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Leprechaun Cheer: 39 Hilarious Memes for this Saint Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun Cheer: 39 Hilarious Memes for this Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day (Saint Paddy’s Day) has been celebrated on March 17th every year since 1631 to honor Ireland’s patron saint. And thanks to social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc, every year Saint Patrick’s Day memes go viral, and boy are they hilarious.
Stay ahead of the curve this Saint Patrick’s Day with some of these never before seen hilarious memes. Many of them focus on popular Saint Patrick’s Day stereotypes, especially wearing green, myths associated with Saint Patrick and of course, drinking all day.
Nothing compares to the joy of having a good laugh with friends and family. This Saint Patrick’s Day, may the luck of the Irish bring you and your loved ones lots of laughter!

Saint Patrick’s Day Memes: Do you have any Irish heritage?

Over the years, the Irish have built prominent communities in the United States, particularly in the East, as well as countries like Canada, Australia, Argentina and the United Kingdom. This matches with where the Irish immigrants mainly settled around the world.
But, this doesn’t mean there aren’t Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in other parts of the globe. You’d be surprised to see how far these leprechauns travel, and how much festivity the holiday brings across the world.
Many of these people aren’t even Irish, which is something a lot of people find humorous and talk about in hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes. Here are some hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes about Irish heritage.

number of irish on st patricks day
Photo by Stuart Monk on shutterstock

As the Irish saying goes, “There are only two kinds of people in the world on Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish and those who wish they were.”
 A fun fact to share: the Census has shown that the number of Irish in America was seven times more than the entire population of Ireland.


I am very Irish meme

On Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s common to hear many people of all backgrounds proudly claiming their Irish heritage.


Everyones Irish tonight 350 x 350

“Are you Irish?” This would probably be the most beloved pick-up line in pubs on Saint Patrick’s Day.


why dye hair ginger
Photo by ID stock photography on shutterstock

What do you do when you want to pass off as Irish but you have no time to practice faking brogue? Here is a quick fix.


Is Saint Patrick’s Day an Excuse to Drink a Lot?

Admit it, a lot of us use Saint Patrick’s Day as an excuse to drink a lot, and unfortunately, we’ve become the butt of hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes. While pub culture is huge in Ireland, it’s safe to say that the American celebration includes a lot more drinking.
Bars and nightclubs take the Saint Patrick’s Day theme to another level, even offering green-colored shots and beers keeping with the holiday. Many people meet up with friends to watch sporting games and even paint their faces in celebration.
These are some hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes about this common Saint Patrick’s Day activity:

misconception irish drink too much on st paddy day
Photo by Zachary Byer on shutterstock

Is it really a stereotype that the Irish drink too much on Saint Paddy’s Day or is it just an excuse for the non-Irish people to have a drinking holiday?


Irish I was drinking

Don’t forget to reach out and check in on your grandma after the festive Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations — a simple gesture that will surely make her weekend!


drinking holiday celebrate st patricks day
Photo by New Africa on shutterstock

Just because someone is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, it doesn’t mean they have Irish ancestry.


pocket breathalyser lucky charm pub crawl
Photo by M-Production on shutterstock

With the luck (and pocket breathalyzer) of the Irish, hopefully you will get home safely this Saint Paddy’s Day.


spit take Im driving because its St. Patricks day

Just because everyone is drinking on Saint Patrick’s Day, it doesn’t mean you have to drink as well. There are a variety of delicious, non-alcoholic Irish drinks available for you to enjoy, so don’t succumb to peer pressure!


Who gives a shit

For those with a passion for alcohol, Saint Patrick’s Day is not just on March 17; it is every single day.


st paddy day 420 for alcoholics
Photo by Ranieri Pieper on shutterstock

Whenever people ask me this, I always encourage them to do a fact-check before jumping to conclusions.


irish yoga irish meditation
Photo by New Africa / Prostock-studio on shutterstock

For many, practising meditation and yoga in the Irish way are probably two of the most popular morning activities on March 18.



For the record, the highest blood alcohol concentration level you can get to before risk of unconsciousness or death is 0.4%.
 If the rising costs and extended wait times of Uber and Lyft have left you exasperated, public transportation is a no-brainer for getting home or better yet, return to the classic ride-hailing service – taxis!



Hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day Memes: “Do You Like Corned Beef & Cabbage?”

When most people think about traditional Saint Patrick’s Day foods, they think about corned beef and cabbage, but did you know that dish isn’t Irish?
Shepherd’s pie, potatoes and soda bread are considered typical Irish foods. As for meat, Irish bacon was a popular choice for Saint Patrick’s Day.
By the time the first waves of Irish immigrants arrived in the United States, the only housing they could find was in the slums. This also meant they couldn’t afford expensive cuts of meat.
In these same slums, Jewish immigrants sold corned beef, a cheaper option that was somewhat reminiscent of their Irish bacon. Thus, the culture of corned beef and cabbage started in the U.S by Irish American migrants.
These are some of the most hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes about Saint Patrick’s Day food:

st patricks day gas
Photo by Diane Diederich on shutterstock

For those who treat Saint Patrick’s Day as a Drinking Day, what comes the morning after? Farting Day.
 Medical professionals have explained that corned beef and cabbage make people gassier. To avoid excess, make a plan to help you stay in control of your indulgences this Saint Paddy’s Day.


colcannon guacamole
Photo by Pixel-Shot / Photo by vm2002 on shutterstock

What do you do when you have a Mexican friend over to your place for Saint Patrick’s Day and you are wondering how best to explain the traditional Irish dish colcannon to them? Here you go: Irish guacamole.
 Guacamole is to Cinco de Mayo as colcannon (Irish mashed potatoes) are to Saint Patrick’s Day.



For many Irish children, it is a reflex response to run when their moms set the cabbage on to boil in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day.


Potatoes lord of the ring

On Saint Patrick’s Day, don’t bother to ask your wife what’s for dinner tonight; you should know what you’re getting.


st patricks day feast corned beef canned food
Photo by JHVEPhoto on shutterstock

When you need to put something together in a rush for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, these little cans may save you a headache.


rupert grint servant julian pearce apple juice drink

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are quitting alcohol but still want to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day, a cold brew Irish coffee would be a great choice.


Memes about “Myths associated with Saint Patrick”

Like most legends and subsequent holidays, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the origins of Saint Patrick’s Day. By now, you might have heard the one about a priest driving snakes out of Ireland, or that Saint Patrick is Irish.
The most famous Saint Patrick’s Day myth is, of course, the one about catching leprechauns. Many people don’t even know Saint Patrick didn’t even wear green! (He wore blue).
Here are some hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes about myths associated with Saint Patrick’s Day:


What do fans of Spongebob Squarepants think Saint Patrick’s Day is?
 It’s the birthday of Patrick Star. For the record, March 17 is not the birthday of Saint Patrick either, but instead marks his passing day.



first date st patricks day medusa
Photo by M Reel / Photo by UfaBizPhoto on shutterstock

If Medusa were to meet Saint Patrick in Ireland, what would come out of their rendezvous first? Would it be St. Patrick turning to stone first, or Medusa becoming bald-headed first?


fasten seatbelt drive snakes ireland
Photo by Andrey_Popov on shutterstock

A good beginning is half the battle. Though Saint Patrick has no connection to Ireland’s lack of snakes, this famous Irish saying is still an apt phrase for any undertaking.


leprechaun trap fake coins boy cry
Photo by evrymmnt on shutterstock

Explaining to your little ones that leprechauns aren’t real can be as difficult as telling them Santa Claus isn’t real.


uber driver snake comment puke
Photo by Ton Bangkeaw on shutterstock

A one-star rating – that’s probably the reason why Saint Patrick decided to quit Uber after his first ride.


bullshit no snakes in ireland
Photo by fizkes on shutterstock

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. According to an ice age ecologist, it was not Saint Patrick who drove snakes out of Ireland, but rather the cold water surrounding the Emerald Isle that kept the snakes away.



A trade not properly learned is an enemy.
 The problem for a leprechaun is not finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow; it is keeping it safe from others.


Saint Patrick’s Day Memes: “Are you wearing green?”

Wearing green is a popular practice for Saint Patrick’s Day, particularly in the United States. This doesn’t come from Saint Patrick ever wearing green though because he actually preferred blue.
Some say it’s because of Ireland’s lush landscape and its ‘Emerald Isle’ moniker. Others say it’s because it makes you invisible to leprechauns so they can’t pinch you.
Whatever the case is, here are some hilarious Saint Patrick’s day memes that will crack you up:

fake irish inside out wear green poop green
Photo by Cast Of Thousands on shutterstock

If you are not up for green beer — there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.


wear green every one joey friends reminder

Legend has it that if you don’t wear green on March 17, you will get pinched by a leprechaun.


my underwear is green st patricks day
Photo by Asier Romero on shutterstock

When someone calls you out for not wearing green, don’t assume this can be your “get out of jail free” card.


Girl cry scream st patrick actually wore blue
Video by Serhii Yevdokymov on shutterstock

When you finally convince your friends & family to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day, but they tell you that Saint Patrick wasn’t always green.



Hilarious memes about Parades on Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day parades are held all over the world. Of course, the most renowned Saint Patrick’s Day parade takes place in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, and is broadcast worldwide.
The largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade takes place in New York City where a large number of Irish immigrants settled in the 1840s. Nearly two million people spectate the parade in New York City every year!
Other major cities like Chicago, London, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Auckland, Sydney and Munich have also put together their own parades. Singapore is the newest city on this list: its first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was held in 2006.
Interestingly enough, Montserrat, a tiny Caribbean island, is the only other country (besides Ireland) to declare Saint Patrick’s Day as a national holiday.
Now, here comes the hilarious Saint Patrick’s Day memes you’ve been waiting for:


When the parade gets rowdy and a leprechaun challenges you, these gloves might just come in handy


santa claus in green
Photo by Canadapanda / Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz on shutterstock

If your child joins the parade festivities for the first time this Saint Patrick’s Day, they might wonder why Santa Claus is wearing green.


fishes in river dyed green chicago
Photo by Raland on shutterstock

I always wonder what would happen in the water after they dye the river green in Chicago…


Hilarious memes about “Commercialization of Saint Patrick’s Day”

It’s no secret that Saint Patrick’s Day has been highly commercialized, especially in the U.S. Companies take advantage of the holiday to seek profit, from Saint Patrick’s Day-themed party supplies such as balloons, plates, cups, and napkins, as well as merchandise such as green clothing, T-shirts, socks, hats, and tattoo stickers. Not to mention those green drinks, green chocolate coins or shamrock-shaped lollipops—it’s normal to see a sea of green.

holiday of my people supermarket green
Photo by Malgosia S / Photo by r.classen on shutterstock

As Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching, it seems like the whole world has gone green!


payday boss guinness st patricks day
Video by TommyStockProject on shutterstock

Guinness sells over 800% more beer during the Saint Patrick’s holiday than usual every year.


watermelon juice with matcha
Video by Theerawan on shutterstock

For some, the hardest thing about Saint Patrick’s Day is ordering “non-green” things to drink.


What are your plans for Saint Paddy’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is usually spent in a festive mood. Many people look forward to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in their city, and end the day at sports bars and pubs.
Others spend it with family cooking traditional Irish foods to keep close to their roots. Homes, offices and businesses are often decorated with Saint Patrick’s Day decor, and some people play Irish music.
Religious services are also held, along with the gathering of friends and family to honor Saint Patrick. Yet, there are always some people who like to stay home on Saint Patrick’s Day.

friend decides to stay home on St. Patricks Day…

It is time to start preaching the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit to your buddies as the holiday approaches. That’s what a good friend is for.


When you plan to go to bed early St. Patricks Day

If you’re not dealing with a health problem, I’m sorry, mate, chances are you’re probably having a midlife crisis.


fly solo with pet kiss me Im irish
Photo by Jay Ondreicka on shutterstock

When it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, who says you can only have fun with friends and family?


Love is sharing a meme

As the Irish say, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Why not spread some cheer with your family and friends by sending some hilarious memes this Saint Patrick’s Day? May the blessings of Saint Patrick be upon you. Enjoy the food and drinks, and happy Saint. Paddy’s Day everyone!