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40 of the Best Ocean Instagram Captions for a Beach Day

40 of the Best Ocean Instagram Captions for a Beach Day

The photos that you take while enjoying the glorious sun and sandy beaches are not complete without the perfect Instagram caption. These ocean captions for Instagram can help you capture and describe the amazing vibe that you are enjoying on your beach day.

If you love the ocean and taking photos of your day in the ocean, these Instagram captions are just for you. You can get inspiration for your beach day photos with these cool and cheeky ocean captions for Instagram.


Ocean cations for Instagram: Selfies in/around the ocean

You are going to take a lot of selfies with the ocean while you’re at the beach. You can use these ocean captions for Instagram to make your photos even more attractive to your followers.

01The best selfies in the world are those that you take on the beach while soaking up the sun and licking some ice cream. #beachselfie.


selective focus photography of person holding ice cream
Photo by Key Notez under pexels license


02What a great last five days! These have been extremely enjoyable days on the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. This is definitely a location to redo in the future.


03Do not mind my #restingbeachface. I am happiest person when the glorious sun kisses me, and the salty ocean water splashes on my face.


04There is nothing as good for the soul as splashing saltwater on it. Take me back to swimming in the sea.


05We’re having another beach day! I’m with the only @yourbestmate while creating some of the best memories.


06Time to start this beautiful weekend with some time at the beach. Life here is definitely better than anywhere else! #timeout #beachlife.


twins are having fun on the beach

Photo by Nida T. on Reshot


Instagram captions with a sea view

There is nothing more perfect than getting a hotel room with a great view of the sea.
You’ll probably take an endless number of photos of the sunset, sunrise, the white waves, and whatever else you can catch on camera.
You can use these ocean captions for Instagram as tags for your photos.

07We were not going to let this great view go undocumented, especially after climbing possibly one of the biggest dunes I’ve ever seen.


08There is nothing as calming and refreshing to the soul as enjoying the ocean view. Nothing but palm trees and ocean breeze are all I need.


09With the sun high up in the sky, there is nothing more to enjoy than the high tides and good vibes.


young very fit bare chested millennial male with tattoos running up a sand dune at the beach

Photo by Maleka Ali on Reshot


10The ocean is where my heart will always be, so you can meet me where the sky touches the sea.


11I hope your weekend looks like this: Nothing but endless white sandy beaches and blue skies. This is all I want from now on.


12What do you say when the ocean asks you to hang out? You can say, “shell yeah!”



13The view of the ocean will cast a spell on you, and it’ll hold you in its net forever. There is no going back once you taste its magic.


14The ocean waves and the rhythm of the beautiful palm trees are dancing in the wind; they are calming me when I feel anxious and uneasy.


legs cliff view beach tress mountains
Photo by Evan Krause under Unsplash


For ocean color

If you enjoy the different colors of the ocean and love taking photos of the ocean, then you will need the best ocean captions for Instagram to complete them.
Here are the best ocean captions for Instagram when snapping photos to capture the ocean color.

15It is a blue feeling whenever you are at the beach. I shore do love the #oceanblues.


16If you want to reach the sky, then you can try dipping yourself into the blue ocean.


17Life turns brilliant azure on the beach. Time moves from mood to mood, and we live by the currents, blue shades, and the tides.


mother and daughter connecting a heart with their arms and hands sea

Photo by Ally Sherman on Reshot


18There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying a view of the jaded sea on a breezy afternoon.


19If you want to get a slice of paradise today, why not go out and enjoy this view of 24 shades of blue? #oceanblues


Instagram captions for photos with a marine animal

Your beach day would not be complete without seeing a marine animal.
You can use these ocean captions for Instagram if you are lucky enough to sight dolphins or a school of whales while sailing or swimming in the ocean.

20Oh crap, I just found #Nemo! I shall call him squishy, and he shall be my little squishy.


21Jellyfish do not have brains, but they have survived millions of years in the sea. Well, this can explain why geniuses always die young.


22I will be having a conference with my board of adorable #turtles directors at the beach. Please call me on my shell phone!


photo of sea turtle

Photo by Jeremy Bishop under pexels license


23Regardless of the depth of the ocean, big fish will never be afraid of living deep down in the dark.


24What did the penguin’s defense attorney tell the judge in court? My lord, my client is certainly not going to be a flight risk.


25I cannot help but burst into laughter every time I look at an eel. They look like they are waiting for a reaction after cracking a joke.


26Whale, whale, what have we got here?



Ocean cations for Instagram: Ocean plants

You can capture and describe the beauty of the ocean by using these ocean captions for Instagram.
Whether you are snorkeling or walking on the beach, it’s sure that you’ll find some cool ocean plants to capture on camera.

27Sandy beaches, palm trees, sun-kissed air, and a salty ocean breeze – these make me feel happy at the beach! #beachlife


aerial shot drone flying beach island
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on unsplash


28There is nothing more beautiful than diving deep in the sea and experiencing the beauty of the corals with my own eyes. The dancing of the seaweeds under the ocean currents is a magnificent site to see.


29One of the most spectacular spots on the ocean floor contains coral reefs. Without them, many of the marine animals that we know and love would not survive.


30It is unbelievable how humans can move in three dimensions. Diving down to see a coral reef will help you appreciate this fact.


31It is amazing how tall seaweed can grow just to reach the sunlight. It is like a whole #Amazonforest down here! #seaplants


32Do you want to see a whole new world without having to fly? You can dive underwater and experience life under the sea.


diving in the sea

Image from Canva – under one-time use license


33Nothing but the world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the ocean waves.


Instagram captions for activities in the sea

Ocean captions for Instagram will make your beach photos more memorable, whether you are out in the ocean enjoying a boat trip, swimming, wake surfing, or snorkeling.

34If I did not love snorkeling this much, I would be making fun of how funny the word sounds. #snorkeling


35How do you best observe fish in the sea? You need to put on your diving gear and become a fish yourself! #scubadiving


36Have you ever seen anyone sad on a jet ski? #jetsking


37If money cannot buy happiness, try buying a surfboard and you will be close. See you on the next wave! #beachlife #surfing


one person sea beach motion surfboard australia vacation sports lifestyle surfer

Photo by Ingrid Nagy on Reshot


38A surfboard, some waves, and some palm trees are the recipe that you need to make the beach like your own little paradise.


39I am an ocean surfer, not a fighter. Just go with the flow! #firsttimewakesurfing


40Nothing will float your boat more than feeling free! The adventure that comes with sailing in the open sea is unbelievable.



Here are the best ocean captions for Instagram that you can tag onto your favorite beach photos.
Whether you are taking a selfie, snorkeling, enjoying the sunset, or enjoying a boat ride, you will find the perfect caption for you in this list of 40 ocean captions for Instagram.
You can add flavor to your Instagram photos with these cool captions, as they describe your experience at the beach. See you at the sea very soon!