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A Fun-Filled Celebration: 8 Maid of Honor Speeches for Your Big Sister’s Wedding

A Fun-Filled Celebration: 8 Maid of Honor Speeches for Your Big Sister’s Wedding

It’s a BIG day for your big sister and the task of the maid of honor speech falls to you. She’s expecting a lot from you, so pay close attention to these funny maid of honor speech examples when writing your own.
This is a celebration, so bring your funny with you. Be prepared to make your maid of honor speech one of the highlights of her night and a memorable moment for everyone.
Leave the tear-jerking speeches to your mom and dad. Humor is always welcomed at a wedding, and if you’re known as the entertainer in your family, everyone will have high hopes for all the funny things you have to say.
Once you follow these ideas and rules we’ve outlined for your maid of honor speech, you’ll be able to channel your inner Kevin Hart. Check out the funny maid of honor speech examples we’ve gathered for you.


What you should include in your funny maid of honor speech

Before you get into your speech, you might want to let everyone know who you are. The MC will likely introduce you as the maid of honor, but some people, especially the groom’s side of the family, may not have a clue who you are.
Your name and relationship are enough- you don’t have to go into details about yourself. Once you do that, use these ideas to help write your funny maid of honor speech:

01Talk about how close you are to your big sister using funny or quirky memories. Jokingly talk about aspects of her personality that she may not show to everyone using stories or hint at them. Just make sure to avoid anything that can embarrass her and don’t tell inside jokes.


01 younger sister closed her elder sisters playing with leaves
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02What did you think about the groom when you met him? Do you have any funny stories about the bride and groom together? Many funny maid of honor speech examples include first impressions about the bride or groom.


03Share why you think the bride and groom make a great match using a funny story or experience.


03 funny couple glasses gesturing lying upsidedown

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04Give the couple advice from your own experience with marriage, or, if you’re not married, wish them a happy and successful marriage.


05If you’re cool with your family or that of the groom, share a joke about them. Some funny maid of honor speech examples talk about why either family thinks you’re a bad influence or the speech mentions how the maid of honor didn’t like the groom at first.


06Compliment the wedding, whether you like the food, the bride’s dress, the bridal party dresses, the decor, etc.
Most funny maid of honor speech examples end on a humorous note before offering a toast to the bride and groom. The toast should be on a more serious note, like well wishes or a quote about marriage and love.



What you should consider when making your funny maid of honor speech

The purpose of a maid of honor speech is to lighten the mood, share intimate memories and express your hopes for the new couple. The one thing you never want to do is make the speech about yourself, and you definitely need to stay sober for it.
This is their moment and you’re there to offer support and encouragement, nothing else. With that being said, let’s talk about a few more things you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to making a maid of honor speech:

01Make eye contact with confidence
Make sure you write down what you want to say before the wedding. Cue cards come in handy, but you shouldn’t be looking at them the entire time.
They’re there to help you keep track of what you’re saying, especially because you’ll be too nervous or excited to remember the entire speech on the spot. Eye contact is important, especially with the people the speech is dedicated to.


01 corporate businesswoman wearing office suit serious pointing eyes
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02Keep it under 3 minutes long
Your speech shouldn’t be too long. If we speak about 130-150 words per minute in English, use that as a guide to try to keep your speech under 3 minutes long.
Other people need a chance to speak and you don’t have all day. You could always write a personal letter to the bride and groom to say the things you won’t get to say at the wedding.


03Be appropriate and keep it PG
Because this is your big sister’s day, you don’t want to do anything to upstage her and you especially don’t want her to feel embarrassed by your jokes. Keep it PG and be mindful of how the audience will react.


04Keep it as short as possible if you are a crier
For God’s sake, if you know you’re a crier, keep it short. Don’t steal your big sister’s thunder by crying uncontrollably and making a scene.
Keep it together and get to the point. A few sobs are fine and completely natural, but if you know you’re not a good speaker, you can pre-record your speech and show it as a video.


04 bride tears of happiness wedding day

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05Your tone can be lighthearted but not disrespectful
Your tone’s very important. It should be obvious that you’re making jokes, but it shouldn’t seem like you’re making a mockery of the occasion.


8 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples for Your Big Sister’s Wedding

cheerful bride beach sister wedding

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Now that we’ve covered the things you should include and avoid when making your speech, it’s time to look at actual funny maid of honor speech examples.
These are real-life funny maid of honor speech examples of what other maids of honor have had to say at their big sister’s wedding, and hopefully they will help you write your own speeches:

2 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples of How Close You and Your Big Sister Are


01Share the power of your big sister with the invitees
“Alexa’s more than my big sis. She is my best friend in the entire world.
I’ve looked up to her my whole life and she’s taught me everything I know. She taught me how to stand up for myself in middle school when those bullies kept antagonizing me.
She taught me to wipe my tears when Luke Walters broke my heart and to learn from every setback. I’ve seen her walk the walk and develop into a woman every young girl should aspire to be like. With a big sister like her, seriously, it’s better than being a princess.
Everyone in our family knows Alexa is the smart one: talk about being the black sheep of the family, they remind me every single chance they get. It’s ok though, I’m not holding it against them because they’re right, she is the smart one.
So when she brought this man here home to us, we trusted her decision. It all panned out and Jonas is a regular guest at the house. He’s such a kind, gracious and wonderful person.
We got used to them being there, but now that they’re married, they’ll be moving out. We’ll all miss having them around, but we’re excited to see where this once-in-a-lifetime romance goes.
Raise your glasses to two of my favorite people in the world. Alexa, Jonas, all the best.”


newmarried couple guests enjoy themselves banquet

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This is a great way to talk about how close you are to your sister, as well as how the rest of the family feels about her husband and makes a little joke about how they feel about you as well.
As usual, it sends the couple your well wishes and shows unmistakable support for their marriage, and is something you’ll notice in most funny maid of honor speech examples you come across. 


02Share a funny and silly thing you have done to the couple
“You guys look amazing up there. I knew the wedding was going to be breathtaking, but looking at you right now, I’m trying so hard not to get choked up. My big sister is getting married to a man she loves and who loves her, and words can’t describe how happy I am for you.
This speech has been hard for me to write and even harder to deliver, so bear with me.
I didn’t get to know Jason all that well until I found out they were serious about their relationship. By that time, I was in full-on stalk mode to find out who this guy was and what he was doing with my sister.
Admit it, we’ve all lurked before, whether it’s somebody we have a crush on or someone that’s dealing with someone we care about like a best friend or sister. For me, Christina is both my best friend and big sister, so you know I had no choice.
Fast forward to me finding his social media and scrolling through his life. Instagram, clean. Facebook, clean. Tiktok, can’t find. Twitter, I’m not one to judge.
Then I found his LinkedIn. This is at about 2am and my sister called me.
Turns out LinkedIn shows when someone views the profile. Lesson learnt! I heard them laughing in the background, and now, every time I see them they find some way to bring it up. Dammit!
At least you guys know that if you ever need to dig up some dirt on someone, you know who not to call. Here’s to an awkward beginning, and a fresh start to the gracious and wonderful couple, Mr. and Mrs. Houston.”

Use this when the wedding venue looks great and the couple looks great in their garments. It talks about how real the moment is for you, especially because you realized early on that they were a good fit. It gives a hint about how the relationship between you and your brother-in-law is developing without making it seem like there was any malice between you.


2 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples about How You Are Looking Forward to Their Children


03A fun maid of honor speech by the cool aunt-to-be
“What do you think they’ll be having first? A boy or a girl?
Well, I want a niece, no pressure. Chris, that means you gotta start putting in work early because a Christmas baby is super special.
The only thing you’ll have to worry about is prying your little angel out of your aunt’s hands. I know Mom and Dad might get a little worried about that, but I promise I’m not that bad.
Kids need cool aunts, right? And I must speak things into existence.
In all seriousness though, I’m so proud of you guys for finally tying the knot. I’ve watched you both grow in your own way since you’ve been together, and you are truly at that place where you’re ready for a lifelong commitment.
Because I’m not married and I suck at relationships, all I can really say for advice is to have fun. At the end of the day, making beautiful memories is what it’s all about.
When you look back at how you spent your life, you should be glad you chose each other and you should be pleased with the lives you’ve made for yourselves. All the best to the happy couple, and thanks for throwing this rocking party.
I haven’t had this much fun in ages! Thanks to the free-flowing Prosecco for making this speech possible. Please raise your glasses and join me in a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur.”


aunt niece clap together hands surrounded pillows
Photo by IVASHstudio on shutterstock

This makes fun about you being the wild child of the family compared to how your sister is viewed by them. It also shares some touching advice the couple can use throughout their marriage to create an even stronger and more long-lasting bond.

04Compliment the couple on their wedding and show excitement to be an aunt
“Aren’t you happy you RSVP’d? I sure am.
Even though I’m her little sister and maid of honor, and I sorta had to come, I’m so glad I did. Who would’ve wanted to miss having a good time on a Wednesday with all your favorite cousins?
I still can’t believe my big sis is getting married. It’s a very special day for all of us, especially my parents who’ve been dying to get us out of the house.
This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to and Dave, you hit the jackpot with this one. I watched her lose a heap of weight to look that tiny in her dress. Such a perfectionist!
Have you ever seen a more strikingly beautiful bride? I promise I’m not just saying that because we basically look like twins.
The suit? Snazzy, and the cake looks amazing. I really can’t wait for your baby shower. I’m so eager to be the aunt of your beautiful and smart children who will have Jenny’s eyes and Dave’s common sense.
Love is something many of us have earned from the moment we were born. The problem is finding the right match.
These two have accomplished something amazing by seeing the good and the bad in each other and promising to stick by each other’s side through life’s storms. Let’s raise our glasses to Mr. and Mrs. Richards.”

Use this speech to give your sister compliments about how the wedding turned out. This is one of our funny maid of honor speech examples that talk specifically about the way the bride and groom are dressed and says you’re enjoying the celebration of your big sister and the groom.
It’s also a good way to talk about how excited your sister was about the wedding and how dedicated she was to fitting into her dress so everything can be perfect. It also mentions how you are looking forward to being the aunt of their babies.


2 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples of How the Groom Will Take Care of Your Big Sister


05Share how the groom transformed the bride’s life
“Most people see my big sister as this super serious, no-nonsense person, and I doubt some of her employees have ever seen her crack a smile. We all know you’re the boss, but we’ve noticed how Michael brings out your wild side.
You should’ve seen her let loose at the bachelorette party last weekend. I’ve never seen her be her true self in public before and that’s how I could tell he’s a good match.
Thanks for showing her that she doesn’t have to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, at least not alone. Since you’ve been by her side, she’s become more vulnerable and finally let her hair down.
Her spark left when our dad passed, and for the first time in a very long time, you managed to reignite her flame. Our family will always be grateful to you for the impact you’ve had on our beloved Julia.
The smile she has when she talks about you is something we haven’t seen in a while. I’m so happy she finally found her best friend and someone to love her the way she deserves.
I know in my heart you’ll be around for a very long time. Welcome to the family bro.
A toast to the newlyweds. Mr. and Mrs. Watson, I wish you well on this new journey.”


groom helps bride to put on shoes

Photo by Dontree_M on shutterstock

This is a good way to give everyone a glimpse of your sister’s true personality and the impact being with her husband has had on her. It says he complements her well and is the right type of man to help her see who she truly is and can be.

06Gaze in awe at the groom’s affectionate demeanor towards the bride
“To tell you the truth, I was so confused about what my big sis saw in you. The two of you seemed like two opposite ends of the spectrum.
Uncle Marty and I had a little bet going about how long this would last. Let’s just say I thought I knew Jenna better than that.
It wasn’t until I really sat and watched how you interacted with each other to realize the universe made you for each other. You were patient with each other and kind, and the way you looked at her was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
I loved the way you listened to my sister and desperately wanted her to know how crazy hot she was. I admired how you saw her as an equal and not just a girl you really liked.
Respect is important in a relationship, now that she’s your wife, continue to encourage her to be great.
Cherish her, love her, and treat her right. I’m counting on you.
Bottoms up everyone!”

This is a funny way to talk about what the family thought about the groom and the relationship in the beginning, as well as how your impression of him changed over time. It shares important advice about the key to a successful marriage and shows your support for their union.


2 Maid of Honor Speech Examples of Providing Sage Advice on the Marriage Journey Ahead for the Newlyweds


07Ask the couple to foster a solid foundation for lasting love
“Let me start by saying thank you to my favorite people in the world here tonight. Bartender?
Where are you? You’re doing great, thank you for making those berry rose mojitos which taste like heaven. Now back to the happy couple.
Do you know what I love about Ryan? He always keeps a smile on my big sister’s face.
If you know anything about little sisters, you know they’re always ready to go to war for big sis. Something about Ryan rubbed me the right way the day we met.
He was a little shy, I guess Hannah told him about me and scared the poor guy. Turns out we had a lot in common, and he and Hannah started taking things slow.
For example, we both are super fans of football, go Chiefs! We even have the same bumper sticker on our cars!
I think Ryan and me are gonna get along fine, and the way things are going now in the dating scene, you better hang on to each other for dear life.
My favorite thing about Ryan and Hannah is how they approached their relationship, especially because it would be long distance and they both had a lot going on in their lives. Anybody who is engaged or in a serious relationship here today can take a page out of your book.
Without a solid foundation, a marriage cannot succeed. You guys are still at the start and have the test of your lives to keep working on it.
When terrible weather comes your way and you feel that foundation rattle, never waiver, believe in what you’ve built and hang on to each other for the ride.
Love wins in the end. Cheers.”


cheerful mature woman embracing man from behind

Photo by tmcphotos on shutterstock

This speech talks about what you like about the groom and how you think their relationship has a solid base. It says you expect it to last long if they continue into their marriage using the same approach.
The toast at the end says as long as they have love, they have everything they need to have a happy marriage. 


08Honor the joys and challenges of marriage
“I can feel the love all around me. From the loved ones gathered here to the happy couple, and even the beautiful flowers and ambiance of the room.
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but I feel it coming already, so I’ll keep it short. So I’m Rachel, Kate’s little sister, and I’ve been married for 4 years, so I know how excited she is.
It’s a feeling I’ve experienced myself, and there’s nothing else like it. I must warn you though, getting married is the easy part.
I want to share a quote with you. It says “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers”.
Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts, because some days you won’t even be able to look at each other. I swear it’s like an extreme form of aversion therapy and that cute snoring sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
I’m not trying to scare you. I just hope you know it won’t be lovey-dovey all the time, and things will happen, you’ll get mad, you may even feel like giving up.
I’m not going to cut corners here. It can be tough and you must be truly committed to getting through it.
But if there’s one thing I know about you two, is that you’ve got it. Cheers to a happy marriage, lots of kids and greater success.”


bride her maid honor best friend
Photo by Deborah Kolb on shutterstock

This is a good way to talk about the atmosphere for the wedding and compliment them for creating a space for everyone to share in. These types of funny maid of honor speech examples offer words of support, coming from someone who’s been married herself, without making it seem like you think they’re not going to work out.


If you’re the little sis who is preparing a maid of honor speech for her big sister’s wedding day, try these funny yet heart-warming examples we came across online as your source of inspiration. Have fun!


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