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A Toast to True Love: 8 Funny Maid of Honor Speeches for Your Little Sister’s Big Day

A Toast to True Love: 8 Funny Maid of Honor Speeches for Your Little Sister’s Big Day

She may be your little sister, but pretty soon, she’ll be a “Mrs”, her own woman, entirely different from that little girl you used to know. It’s a great privilege to be asked to speak at such an occasion and the best way to do it is with a funny maid of honor speech.

As much as this is a milestone in her life, don’t take yourself too seriously when writing your speech. Bring the humor and funny to make the moment even more of a joyous occasion for everyone involved.

Get inspiration from our examples of funny maid of honor speeches for your sister and make a toast to true love.


What You Should Include in Your Funny Maid of Honor Speech

Every speech should include some sort of introduction for the guests who don’t know the bride is your little sister. This will put a lot of things into context, especially if you look at her like a baby.
Use these ideas to come up with your own funny maid of honor speech for your sister, and check out our examples for more inspiration:

01Talk about how you feel about your little sister being the bride. Mention her quirks that only you know and how they make you love her even more.


02Share your first impressions of the groom, whether good or bad, and the status of your relationship. Include any funny story you have about the couple’s relationship.


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03If you think they’re a great match, talk about why you believe that using humorous anecdotes or the moment you realized they were meant for each other.


04Give the couple advice in a funny maid of honor speech, especially if you have experience with marriage. Try to keep it light and playful.


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05Joke about your family in your funny maid of honor speech for your little sister’s big day and about how they feel about the relationship.
06 bride bridesmaids wedding preparation

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06Give them props for the wedding they put together. Share what you like about it, for example, the bride’s dress or the food.
Finish your funny maid of honor speech for your sister by wishing the couple well in their marriage. This should be in the form of a heartwarming toast.


What You Should Not Do When Making Your Funny Maid of Honor Speech

Your speech, especially as her big sister, is probably one of the most anticipated speeches of the night. Your little sister looks up to you and is expecting you to make it memorable and funny for everyone in attendance.
For that to happen, you need to pay close attention to these tips about what you should avoid/never do when giving your funny maid of honor speech for your sister.
Avoid the following:

01Talking for too long.
You have all the time in the world to tell the couple how much you love and support them. Don’t make the speech long, or else you’ll lose people along the way and take up too much time.
Aim for a 2-3-minute-long funny maid of honor speech. English speakers can speak about 130-150 words per minute, so if you pass 400 words, you may want to revise it.


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02Reading the speech word-for-word from your note/smartphone
Your notes serve as a guideline, and shouldn’t be read from too much. For your words to really hit home, it’s best to practice the speech well so you can deliver it without stuttering or checking your notes.


03Not making eye contact
Your main focus should be the bride and groom, but glance at the audience every now and then to make sure they’re following.


04Embarrassing or offending remarks
Never talk about her exes, at least in detail, or say you wish she wasn’t getting married. She’s made her decision and you should accept it. Overall, avoid saying anything you think would embarrass or offend her or her husband.


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05Sobbing too much
Crying is normal, but bawling uncontrollably is not a good look when making a funny maid of honor speech for your sister. You wouldn’t want to have to walk around for the rest of the night with ruined makeup.
Keep an upbeat tone, and don’t take yourself too seriously, or else you may come off as stiff and insincere.


7 Examples of a Funny Maid of Honor Speech for Your Little Sister’s Wedding

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Writing a funny maid of honor speech can be a bit intimidating. Your only problem is finding the right words to say.
After reading these examples of funny maid of honor speeches the words will just flow out. Take a look at what other maids of honor have had to say on their little sister’s wedding day.

3 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples of How Overprotective of Your Little Sister Your Family Is


01A toast to the happy couple, and a flourishing bromance
“Being a big sister is great, and on days like this, it makes it all worth it. I’m Maxine, and Milly is my youngest sister, who I’m so, so proud of.
Being a big sister isn’t easy, don’t get me wrong, especially being a big sister to Milly in a family dominated by women.
As her big sister, I live by four rules. The first is to assert my dominance and show her who’s boss.
At that, I’ve failed miserably, and every time there was a fight, she’d win. But don’t count me out yet, I’m 0-1.
The next is to always protect my sister. Gregory can tell you, I went ABOVE and BEYOND.
The third rule is to embarrass my sister. She made me promise not to do it, but it seems like Uncle Marty and Dad didn’t get the memo.
I think they’re just so glad to finally have another man around. I am surprised though that they haven’t scared him off.
They’ve been on trips, met up for drinks and have been up to all manner of evil since that day. Sometimes I wonder if Gregory was their boyfriend and not Milly’s.
The final rule of being a big sister is to love my sister. If I wasn’t your sister, you’d probably get a restraining order against me.
You mean so much to me and I’m so happy you finally got your fairytale. But, if we’re being honest here, I think the real winners here are Dad and Uncle Marty, so let’s raise this toast to the happy couple and a flourishing bromance!”


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Use this to talk about your relationship with your sister over the years, as well as how well he got along with everyone. It makes fun of how close he’s managed to get with other members of the family, to the point of being real friends. 


02The challenges of marrying into a strict Christian household
“I’m Jessie, the maid-of-honor and Carrie’s big sister. She always talks about how much I like to go on and on and on about things, so I promised I’d keep this speech short.
Get comfy. Ahem [perform paper lengthening trick, await audience response].
Carrie told me about Tom about a year ago and about her plans to move in together. The first thing I said was “Mom’s not gonna be happy about this”.
For those of you who don’t know, our mom’s a pastor and we grew up in a strict Christian household. That meant we had to be home by 9, there was to be no partying or hanging out outside of school and church and absolutely no boys.
Hell sounds scary, but Mom was straight up terrifying. Carrie was always more rebellious than I was and it seems college made her forget what it was like under her regime.
From what I heard about Tom, he took really good care of Carrie. I could tell he really adored her and I was cool with it, but that didn’t mean Mom would be.
So I waited and waited, expecting another call about how Mom was being unfair and ruining her life. Carrie’s a bit of a drama queen too, but she always seemed to outdo herself when it came to guys.
When I pulled that boyfriend thing with my ex, Mom went ballistic, but it turns out Mom knew Tom from a few years ago from some youth camp. She was his mentor and she absolutely adored him. They got her blessing almost immediately.
Tom, you’re extremely lucky to be marrying my little sister and best friend. You get a beautiful wife, a mom and mentor, and an annoying big sister who’ll force you to introduce all your hot friends to her.”

Use this speech to poke fun at your overprotective family and how they want to protect their precious daughters. Most people can relate to having an overprotective mom.
It says you already had a great impression of your sister’s husband based on how she talked about him, but the confirmation from your mother sealed the deal.


03From a secret relationship to a marriage
“I’m Raquel, the big sis of Hannah, maid-of-honor, official protector, confidant and best friend.
First things first, can I get a round of applause for Mom and Dad? They’ve really shown Hannah and me what it means to be committed to someone completely and the meaning of love.
Ryan isn’t a stranger to our family. I still see him as that snot-nosed boy who had a huge crush on my little sister.
For the record, Dad didn’t allow us to date until we went to college, so you know there was a lot of sneaking around involved in high school. Of course, big sister would come to the rescue and help her make up stories so she wouldn’t get caught; that’s what a big sister is for, right?
When they finally got serious, they came up with a brilliant idea to confront Mom and Dad, and let me tell you, that was the MOST awkward dinner I have ever had. Honestly, I found it pleasant to watch Dad torture, no, interrogate poor Ryan.
Don’t get me wrong, I love him for Hannah. But that was kind of my repayment for all those years of having to help him sneak out the back door and her stealing my Jimmy Choo handbag for her dates.
One thing for certain is, if you could commit to this secret relationship, you sure as hell can keep up a marriage. To long life, a happy marriage and unexpected visits from the big sis!”


couple in love hug support each other
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This tells everyone you’ve known the groom for a long time, and your opinion of him has changed over the years. It tells the funny story of how they got together and how your parents reacted to the news.

2 Funny Maid of Honor Speech Examples of How You Are Looking Forward to Your Little Sister’s Children


04The children of perfectionist parents
“Mom and Dad were right. You shouldn’t have given me the mic.
Now that I’ve got it, it’s time to release all the juicy details I know about Rachel. For reference, I’m the older sister Angie, but she acts like she’s in charge.
I’m older by a year, so we basically did everything together growing up. In English class, or whatever, she’s like Chatgpt to me back then, and was in charge of writing my essays and speeches because she was that much smarter than everyone else.
But she met her match with Chris, and that made her pretty mad. They were constantly fighting over whose GPA was higher or whose lecturer liked them more. Everyone could tell they’re basically the same person.
They are both perfectionists, and I mean at manic level. Putting together this wedding was a huge headache because as maid of honor and big sister, my job was to manage this wedding and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. And, by the looks of things, I did a pretty good job, am I right? [wait for audience response]
Rachel, you’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. And Chris, you look……not so bad in that suit.
This speech isn’t about that, it’s about saying what everyone wants to say. You’re not getting any younger!
You guys have been together long enough, but we’ve also been waiting on some kids long enough. I believe they’ll be like their parents – brilliant, strong-minded and a ton of fun to be around.
Your love is a flame that burns eternally, and to that, cheers everyone!”


pregnant woman husband listening to baby in belly

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Use this to talk about why you think the pair is a perfect match. At the same time, you’re complimenting the actual wedding, and how they were able to compare both their ideas and expectations to create something beautiful.
It also says you expect the couple to have a successful relationship because they are like twins when it comes to certain things, for example, perfection.

05Mom has been waiting forever…
“For those of you who don’t know me, hey, I’m Tabetha, Elise’s favorite sister in the whole wide world. Those of you who know me, yes, I’m her only sister, but it doesn’t matter, we both love each other very much.
Meeting all of you today has been great and I’m so happy we’re all a family. Special shoutout to my family for not being late to this thing; it’s a good sign because we’re never on time.
So, I’m more of a tomboy- I play video games and read comics. I’m really into dirt bikes and I hate the color pink.
Elise, however, has always been a girly girl, with big dreams in her head about finding the perfect man and settling down before building a family. So, when I heard she found that guy, I was a bit skeptical.
Ever since she was little, Elise has always been a dreamer. She had an imaginary friend until she was 11!
As her older, wiser sister, it’s my job to keep her safe, and that means keeping her safe from men. To this day, she still needs my help to pick out her clothes, so you know I’ve given Joey a pretty hard time.
I needn’t have worried though, because he’s proven to be a dream come true so far, and that’s the kind of guy Elise talked about since she was a little girl. Joey, Elise, please be kind to each other, and always keep in mind your vows.
Aren’t they beautiful? [wait for audience response].
Love is something that when you find it, you should hold onto it and never let go. True love is rare, and for some people, it only happens once in a lifetime.
My biggest wish for you as my little sister has always been for you to be happy. As long as you’re happy, our whole family is happy.
Elise, you have your prince charming, now it’s time to get started on that family. Mom has been waiting forever and you no longer have any excuses.
To lots of babies, and a lifetime of love and laughter.”

This speech talks about how much this moment means to your sister and how happy you are that she’s found the man of her dreams to marry. It talks about how close you are and shows support to the groom. It also says you’re looking forward to what the future holds for the happy couple, especially nieces or nephews that you hope they provide. 


Funny Maid of Honor Speech Example of How the Groom Will Take Care of Your Little Sister


06Groom’s unconditional support for the bride during her hardship
“I hope everyone’s having a good time, I know I am. I’m Anna’s crazy big sister Arla, the maid-of-honor and the best daughter our parents have.
Before I begin, let me just say I’m not very good with new people. When my parents brought Anna home, I basically ignored her until one day I realized she wasn’t so bad.
I’ve always been that way, and anyone in my family can tell you. So, imagine how nervous Anna was about me meeting Yannick.
The first time meeting him worked out in the most hilarious way. So, we were both waiting for Anna so we could meet, but we had no clue how the other looked.
When I walked in, this guy held the door for me and offered to help me bring all the fandangles I had with me to my seat. Then, he turned, sat somewhere else and ignored me until she came.
Big shocker because I’m used to guys hitting on me all day. Anna is pretty hot, but I’m the original. However, this guy only seemed to have eyes for her. I could tell there was a lot of love between them.
I can’t wait to learn more about you bro. Thanks for being there for her, especially when she had her cancer scare. It was a tough time for our entire family, but knowing she had someone like you by her side helped a lot.
I know without a doubt you guys will be ready for anything. So let’s raise our glasses to Mr. and Mrs. Richards!”


bride and groom Wedding tradition sprinkled with rice and grain
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This is a good way to outline your first impression of your big sister’s husband, how you felt in the moment and what you learned from meeting him. The story also talks about how you think they’re a great match for each other and how you’re excited about their future together as husband and wife. 


Funny Maid of Honor Speech Example of Providing Sage Advice on the Marriage Journey Ahead for Your Little Sister and the Groom


07Love is the key to all
“Part of my job as a big sister is to guide my little sister, help her make the right decisions and support her no matter what. As if that’s not hard enough with a hellraiser like Sarah, she signed me up for the maid-of-honor role, too.
I thought that meant I was in charge of the bachelorette party, but it turns out she signed me up for free labor. I had to get everything right for bridezilla, and in all that time, I didn’t get around to writing a proper maid of honor speech.
So, I decided to do what I do best: pick the brain of my husband. Thank you, darling! [Wink at him]
When I was getting married, the only thing that my mind could focus on was the cake, the dress, the flowers, the DJ and the whole works. The idea of being a wife was great, but I had no clue about the amount of work it took to make a marriage work.
Love is the key to it all. It’s something you feel, love and see in our parents and loved ones.
Love is poetry of the heart, and some days, it may not be obvious, but it’s always there. Today, we see evidence of it in this room, from the bride and groom, to everyone here to support them.
Sarah, you’re going to find the toilet seat always left up and it’s gonna drive you crazy. Your detergent and fancy shampoo are going to run out much sooner than before.
But, you are going to have more happiness than you can even imagine. He’s going to be your rock when you need support and your comfort on the hard days.
We’re not going to pretend like you’re perfect either, remember that incident with the curb? I’m never letting you touch my Tesla again.
But my point is, when you work together and have love, you can achieve anything.
Jamie, love that woman with all you’ve got.
And Sarah, prepare yourself for deep sighs and head shakes. I believe in you guys.
Your happiness matters the most. Good luck.”


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This speech gives the newlyweds valuable advice about how they should approach the journey of marriage. Marriage is not easy, and advice like this can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day for the happy couple.
It also talks about being happy that your sister has finally gotten everything she’s been dreaming of and how proud you are of her for choosing the right man.


When you have a lot on your plate as the maid of honor, it can be tough setting aside time between meeting with florists, coming up with bachelorette party ideas and meeting with the caterers to come up with a funny maid of honor speech for your little sister’s wedding.
This list of funny maid of honor speeches for your sister takes out all the guesswork, saying all the things you might want to say, but can’t find the right words for.