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14 Father’s Day Messages to Help Express Your Love to Your Dad in Heaven

14 Father’s Day Messages to Help Express Your Love to Your Dad in Heaven

This June, wish your dad a heavenly Father’s Day with a heartfelt message on your favorite social media profile. Share your best moments, close bond and the impact your dad had on you when you say Happy Father’s Day in Heaven.

Many people say Happy Father’s Day after their dad has passed as a coping mechanism to keep his memory alive. You can use your message to talk about how much you love and miss one of the most important men in your life.

Upload it with your favorite song, pictures, videos or whatever speaks to you on this heavenly Father’s Day. These are some examples of how you can create the perfect Happy Father’s Day in Heaven message for your father:


What Your Message Should Say

By the time Father’s Day rolls around this year, the feelings of grief will become more intense and you’ll be flooded with reminders of what you’ve lost. Everyone deals with these feelings differently, but it’s safe to say that many people prefer to honor the memory of their departed father.
You can do this using Happy Father’s Day in Heaven messages to post on social media. This will help to keep his memory alive and help other loved ones cope with their grief.
Shutting down is never the answer, and the more you express yourself, the better you’ll be able to manage these feelings. Here’s what your message should say:

01Talk about how much you love your dad, as well as how grateful you are for everything he did for you and others.


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02Highlight the best memories you shared with your dad and how having him as a father impacted your life.


03Mention the things happening in your life currently, whether with you or other members of your family.


04Share the changes you’ve noticed since he’s been gone.


05Talk about the special bond with your dad. Express your regret at losing that bond and talk about how much you miss him.


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06Thank him for his role as a dad and how well he performed that duty to his child.


07Picture his life in Heaven, with him at peace, no longer suffering or worrying. Imagine him surrounded by the love of angels and past friends and relatives.
Always end your message with your wish to meet again someday or your hope that he’s happy in Heaven.


7 examples of “Happy Father’s Day in Heaven” messages for a late father from a daughter

Father-daughter bonds are just as important as a bond between a daughter and her mother. Fathers teach their daughters how a man should treat them, and encourage them to pursue skills and interests.
To his daughter, daddy is always there to have her back and he protects her from the dangers in this world. He’s her superhero and someone she can always look up to.
Say Happy Father’s Day in Heaven to your dad who’s passed using these messages:

01“I miss you, Dad. Today’s harder than the other days because you’re supposed to be here getting celebrated for the father you were.
I wish you were here to see what this family has become and how we’ve managed to make it through without the captain of our ship. Micah graduated last spring, and Tony became a partner at the firm.
Judith bought a new house with Greg, and Michael and I are currently looking for somewhere to call home. Tim is still building his company and he’s managed to open a second location downtown.
It took some doing, but we’re all going fine, considering. I know you’d be proud of each and every one of us and what we’ve been able to accomplish on our own.
That’s all thanks to you though for showing us the way and supporting us through it all. Thanks for being a great dad and a strong leader.”
#Family #FatherDaughter #DaddyDay


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Post this message when you want to tell your dad what the family’s been up to (idea 3) and how everyone’s coping with his loss. It’d be a good idea to upload pictures or videos that capture the moments or changes you talked about in the message.

02“Even though you were supposed to be the strict one, somehow you always let me get away with things and learn from my mistakes. Maybe that’s because I was your little princess, and you taught me that life is a constant lesson, I should always take my failures in stride and seek out the moral of the story.
I understand now that your approach to life is what prepared me to deal with your loss. I look for the bright side, and that’s you, up in Heaven, no longer suffering from that ruthless tumor.
I know you’re getting along with everyone up there because that’s the kind of man you are. I bet you’re even close with the Big Guy.
Put in a good word for me while you’re up there. I can’t wait to see you again, Dad.”
Love always, Happy Father’s Day.


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This is a good Happy Father’s Day message for a dad who you know is in Heaven (idea 7), and who has had, and always will have an impact wherever he goes (idea 2). It’s a funny way to talk about the kind of man your dad was and how much of an influence he’s had on you (idea 6), which makes him a true parent.
This goes well with any photo or video of you and your dad. Try to avoid ones with him looking ill since it can bring up bad memories for other relatives and loved ones.
#DadinHeaven #Angel #FathersDay

03“You were a parent as well as a friend and took the time to get to know me. I was too busy being a bratty teenager to realize you were only trying to be a good dad.
I wish I didn’t throw all those tantrums and say those things I didn’t mean. I can’t forget the time I talked about running away because I felt like you understood me.
I was so foolish to think I could live on my own. You supported me through all of that and never once made me feel like I was doing anything wrong.
You were patient, and that’s what I really needed at the time. You were the one to see the beauty in me, even when I wasn’t acting the way I should’ve been.
I wish we didn’t lose all those years to me being mad about a situation I hardly remember. Thank you for never holding it against me and being a good dad regardless.
Happy Father’s Day in Heaven. Miss you, Dad.”
#DaddysLittleGirl #DadsRock #Don’tForgetDads


This message talks about the type of dad he was and how much he loved you, even when you were being ungrateful (idea 6). It says you appreciate his patience, but wish things could have ended on a different note.
Post it with something taken during good times, before you fell out with your dad.

04“Happy Father’s Day in Heaven, Dad. I know things are all well up there for you and I’m so happy you’re finally getting the rest you deserve.
You were the most hardworking man I’ve ever known, and mom and I never wanted for anything. You took care of us like princesses and put us first.
I remember when your job wanted you to move halfway around the world, but you chose to stay home with us. Mom was struggling with her depression and there’s no way our family would’ve made it if you weren’t around.
I’m forever grateful to you for showing me what it means to be a real man. I witnessed love and respect between you and mom, and now I know how I should expect to be treated in a relationship.
You were truly one-of-a-kind and the physical embodiment of goodness and grace. You’re so special to me and I’ll never forget our daddy-daughter relationship.
Someday, the universe has to put us together again, I just know it. Miss you, Dad.
I can’t wait to see you again.”
#HeavenlyFathersDay #FatherandDaughter #MissYou


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Tell your dad you love him and that you’re grateful to have had him as a father (idea 1) this Father’s Day. Use an example of him making a sacrifice to the family that means the most to you.
It’d go well with your favorite throwback photo of you with your dad when you were younger.

05“Happy Father’s Day in Heaven to my beloved father. Thank you for dedicating your life to our family and making sure we have all the tools to succeed. It’s because of your sacrifices that we were all able to go to university and graduate with degrees.
You live through us in everything we do. Ron managed to start his own business after leaving school, just like you, and he’s even taken up a similar role as a dedicated member of our community.
I hung up my stethoscope a few months ago to be a stay-at-home mom to your granddaughter Leia. She’s the most precious thing in my life besides my husband, Marcus.
I still continue your work at the Richards Foundation, and our latest fundraiser was a success. All our relatives chipped in, even Uncle Charles who’s still recovering from his stroke.
We’ve seen how much you’ve given to this company, and all agree your legacy must live on. A man who’s given so much of his life to his community is deserving of a lifetime of peace and serenity.
Rest up, Daddy, see you on the other side.”
#Boss #FamilyMan #FathersDay


This is a good message for the type of dad that placed emphasis on education and family. It says these values are still being upheld.
This is a good way to update everyone about how the family’s doing (idea 3) and highlight the respect you have for his memory. Post it with any pictures or videos of the events you mentioned, or a group photo of Dad and the rest of the family.

06“Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads in the world, and a special Heavenly Father’s Day to my dad, Timothy.
I haven’t found a way to describe this loss, even after so many years have passed. My favorite memory is our ski trip we took to Vermont for my 14th birthday. I was terrified of skiing on my own, and you were so patient when compared to me freaking out.
By the end of it, I found my courage, and we had a great time shredding snow and tumbling over on the powdery slopes. I wish we could’ve done it again, but something always got in the way.
I wish I could never put these things off. You never know when you’ll lose someone you love, so take life as it is, and enjoy the here and now.
I’m a mom now, I try to make lasting memories with Becky, and I make sure to take a ton of pictures of us spending time together for her.
I just wish you could be here for it, and maybe even wear the corny matching gear we do. I know you’d love it.”
#Memories #Birthday #FathersDay


family skiers enjoying lunch winter mountainsPhoto by gorillaimages on shutterstock

Share your favorite memory of your dad (idea 2), one that’s close to your heart and is your favorite memory to reflect on when you’re at your lowest. It reflects on the bond you shared and how you want to have that type of relationship with your own child (idea 5).
Intimate photos and videos capturing the moment are a great way to top off this message wishing Happy Father’s Day in heaven. If your message includes something about you carrying on a tradition, you can always post them side-by-side to show you’ve continued it with your family.

07“I hate the way we left things before I moved out. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that you always want me to be the best version of myself.
I never should’ve dropped out of college to chase a guy. You’ve never led me astray, but I guess being young and in love makes you do stupid things.
I know you were disappointed in the way I handled things and the choices I made before you left. That wasn’t how you raised me, and I know you pictured me doing great things, like being a lawyer or curing cancer.
My biggest regret is not hashing things out, and letting my pride and ego get in the way of our relationship. It doesn’t matter how big I felt, a girl always needs her daddy.
I hope this message reaches you in Heaven so you know how truly sorry I am.
Happy Father’s Day. Miss you, Dad.”
#Love #Family #Forgiveness


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We lose the people that mean the most to us at the worst times. The worst of all is when you’re in a bad place and didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.
This message says you love and miss him, and are glad he was your dad (idea 1). It also talks about how things changed in your relationship before he died, and how you’ve finally realized you were on the wrong path (idea 4).
Upload this message with your favorite photo or video of you with your dad before things went sour. This is the best way to remember him.

7 examples of “Happy Father’s Day in Heaven” messages for a late father from a son

A father is a son’s first impression of what it means to be a man. He teaches him how to be strong, command respect and make his family proud.
Sons mimic their fathers in ways they don’t even realize, and even if you aren’t his twin in terms of appearance, you share more things than you can imagine. That’s why his passing has affected you so much.
Use these examples of Happy Father’s Day in Heaven messages to wish your dad well this Father’s Day.

08“Nothing hurts more than knowing I’ll never get to spend another Sunday afternoon with you, Dad, tending to the horses and fishing by the lake. I miss our lakeside campfire, the spicy fish soup and even those pesky mosquitoes.
I miss all the things we used to do together, just us men. It felt like I was at the top of the world, and with my dad by my side, I was invincible.
I wish you stuck around a bit longer so we could do it with my future son. I know you would’ve liked that.
When he arrives, I’ll carry on our traditions and create a solid relationship like we had. I want him to be able to talk to me like a best bud like I could with you.
Until then, I’ll take care of your horses, keep the boats in shape and keep our secret spot amongst the Lewis men.
Happy Father’s Day in Heaven chief.”
#FatherSon #Bonding #FathersDay


happy man talking to father while fishing


Photo by Drazen Zigic on shutterstock

Use this to highlight a specific memory you shared with your dad that you’ll always cherish (idea 2). It says a lot about the close bond you shared (idea 5) and why his passing has such an impact on your life.
If you can find pictures or videos of this memory, that would be great, but any picture of the two of you together should do the trick.

09“A man can only learn what it means to be a man from a man. I’m so lucky to have had a real man to show me the way.
I’m thankful for all the years you dedicated to raising me and being a strong partner for Mom. I’m glad I got the chance to grow up in an environment of love and healthy relationships so that one day I can be the type of man my son or daughter can look up to.
I wish I had the chance to properly show my full appreciation for everything you’ve done, from teaching me to dust myself off after a fall and be a leader, to being gentle and caring when the situation requires that approach. But, life didn’t intend it that way.
I’ll continue to make you proud of the man I’ll become. Happy Pops Day!”
#LoveAlways #HeavenlyFathersDay #Pops


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Say ‘I love you, Dad’ with this type of message (idea 1). It’s a great way to show gratitude as his son.
Pair it with a picture of you as a young boy with your dad.

10“Next month will make a year since you’ve been gone, but so much has happened since then. I got that promotion I was working all those hours for and I’ve never felt more financially secure.
Julie is pregnant and I’m so happy it’s a boy. We’re thinking about naming him Shawn, after you.
Eddie is planning to move to the city to pursue his career in tech, and Frankie just popped out a set of twins over the holidays.
We try to have dinner together once a month to keep each other in the loop, and so far, we’ve managed to stick to it. We’re planning a trip to Aruba this summer, and everyone’s excited.
We’ve kept our promise to you to always stick together. Now you keep yours and rest in Heaven. Happy Father’s Day, Dad”
#Family #Together #HappyFathersDay


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This serves as an update on what the family’s been up to since your dad’s passing (idea 3). It goes well with actual pictures and videos of these highlights.

11“I never understood what it meant to be a Father until I saw my own offspring. The moment I laid eyes on him, everything you said made sense immediately, and I was filled with a rush of love and contentment at what I created.
Thanks for giving me all the tools I’ll need to raise a good man. Those seem to be in short supply these days, but the foundation you laid for me and the rest of our family proves that quality time and peace of mind are all a child needs to have a happy and healthy life.
I’ll be by his side every step of the way like you were with me, and tell him about his cool grand-dad and all the adventures that led you to be the man you were. Every Father’s Day, we’ll pay our respects and continue to be grateful to the man responsible for all this.
Miss you, Dad.”
#Fatherhood #Son #FathersDay


Post this message to shed light on the power of fatherhood (idea 6) and your understanding and appreciation of being taught how to be a good father. Post it with photos of you with your son, side by side with your dad.

12“Unfortunately, we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. It took me way too long to realize I had it good.
Not every dad shows up for all your games and volunteers to carry everyone to practice. Some dads don’t even know their son’s shoe size or what he likes to do for fun.
Being separated from Mom didn’t stop you from being involved in my life, and you weren’t the child support dad. You made it a point to be in my life and do whatever it took to make sure Mom and I were comfortable.
Thanks for that, and everything else, Dad. You were the greatest to ever do it.
Happy Father’s Day. Miss you, Dad!”


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#FamilyForever #FathersDay #Thankful
If your dad was a good father who was always there for you (idea 6), this is the message for you. Post it with a memory of a time that you were getting along.

13“Happy Father’s Day in Heaven to the man who’s probably running things up there by now. You were the no-nonsense type and the man everyone turned to for help.
Heaven is the perfect place for a man like you because you’ve done more than you were expected to on Earth. You were a secret angel to many and never expected anything in return for your good deeds.
You stood for honesty and ran a tight ship. Your name will live on as a legend, years after I’m gone because of who you were, and continue to be.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You mean the world to me.”
#FathersDayinHeaven #Peace #Love

This is a message to a father in Heaven (idea 7) who lived a life deserving of salvation and eternal peace. Post it with something that showcases his achievements or the type of man he was when he was on Earth.

14“When you were here, you shielded us from the harsh realities of this world and made sure we never had to deal with the ugly. Now that you’re gone, we can better appreciate your role in our lives and the type of man you were.
You took care of everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Bills we didn’t even know existed were taken care of months in advance, and the next year will be smooth sailing because you paid off my tuition.
The one thing you couldn’t protect us from is the feeling of loss, and every day, we’re reminded that you’re no longer here. Our home was once filled with laughter, but now, all we can think about is our sadness.
I know these feelings won’t last forever, but Father’s Day is always going to be rough. But, we’ll get through it like we always do.”
#RealMan #FatheroftheYear #HappyFathersDay


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Use this to highlight how your life has changed now that your dad’s gone (idea 4). Be sure to include specific examples to make it clear that his absence is definitely felt. Post it with a picture of you, your dad and other relatives.


Say Happy Father’s Day in Heaven to your dad with these handpicked messages that we came across on social media from real sons and daughters who lost their dads.
These heartfelt messages are real tear-jerkers. Let them act as your source of inspiration when searching for the right sentiment to honor your dad on this Father’s Day.