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20 Ways to Charm a Girl Back When She Calls You Handsome

20 Ways to Charm a Girl Back When She Calls You Handsome

Who doesn’t like getting compliments, especially when it’s from a pretty girl? When you end up in that situation, do you know what to say when a girl calls you handsome?

Let’s be real here, a lot of us guys have no clue what to say. So, we end up making fools out of ourselves and turning off prospective dates.

There are quite a few reasons a girl will call you handsome. For instance, when she likes you.

Other times when a girl calls you handsome, she just wants to use you or get something from you. Based on this, you can figure out what to say.


Top 5 reasons why a girl calls you handsome

Girls can be hard to understand sometimes. It can feel like cracking an impossible code or doing mental gymnastics.
It doesn’t have to be, because we’re about to reveal the top 5 reasons why a girl calls you handsome:

01She thinks you’re attractive
This is the most obvious reason. Think about why you call a girl pretty or hot.
It’s because you think she is attractive. Just because she calls you handsome, it doesn’t mean she wants to be with you as it can be a platonic statement.


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02She’s trying to butter you up
Sometimes, women play at our weaknesses to their advantage. When a girl we like calls us handsome, we’re willing to do anything she asks, and she knows that.
Usually, the request comes right after you’re done reacting positively to the compliment. It becomes pretty obvious at this point.


03She’s just being nice
Maybe she’s just being nice and wants to put a smile on your face. This can be a random stranger or someone you already know.
This sometimes means she’s interested but isn’t always the case. Wait for more clues before you respond.



04She’s your girlfriend and wants to give you a compliment
Your girlfriend will call you handsome to brighten your mood. She may also call you handsome because you look extra good that day to her.


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05She wants to get to know you
A girl you don’t know will call you handsome to start a conversation, make it clear she has a crush or simply to leave a mark on you. This mark will cause you to think about her if you think she’s cute or make you want to avoid her if you’re not feeling it.


5 flirty responses when a girl you just met calls you handsome and you are interested in her

If you’re a good-looking guy, you should be no stranger to girls calling you handsome. Often, this is a sign of flirting, and this gives you a hint that you need to make a move.
When you like her too, you want to be as smooth as possible so you don’t end up scaring her off. A funny approach will also work because girls love guys who can make them laugh.
These are some examples of what to say when a girl calls you handsome and you want to be flirty:

01“I’m not good at receiving compliments, so forgive me for blushing so hard!”
If you’re shy, this is good to use because you can signal the girl to take the lead on flirting.

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Girls find it cute sometimes when guys act shy, and they’re more likely to reveal their true selves.


02“If I’m handsome, you’re delicious.”
This is a very forward approach, but if you feel confident in the chemistry between you and this stranger, go for it. It says you find her really attractive.


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03“A lil bit. That’s all you.”
This says you like the compliment, but the real star is her beauty.


04“I’ll walk a little taller today now that I’ve got a compliment from a cute girl.”
Use this to say her compliment brightened up your day, and has put a pep in your step, meaning you feel more confident in how you approach your day.


05“Great, now I have to walk around with a joker smile all day.”
This is meant to be a joke, and it says the compliment will have you smiling and blushing all day.


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5 of the best responses when you think the girl wants to get something/some information from you

Girls will use their good looks and flattery to charm guys into doing what they want. In fact, they’re very good at it and have used that skill for generations to get men to do their bidding.
Here’s what to say when a girl calls you handsome and you know she wants something from you:

06“Hmmm, what do you want?”
This is good to use when you know the girl well, and you’re used to her taking advantage of you in a friendly way.
It says she should just get onto her request.


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07“And how much do I owe you for this compliment?”
Use this when you know her tactics. It says she only gives compliments to gain something.


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08“Let’s cut to the chase. How can I help you today?”
Say this when you don’t have a lot of time to go back and forth flirting with her to no end. It says she should be straightforward.


09“We do this every time. Let’s skip the small talk.”
This is good to use when you don’t want to deal with the back and forth every time she needs something.


10“I’ll still take the compliment even though I know you’re just saying it because you need something.”
This says you know her tricks, but don’t mind doing what she asks because she’s a pretty girl.



5 cute responses when your partner calls you handsome

It’s important to make your partner feel wanted in a relationship, so now and then, be sure to trade compliments. When it’s her turn to call you handsome, cute or sexy, you’ll need some flirty comebacks to keep things interesting.
These are examples of what to say when your partner calls you handsome:

11“I have you to thank for that.”
This is good to use when your partner helped you to pick out your outfit or helped you to get ready. It acknowledges her effort and shows her that you appreciate it.


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12“You’re not so bad looking yourself.”
Use this as a funny response to say you think she’s handsome too, or rather, beautiful.


13“I’m just trying to keep up with you.”
Say this when you want to say your girl always looks good, and you just try to compliment her in any way you can.


14“I do my best. You do it better.”
This says she is the real beauty in this relationship, and you want to make sure you’re good eye candy for her arm.


15“You always know how to put a smile on my face.”
It is good to say this when the compliment makes your day a little better.


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5 polite responses to show you are not interested when a girl calls you handsome

We like what we like, and have the right to not like certain things. This can be applied to relationships and meeting new girls.
We don’t like every girl that comes our way. The important thing is to be kind and respectful with your response.
You don’t want her to feel like she’s unattractive or not in your league. Calling a woman ugly is a lame move.
Here’s what to say when a girl calls you handsome but you aren’t interested:

16“That’s very kind of you! Thanks!”
This is a polite response you can use to accept the compliment. It’s great because it doesn’t lead her on.


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17“Thank my girlfriend. She put me onto some styling tips and I’ve never looked back.”
This is good to use when the girl keeps flirting with you, even though you haven’t shown interest. This is a subtle way to let her know you aren’t interested because you’re taken and it works well as a lie even if you’re not.


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18“Oh, I try! Thanks for noticing.”
This is a humble response you can use to accept the compliment and be nice to her.


19“Thanks for making my day. I was feeling a bit down.”
It is good to use this when the compliment boosts your ego a little bit, and you want to let her know you appreciate her kind words.


20“I must be doing something right! I appreciate the compliment.”
Use this when you want to be polite and not dismissive of her compliment.



Now that you know what to say when a girl calls you handsome, you can work on keeping up your appearance, especially when there’s someone you have your eyes on. The same is true for your relationships because it helps to keep things fresh and interesting.
And for the girls you don’t like, and the ones you know don’t see you in that way, be mindful of the way you dismiss them. You want other people to be kind to you, right?
So, do the same.