long, long time!


07I hope this year’s Easter brings you lots of colorful eggs, candy and chocolate bunnies for your entire family. A full basket and a full heart make the recipe for a very happy Easter! Bless you and your loved ones!


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Easter greetings with a more religious theme


08May the risen Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family with an abundance of joy, success, and unity. Use this day to bring glory to the Lord and the ultimate sacrifice he made for humankind. Happy Easter!


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09Rejoice for the savior Jesus Christ has risen. Spread joy amongst each other and remind those around you about the meaning of family and unity. God bless you and happy Easter!


10Easter is not just a holiday. It’s a day where God reminds us that every day is a blessing. It shows us the importance of believing in one another and the glory of God. Hope is always present; we just have to work a little harder to find it sometimes. That little bit of hard work is what teaches us to be better people. With that in mind, I wish you a happy Easter and all the blessing in the world!


Photo by Ben White under Unsplash License


11Rejoice and be thankful because the promise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave has been fulfilled. He has risen and refused to abandon his kin. He died for our sins, so don’t be sad – celebrate his life and deeds with your family, chocolate eggs and the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter to one and all.



12Today is the day when we rejoice and sing praises to our Lord. His son, Jesus Christ has died for our sins, making the ultimate sacrifice for all of humankind. In his glory, I wish you a happy holiday and send you lots of Easter greetings straight from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and your family!


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13Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. The Lord is generous and always gives us a second chance. His blessings are plentiful, and I send them to you. May this Easter holiday be the day when you’re showed the truth you need to accomplish the goals you desire. Beauty, joy, and learning await you. Happy Easter!


14Easter teaches us what faith really is and how to appreciate the feeling we get when the Lord blesses us.


15May the Lord bestow happiness and blessings upon your home this year and every other year. Happy Easter!


Photo by sathyatripodi under Pixabay License


16Wishing you and everyone around you a very happy Easter. Use this day to appreciate the love in your life and reflect upon all its blessings.


17May hope and faith enter your life as you witness the spirit of God on this happy Easter day. Use Easter to be thankful.


18Today, we realize that the personification of love is God himself. Let’s join together and use Jesus Christ as a shining example of how to live our lives. Embrace the positivity and let go of everything that is an obstacle in your life. Happy Easter!


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz under Unsplash License


19Through the sacrifice of the Holy Lamb, we become reborn in purity. I wish you all joy and hope, happy Easter to you and your family!


20Rejoice because Jesus Christ has risen. He is with us once again, ready to stand by his kin and bring unity to everyone on this planet. I wish you a Happy Easter and an even happier year. Everything you wish for can become true. Just believe in it.


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21As the flower opens, the world sees a new epoch. Our Lord Jesus Christ has risen. Happy Easter everyone!


22May the Lord shower you with blessings and make each of your days memorable. Happy Easter, spend it with those who mean the most to you.



23The mystery of Easter is repeated in every newborn baby and every leaf that grows larger every day. Pay respects to those around you and keep God with you at all times.


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Funny Easter greetings for family and friends


24Spring is here, so be careful and don’t risk overdosing on some chocolate bunnies. Happy Easter and stay safe!


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25Easter is a favorite holiday of mine. You can eat as much chocolate as you like, with the excuse that the holidays call for a special diet. Happy Easter and don’t go easy on the candy bars!


26We happily enjoy a little spring rain while waiting for the sunshine that follows. We act stoic and manage heartaches to enjoy the lip-smacking Easter candy! This Spring, all the rain will be worth it when we feel sunshine on our skin. However, you will also feel those chocolate bunnies if you don’t stop eating them on time. Stay safe and don’t overdose on chocolate. Happy Easter!


27Happy Easter! May you bask in the chocolate, enjoy the bunnies and gain a few pounds from all the delicious sweets this Easter.


28Like I hope that there will still be chocolate bunnies when I get home! Happy Easter!


Photo by Efraimstochter under Pixabay License


29Chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks make us happy for a while. Love makes us happy always. I love you. Happy Easter!


30Don’t hide chocolate bunnies from your in-laws this time! Sharing is caring! Happy Easter!


May you have a most pleasant Easter with your friends and family. These Easter greetings might not seem like much, but they are a great way to show your friends and family you love them.

Use this lovely day to relax and reconnect with those who mean the most to you using these Easter greetings. Happy Easter!