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20 Heart-warming Messages Honoring Your Mom’s Legacy this Mother’s Day

20 Heart-warming Messages Honoring Your Mom’s Legacy this Mother’s Day

Your mom is usually the first one to teach you the meaning of love, which is why it hurts so much to lose her. Send a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message to express your love and adoration for her role in your life.

Using your favorite pictures and videos, say Happy Mother’s Day and talk about what your mom meant to your life. Your Happy Mother’s Day message can be reflective of the times you shared, your future hopes and how you imagine her life up in Heaven.

If you’re a widower, you can use it to talk about how she’s molded your children and made your life better. Use these examples as a dedication to your mother in Heaven this May:


What Your Message Should Say

Everyone’s life will come to an end, and though we hate to think about it happening to the people we love (especially mom), that’s the harsh reality. We all want our moms to live forever, or at least long enough for us to make her proud and spoil her with the fruits of our labor.
Losing the woman who gave birth to you will feel like a physical part of you got torn away. When grief is fresh, Mother’s Day can be a whirlwind of emotion, and even years in the future, the feelings of loss can be reignited.
Writing messages to the ones we lost are proven to be effective for coping with grief. Use some of these ideas when posting a Happy Mother’s Day message to your mother in Heaven:

01Tell her how much you love her. Show how grateful you are for all her sacrifices.


01 mom and son bonding together flying gamePhoto by sutadimages on shutterstock


02Give some examples of your favorite memories with her, what you liked to do together and how these moments have molded you as an individual.


03Talk about what’s going on in the family, whether good or bad, and how her passing has affected the dynamic.


04Highlight the changes you or others have noticed from her being here to her being gone.


05Talk about the special bond you shared and how being close to her has made you miss her even more.


05 mom and daughter selfie smiling joking together


Photo by fizkes on shutterstock


06Remember her as an amazing mother who did her best for her children and those around her.


06 mother pleasure spending time with her kids


Photo by Anna Om on shutterstock


07Visualize her life up in Heaven, and how well she has fit in amongst the angels and past loved ones.
Wrap up your Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message by sending her lots of love and saying “I miss you”. Or, about meeting again, perhaps in the afterlife.


10 “Happy Mother’s Day” meassages to your mother in Heaven if you are her daughter

A mom’s role in her daughter’s life is to show her what it means to be a woman and prepare her for everything the world will throw at her. Mother-daughter relationships are important, especially in the formative years, and say a lot about the type of mother the daughter will become, if she chooses to have children.
A mom can be like a best friend too and can be the person to share your deepest, darkest secrets with. No one understands like mom does, so losing her can turn your world upside down.
These are 10 ways you can say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven if you are her daughter:

01I didn’t realize how important it was to have a mom like you. You helped me learn how to love myself unconditionally, which is something that has gotten me through my rough days, bad breakups and self-doubt.
I’d give anything to have you here again, even if it’s just for a few moments. A daughter needs her mother, no matter how old she is, and I still need you.
I felt all alone after you died, and spent every day asking God why he had to take you from me. It’s so unfair, and I just don’t get it.
Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven Mommy. I miss you
#MothersDay #MotherDaughter #IMissYou


Use this Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message when you want to talk about how much you love your mom (idea 1). It also indicates the type of bond you shared (idea 5).
Post it with a picture/video of the both of you together.

02This is my favorite memory of us. Look at how happy we were and how simple life was back then.
When you fell ill, it took us all by surprise. Everything you had to go through, from chemotherapy to surgeries, took away your spark and also broke my heart.
I’m so sorry you had to suffer. You deserve your rest and your peace. You gave more than enough to this world, mom.
Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven. Love, Kelly.
#CancerAwareness #MothersDays #BestMom


mother daughter happy close eyes bright sun smilePhoto by Chaay_Tee on shutterstock

Post this Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message with pictures/videos of your final moments with your mom, like when you visited her at the hospital. If you prefer to keep those private, any picture of you together will work.
This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven post expresses gratitude for who she was (idea 1) and talks about how much you love her.

03Your elegance and grace are something I always found mesmerizing, and I couldn’t wait to grow up and be like you.
I miss stealing your makeup and sneaking into your closet to try on your clothes. I love how you wouldn’t get mad and would laugh your head off at how ridiculous I looked.
You were a good mom, and always made time for a laugh or something silly like pranking Dad because his reactions would always be over-the-top. I just wish we had more time to do all those things again.
I can’t imagine what we would’ve gotten up to this Mother’s Day. I miss you, mom.
#MissYou #MotherLove #MothersDayinHeaven

Use this to talk about your favorite memories (idea 2) and say how much you looked up to her. This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message is great for a throwback video/picture or even a portrait showing off her beauty.

04I’m jealous of all the other daughters who get to spend this Mother’s Day with their moms. It’s not fair that all I’m left with is tears and a broken heart.
I haven’t been able to look through our pictures without tearing up or have someone mention you without a lump forming in my throat.
You were truly one-of-a-kind and meant the world to me. I hope we get to meet again.


happy mothers day child daughter congratulates mom flower


Photo by Yuganov Konstantin on shutterstock

This message talks about the close bond you had with your mom (idea 6) and the impact of losing her (idea 4). It’s good to use when you’re okay with admitting to struggling with the loss.
It goes well with a picture/video of you hugging each other.

05Now that I’m a mom, I understand what it’s like to want to give your child the best the world has to offer. I understand why you were the way you were.
As I look into Lila’s eyes, I see what you saw and feel what you felt. That type of bond is unlike any other in this world and I wish I could tell you that I finally get it.
I wish you could hold her in your arms too and get to know her. I wish you could’ve been her inspiration and her guide.
Happy Mother’s Day to us, mom.
# HappyMothersDay #HappyGrandmaDay #MothersLove #Family


This is good to use when you want to give your mom an update about your life (idea 3) and praise her mothering skills (idea 6). Say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven with a picture of your new baby.

06You taught me to be a strong woman, but you never prepared me for something like this. The moment I found out you were no longer with us was the moment my heart broke forever.
They said it gets easier, but they didn’t say I’d have to go through all this to get to that point. I loved you more than anything in this world and I still wonder what life would be like if you were still here. How would you react when meeting my partner, Jack? I really wish that we had a chance to take you to Machu Picchu for vacation – something which was always on your bucket list.
No matter how much time passes, the feeling is the same each Mother’s Day. I miss you, but I’ll keep on carrying on, as I know you would want me to.
#HeartBreak #Loss #MothersDay


cute little girl her mother flexing their musclesPhoto by antoniodiaz on shutterstock

This provides an update about how you’re coping with the loss (idea 3). It says you miss her and hate the idea of living without her.
Post with memories of the two of you, like a compilation of throwbacks in the form of a video/collage.

07The other day I had a dream about you up in Heaven. You looked healthier than ever, and your smile lit up the place.
You looked well-rested and it seemed like the weight of the world was finally off your shoulders. You were happy, and that’s all I could ask for.
Thank you for sending me this vision so I don’t have to worry anymore. Now that I know you’re at peace, I can carry on with being the type of daughter, and hopefully mother, you can be proud of.
Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother in Heaven!
#GuardianAngel #MomInHeaven #IMissYou

It is good to use this when imagining what her life is like in Heaven (idea 7). It says you miss her, but you know she’s in a better place.
Post with videos/pictures that look almost angel-like.

08Of all the things I thank God for daily, I never forget to thank Him for the gift of memory. Losing you has been tough, but I find comfort in the memories of our time together.
I can draw on them when I feel scared or doubtful, and find lessons in your words and actions. Your favorite quote “Do the best you can while you still can” is always in my head, keeps me calm and level, and guides me through my darkest days.
Making this collage reminded me of all the good times we shared as mother and daughter, and how much of a wonder you were.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy.
#AngelInHeaven #HappyMothersDayInHeaven #LoveAlways


mother daughter sitting having coffee together


Photo by BlueHorse_pl on shutterstock

This is good to use when you post a collage of memories saying Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven on social media. It talks about how you’re dealing with the loss (idea 4) and applauds her for being a good mother (idea 6).

09Surprise, you’re a grandma! This is Anna.
I know you would’ve been excited to meet our baby and spoil her. I would have probably had to pry her out of your hands as you cover her with kisses and prayer all day.
I’ll be sure to tell her about my favorite stories of yours and share precious memories like the ones I’ve posted. How could I forget the time you sent me to school with a plantain instead of a banana or when you put the other moms to shame with your homemade pecan pie?
Your love will always be felt in this family in everything we do. Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST mom in Heaven!
#Growth #Grandkids #HappyMothersDayInHeaven


A good way to say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven is by uploading side-by-sides of the kid(s), yourself and your mom.
This shows the growth of the family and updates the world on the new changes in your life (idea 3). It says you know she’d have been an amazing grandmother to your kids (idea 6).

10Years may pass, but they’ll never replace the memory of your love and compassion. It’s thanks to you that I’m the woman I am today and a soon-to-be-wife.
I finally found a man I can trust, and I believe in us. It would’ve meant so much to me if you two got along, but I knew right away you’d have loved him.
He makes sure I have everything I need, listens to all my concerns and makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world; just like you did. It’s almost like you sent me an angel so I wouldn’t be alone.
We may not be together physically this Mother’s Day, but you live on inside my heart. That’s reason enough for celebration.
#MomInHeaven #Love #MissYouForever


asian mom daughter sitting on couch smilingPhoto by polkadot_photo on shutterstock

This is a good way to say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven when you want to update her about the changes in your life, particularly finding a partner (idea 4). It talks about the impact she had on who you are today (idea 2) and how grateful you are to have had her as your mom.
Post it with your favorite picture or video of you with your partner to show how in love you are.

5 examples of “Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven” messages if you are her son

Mothers dote on their sons, sometimes even more than their daughters, and from that, we get what is known as a momma’s boy. Being a momma’s boy isn’t always a bad thing, and can simply mean you love and respect your mother very much.
That type of relationship is often once-in-a-lifetime, so when death causes it to disappear, it can have a huge toll on you. Try saying Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven using one of these messages:

11Happy Mother’s Day to my mother in Heaven.
I may be halfway around the world pursuing my dreams as a photographer, but I still feel your presence all around me. I feel your guiding hand when I’m lost, and I hear that voice in my ear telling me I got this.
No matter how old I get, I’ll still be your little boy and try to make you proud.
Thank you for the beautiful memories and encouraging words. All the love in the world to you, my darling mother.
#MothersDayLove #IMissYou #MyMomIsTheBest


photographer take photo focus camera


Photo by Aris-Tect Group on shutterstock

This message talks about how much of an impact your mother has on your mindset (idea 2) and how close you feel to her, even though she’s gone (idea 5).
You can post this with a picture of you with your mom or one when she’s on her own looking like an angel. Pictures of you in action are also a good idea.

12I’m a big momma’s boy, so the passing of my mother hit me hard.
Trying to forget about it wasn’t the way to go and hiding my emotions only made things confusing.
This Mother’s Day, I want to lead with love, not with sadness. I want to feel gratitude for our time together, and work on keeping the memories alive. So, I ran a movie marathon with your favorite salty popcorn and an X-Large soda, just like we used to do on your days off.
#MommasBoy #MotherandSon #HappyMothersDay


Dealing with the death of a mother can be crippling, and talking about how it has changed your life (idea 4) can be very therapeutic.
This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven message pairs well with a picture of you with your mother while you were young or a nice song that expresses your emotions better than your words can. Posting a photo of what you ended up doing, like going to the movies, can also work.

13I lost a mom, but now I have a guardian angel who’s got my back. I have wonderful memories to look back on and the knowledge to tackle life’s challenges.
Although you can’t be here for everything that’s to come, I find peace in knowing it would have made you proud anyway. I know you wanted me to grow up and be a good man.
I kept my promise, enrolled in university and I have a 3.2 GPA in this semester. It’s not the top of the class, but I work hard at it every day like you would’ve wanted me to.
I want you to meet Angie, who is studying psychology, just like me. She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met and she stands by me through my hard days.
I hope you can see me from Heaven so you know you don’t have to worry about me. You always said you needed “me time” anyway, so I’ll hold down the fort.
#HeavenGainedAnAngel #MothersDayInHeaven #IMissYou


mother read book child living roomPhoto by Tomsickova Tatyana on shutterstock

This is good to use when you know your mother has a seat reserved in Heaven (idea 7) for her good deeds while on Earth. It says you are finding peace with the situation and are doing well on your own (idea 3).
Post with a nice picture/video with your mom or with something you accomplished since then, like one with your new girlfriend, you at school, and when the time comes, graduation.

14Growing up without a dad can be tough, but somehow I never felt that void. YOU were always present and made it your duty that I never fell short of anything.
You were a provider, as well as a nurturer. You protected me, and at the same time, nursed my wounds.
You were a disciplinarian, but also a teacher. You wore both caps well, and I salute you for it.
This Mother’s Day is for women like you who love your sons unconditionally and make their lives special.
#MomsRock #ThanksMom #HappyMothersDay


boy going to school mother holding hands


Photo by Daniel Jedzura on shutterstock

It is good to use this when you wish to highlight the strength of your mother (idea 6), especially when she made it a point to make you feel loved and secure. It says she’s a superwoman and that you’re eternally grateful for her (idea 1).
Post pictures/videos of you together.

15Growing up, I never pictured a time when I wouldn’t have a mom. It was always you, Dad and Wendy.
My day would start with wishing everyone a good morning, and you wouldn’t let me leave the house without giving you a kiss. These days, Dad’s busy with work, Wendy’s off to college and I’m home alone, hoping you can hear me from up in Heaven.
I know you’re in Heaven because you always got along with everyone and, by now, God has seen how amazing you are as a person.
You’ve blessed me my entire life, and now it’s time for you to share your grace with other boys. I just wish I could tell you how much I love you one last time.
#MomsDay #MomInHeaven #BoyMom

Post this Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven when you know for sure she’s there (idea 7). You can also use it to talk about how much you miss her (idea 1) and how the family dynamic has changed since her departure (idea4).
Throwback pics and videos are perfect to express how much you miss her.

5 messages to say Happy Mother’s Day to your wife in Heaven if you are a widower

As much as you’d have liked to grow old together with your wife, life doesn’t always work like that. Whether you believe it was a higher purpose or an unfortunate happening, the hurt will always be there.
And, when you have children, everything becomes 100x amplified when you don’t have her help or input to be the best parent possible. This year, use these Happy Mother’s Day to a mother in Heaven to honor her memory and highlight her as a good mother:

16I never thought that I would be left alone at 32 to take care of 3 kids all by myself. I pictured us being a family, growing old together and spoiling our grandkids rotten.
Losing you made me realize just how much you did as a mother and how much time you dedicated to us. For God’s sake, I never realized how much laundry 3 kids go through in a week and I’m surprised to see how quickly they finish a mega size box of cereal!
You were the definition of a superwoman. I’m so lucky I was able to witness this in real life!
#MothersDay #MissYou #Family


single father having three sisters daughter


Photo by Alina Demidenko on shutterstock

This Happy Mother’s Day to a mother in Heaven talks about how much life has changed since your wife has been gone because she took care of everything related to making the house a home (idea 4). It also includes humor about managing life as a single dad and how grateful you were to have her help.
Post this with a picture/video of the entire family or, if the mom died years ago, an updated picture of yourself and the children.

17I think a lot about the day we met and how fate brought us together. There was a 1 in 7 billion chance, but somehow the universe got us together.
When you said yes, I felt like someone who just won the lottery, and when you told me you were pregnant, I was convinced lightning could strike in the same place twice.
I miss you and our life together. Those were the best days of my life.
Happy Mother’s Day to my one true love, the mother of my children, the apple of my eye and my best friend in the entire universe.
#WifeInHeaven #SuperMom #Love

Use this Happy Mother’s Day to a mother in Heaven message to share your favorite memories of your wife (idea 2) and how much you love her (idea 1). Post with an old wedding picture/video or a moment you captured on a date.
My favorite thing about you was how much you loved us. You made sure we were fed, always had clean clothes, had a cozy home, and so much more.

18You never once complained about how hard things were, even while balancing that with your career. You’re one of the strongest women I’ve ever known, and I wish Lily could have grown up with you as her example.
Your memory will never die in this household, and we still take care of the garden you left behind. Even though Lily is just 7, I’ll make sure she never forgets about her loving mother by working the same soil she did and tending to the fruits of her labor.
We all miss you, and can’t wait to be together again up in Heaven.
#Family #MothersDayInHeaven #WorldsBestMom


asian young couple having fun household chores


Photo by Mongkolchon Akesin on shutterstock

This commends her skills as a mother (idea 6) and wife, and talks about how close you were as a family. Post this message with a photo of the garden to show where it is today.
You can even upload it with your favorite picture of your family while she was alive or make a video of dedications from each person. The video should talk about your favorite memories, what you miss about her and whatever else makes sense!

19Happy Mother’s Day to my wife up in Heaven. From the moment we met, I knew you were going to be mine.
Anyone who knows the story of us knows I put my all into getting you to notice me. Looking back, I made a complete fool of myself, but it all paid off in the end.
You were more than my wife. You were an exceptional mother with a big, loving heart and a nurturing touch to mold young minds.
Now, you’re an angel up in heaven, with a beautiful daughter who still remembers how amazing her mommy was. You should’ve heard Kayla at career day talking about how she wanted to be a “badass” like her mom.
The other parents were surprised, but I let it slide. The principal even called me to the side, but we had a big laugh about it.
She’s right, you’re all that and so much more!
#AngelInHeaven #IMissMyWife #LoveAlways

If you had the perfect wife, this is the way to say it (idea 1). It talks about how much you love and admire the type of mother she was, and how she was an example to your daughter (idea 6).
Post it with videos/pics of her first moments holding your child or an updated photograph of that special moment you bragged about.

20You came into my life like a wrecking ball, breaking down my walls and bringing in the light. You taught me so much and broke me out of that suffocating shell.
All I wanted was to repay you in some way or another, and everything I’ve done for us and this family has been to make sure we’re comfortable and taken care of.
Your being gone has made me want to retreat to those days, but seeing you in the angels you left behind has kept me going. You wouldn’t believe how big Caleb’s gotten and Maggie finally made the swim team.
I’ll hang in there for as long as it takes to see them become who they want to be. I just wish you could be here this Mother’s Day to see what our babies have become.
#HappyMothersDay #HangingInThere #Love


couple smiling hugging while spending time


Photo by HSSstudio on shutterstock

This highlights the changes you saw in your life before and after she passed (idea 3) and the impact she has had on people (idea 2). Post this with the updates you mentioned about your kids or even a recent video/picture to show how big the kids are.


You should never stop celebrating your mother, even when she’s in Heaven. Using Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven messages is one way to help overcome grief and keep her memory alive.
It’s a great way to update everyone about what’s happened recently in your life, like having children, completing school, buying a home or whatever accomplishment you believe would make mom feel happy and proud.
Say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother in Heaven by combining these messages with your favorite pictures and videos. You, your children, grandchildren, and so on can always go back to look at your thoughts and continue a tradition of paying their respects to her.