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How to Ask a Girl for Her Number Successfully

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number Successfully

It is completely normal to feel nervous when you are around a girl you like. In fact, you may not even know how to approach her, and that is also very normal.

Here is a guide that will help you and the millions of other guys out there who don’t know how to ask a girl for her number:

Before you go ahead and ask in a way that doesn’t work for you, and end up looking awkward, here are some do’s and don’ts for how to ask a girl for her number:



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01Have your phone ready to collect her number so you aren’t searching for it if she says yes.


02Be confident.


03Be polite and respectful.


04Talk to her for a bit before asking for her number. Let her see that you are an interesting person.



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01Leave as soon as you get her number. This sends the wrong kind of message.


02Forget to give her your number when she gets yours. Though most women are afraid to text first, it is unlikely they will answer a number they don’t know. You might also have to spend time reintroducing yourself over the phone.


03Pressure her if she says no. You will never get her number this way.


04Ask someone else for her number if she says no. That will come off as creepy.

Based on this list of do’s and don’ts you should have an idea of how to ask a girl for her number. But, if you need a bit of inspiration, keep reading for twenty possible ways of how to ask a girl for her number and why they work!

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number: Classmates, Coworkers and Other Girls You Have Already Met

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01I just realized how crazy it is that we’ve known each other all this time and I don’t even have your number! *hand her your phone*
By pointing out the fact that you already know each other, she will feel more comfortable about you having her number. If you hand her your phone, chances are she will not want to be rude by handing it back.


02Hey, a couple of us are going for drinks after work. If you give me your number, I can text you the details!
You never want to make a coworker feel uncomfortable when you ask for her number, in case it ends up being awkward for both of you at work. By presenting your request in this way, she will feel more comfortable and is more likely to say yes.


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03Since its a school night and you probably won’t want to be out late, could I call you when you get home for some help with this assignment?
If you guys are in the same class, it isn’t unnatural for students to ask other students for help with an assignment. This will work because asking for her number won’t seem out of context.


04I had so much fun the other day at Ryan’s party and I’d love to get to know you more. How about a phone call later?
If she had as much fun at Ryan’s party as you did, and if you made a good first impression, there is no reason she won’t say yes. She already knows you and knows that you are a cool person.

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05Hey Lisa, the chat we had about the political climate and hip hop the other day made me realize you are a really smart and down to earth girl. Perhaps we could talk more about it on the phone?
Complimenting her will do the trick most times, but when it comes to brainy women, they prefer for you to treat them as such. Be confident!


06Tina, I switched phones and lost your number. Would you add it back to my contacts?
Even if you hadn’t had Tina’s number before, the fact that you already know her will make her more inclined to give it to you. Asking her to add it herself is more informal and will make her feel more comfortable about giving it to you.

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07You’re really fun to talk to. Let’s grab some dinner this weekend!
You usually don’t see your coworkers or classmates on the weekend, this will prompt her to offer you her number. If she doesn’t, simply hand her your phone.



08Why don’t I have your number?
If you interact with her on a frequent basis and have friendly conversations, this is a funny, could-become-flirty way to ask for a her number.
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09I found some really great videos on the topic that was taught today. Give me your number so I can send you the links
If you talk to your classmate on a regular basis, there is no reason she would say no. The fact that you are making school easier for her will surely guarantee a yes.


10Do you want to hang out this weekend? Let’s make the plans tonight
If you guys are going to make plans to hang out, you will either have to do so in person or over the phone. Because you said tonight, it implies that you plan to do so over the phone, and she will offer her number.


How to Ask a Girl for Her Number: Strangers

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11You seem really awesome, and I’d love to stay and chat more, but I’m late for my meeting. Can I have your number so we could finish this conversation later?
Even if you don’t have a meeting to head off to, she will be impressed by that fact. And, it’ll stop the conversation from becoming boring and your interaction will end on a high note.


12It was nice meeting you. Before I go, could we exchange numbers?
Asking to exchange numbers is a more mature way of asking for her number, and her reaction will let you know beforehand if she is truly interested in getting to know you.



13Hey what’s your number? I’ll give you a call later
If you made a great first impression and she enjoyed the conversation, she will want to continue it and will therefor give you her number.


14Hey, can I have your number? The real one, not the fake one you give out to random, strange guys
This will probably make her laugh and make her less likely to give you a fake number.
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15Hey, I’m new to this area. Could you show me around sometime?
It’ll be pretty funny when she finds out you’ve lived there your entire life. But if she’s a good Samaritan she will give you her number if you approach her politely.


16Can I get your number so we can pick this up later?
If you need to leave, but you are both enjoying the conversation, use this line. It will work if she is interested in you as well.

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17I have to go now but give me a call when you reach home
She will probably say But I don’t have your number. This is where you will exchange numbers.


18By the way what’s your number? We should see where these conversations lead
This line is simple and straight to point. Just don’t be too abrupt. Wait for the right time.


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19I think we’re getting along pretty great. Why don’t you give me your number? Let’s keep the conversations going
If you guys are sharing similar interests and dislikes with each other, she’ll notice that you guys have a lot in common and will want to keep talking to you, she may even be willing to go out on a date.


20You seem like a wonderful person. I’d like to get to know you more outside of this setting. Can we discuss this over text?
This is a bit more formal and would work well when you have met the person in a formal setting.


Knowing how to ask a girl for her number is only a small part of the journey. You’ll also have to keep her interested and work up the courage to ask her out.

Just be confident in yourself, if she is the one for you, things will work out fine.