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5 Sentimental Examples of a “Miss You, Dad” Message from a Daughter

5 Sentimental Examples of a “Miss You, Dad” Message from a Daughter

Our condolences on losing your father. We know you must miss him very much.

Father’s Day or his birthday may be different to what you once knew. Dealing with that longing isn’t easy, but talking about your feelings should help. Why not take this opportunity to share a special message with your dad in Heaven?

These “Miss you, Dad” messages from daughters are all about expressing how daddy’s little girl feels about missing her dad in Heaven on a special occasion.


A “Miss you, Dad” Message from a Daughter: How Grief Changed My World Forever

worried young indian arabic woman sitting on couchPhoto by fizkes on shutterstock


01“No one talks about the impact losing a father at a young age has on his daughter.
One day I was happy, without a care in the world, the next, the most important person in my life was gone. My childhood ended because of grief and for a very long time, I was in a dark space.
Colors didn’t look as vibrant anymore, the birds no longer chirped and I couldn’t find enjoyment in anything. I’d bury myself in tasks every Father’s Day to not have to think about what happened.
Everyone knows I’m daddy’s little girl, and it’s been that way from the start. I love how we used to go on little dates every week to catch up, even when I moved out.
Remember how much fun we had bowling the weekend before you passed? It was one of the happiest nights of my life.
Then, everything came shattering down when I got that horrible phone call. It’s like all the oxygen got sucked out of the room and I could barely breathe.
My best friend was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it but reflect on our bond and tell myself that everyone has to go someday.
Everyone else has pretty much moved on and they seem to be doing well. Mom’s talking to some new man, and she deserves to be happy, but I’m not ready for that yet.
I fought hard to keep your workshop, but Danny needs somewhere for his gaming setup and they basically tossed out all your stuff. My therapist says that’s a part of the healing process and I shouldn’t fault them for that, so I don’t.
It hasn’t been easy without you here and I wish I could keep things just the way they were, but I can’t. I miss you, Dad, each and every day, but especially today.
Happy Father’s Day in Heaven, Dad.”
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This is a good example to use when you want to reflect on the bond you shared with your dad, as well as your favorite memories together. Because people move on at their own pace, it’s natural to feel like some things are moving fast.
This message contrasts intense feelings of grief with other ways people cope and explains how life and the family dynamic have changed since his passing. If you post the message on social media, channel your grief into a video compilation of your favorite moments with your dad and the rest of the family.

A “Miss you, Dad” Message from a Daughter: Honoring the Legacy of an Amazing Father

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02“I’m so glad you were my dad. If I had to choose, you’d be my dad in every lifetime.
My favorite thing about you was your determination. You were always looking for the next project to tackle, and found new and interesting ways to make our lives easier.
It wasn’t all about the material things. You took time out of your busy agenda to get to know me and all my quirks.
I miss how serious you were about me doing well in school and how you pushed me to succeed in everything I did. I also miss how hard you were on me when I messed up and you showed me how to excel in a man’s world. I really appreciate all those times you took me to the office and let me watch you work your magic.
I still made the Honor Roll every year after that, and just last semester, I took my science team all the way to the finals!
I love and miss you so much, Dad. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day.”
#MissYouDad #GoneButNeverForgotten #DaddysGirl


Happy father hugging daughter beach


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A good father is something to celebrate as many people are not fortunate enough to have that experience with their own father. Talk about all the things you love about your dad, and go into detail about how he impacted you.
If you post the message on social media, post it with a compilation of your dad’s achievements, hobbies and anything you think made him who he was. 


A “Miss you, Dad” Message from a Daughter: My biggest regret

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03“If I knew I would lose you so suddenly to a careless drunk driver, I would’ve stayed in the country to cherish our last moments together. I didn’t need to leave for university so soon, and at the very least, I would have got to say goodbye to you at the hospital.
I’m glad you were surrounded by other loved ones in your final moments so you wouldn’t be alone. I was told that the hospital had them going in shifts because there were so many people.
You touched the lives of so many during your time as a family-man, teacher and a well-respected member of the community. I hope that one day I’ll have the same kind of impact on people.
My biggest regret is not being by your side as you crossed over. I tell myself you’re up in Heaven with other dads looking down on their daughters and keeping them safe.
I tell myself the pain and trauma are gone, and you’re finally free to do whatever you please. I hope you’re doing something special for your birthday in Heaven.
Happy Birthday, Dad, from your princess. Have fun up there.”
#DadinHeaven #HappyBirthdayDad #MissYou


Surprise for daddy afro american kid postcard heart covering his eyes


Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock

Use this when your dad went to Heaven and is finally at rest after dealing with a traumatic event. It’s good to use when you don’t want to get too deep into your own trauma of losing him, but you want to highlight the love and support he’d gotten because of the type of person he was.
If you want to post the message on social media, upload your most recent photo or video with your dad when posting it. It’s what he looks like now up in Heaven, and it will help you to visualize him smiling down at you. Don’t post a picture of the traumatic event or him in the hospital. This can be triggering to other family and friends.

A “Miss you, Dad” Message from a Daughter: Remembering the Good Times With Dad

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04“Today’s one of those tougher days because I know deep in my heart that I’m supposed to be celebrating with you. Sneaking around with Mom to come up with a Father’s Day idea to top all the other years was my favorite part.
You’d never suspect a thing, and our missions brought us closer together as a family. My favorite surprise was getting you those tickets to the Lakers game.
I remember how much you loved football and how much you’d torture us to watch the game when it came on. Do you remember the sloppy joes Mom would make at the end?
It feels like it was just yesterday we were playing rock, paper, scissors to see who’d do the dishes. I miss you, Dad, deeply, and so does Mom.
She’s not coping well and neither am I, but you always told us that if we stick together, we can get through anything as a family. We can’t plan an elaborate surprise this year, but we can still celebrate you for the type of father you were.
Happy Father’s Day in Heaven. Miss you, Dad.”
#Mom #Dad #FathersDayinHeaven #Missyou


Happy Family Playing Soccer In Park Together


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This message expresses how your life has changed since your dad passed. Father’s Day has always been a big celebration in your household, and something feels achingly missing because of how much you love him.
If you post the message on social media, you can post it with your favorite picture of you, your mom and your dad. 


A “Miss you, Dad” Message from a Daughter: When Missing My Dad Becomes Too Much

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05“Most nights, I fall asleep wondering what life would be like if you were still here. Would certain things have played out the same way, or would you work your magic and make all the bad disappear?
If you were still here, I wouldn’t be so sad all the time because nobody can keep a straight face around you. If I could sum you up in one word, it would be entertainer because you always kept everyone in a good mood with your college stories and dad jokes.
At our last family reunion, you told the story of how you got in trouble with your parents after sneaking out to visit Mom. I remember laughing so hard, and I can’t remember the last time we all laughed like that. We all miss you, Dad, and we want you back.”
#MissingYou #ComeBackDad #Heartbroken


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Use this message to highlight the bond you had with your dad and how much your life has changed since he’s been gone. If you post the message on social media, you can post your last photo with your dad.


No matter how much time has passed since your dad’s passing, the pain of missing him never really goes away. We understand that it’s not easy to cope with his absence on special occasions like Father’s Day and his birthday.
Talking about your feelings could ease some of the burden. Explore the ideas in our handpicked “Miss you, Dad” examples for inspiration and guidance as you search for the right words to express your longing for your dad.


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