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How to Friendzone a Guy without Any Trouble

How to Friendzone a Guy without Any Trouble

In your life, you get tons of unwanted attention from all sorts of guys. To face the situation in the nicest possible manner, you should know how to friendzone a guy.

After all, it doesn’t always have to be a straightforward no that ends a friendship on bitter terms. Pulling it off without much trouble can save you from unnecessary drama and establish clear boundaries. These 15 ways here should do the trick.


01I just really don’t like holding hands/kissing
Knowing how to friendzone a guy includes being honest with yourself. This means that you should never lead him on with holding hands, kissing or anything similar. Even though you may be single and feel lonely sometimes, don’t do anything that might suggest there are feelings involved. If you don’t want anything with him, avoid too much physical contact.


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02Oh sorry, I can’t come this week, I’m just too busy
While this may be a little rude, it’s an essential part of learning how to friendzone a guy. Even if you want to hang out with him often, accepting every invitation to join him for a drink or movie is a bad idea. Reject him and say you’re busy every once in a while. This is so that he doesn’t assume you’re willing to meet with him on a daily basis.


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03I can’t rearrange, sorry, I just have too much to do
Rearranging your schedule to meet him will send a bad message. He will think that you’re romantically interested in him. Just because you find it more pleasant to spend time with him than to stay home, doesn’t mean you should rearrange. He isn’t your priority and avoid making it seem that way.


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04I really think I wouldn’t fit in with your friends, some other time, eh?
There are several tactics guys use to feel out the terrain and see if you’re interested in him. In learning how to friendzone a guy, it’s essential that you know when to avoid overly personal situations. Rejecting an invite to meet his friends is always an effective method on how to friendzone a guy.


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05Why would I want to meet your parents?
Let’s face it – when we’re grownups, there isn’t such a distinct need to meet someone’s parents unless you’re together. Using this knowledge is perhaps the best way to friendzone a guy. He will get the message when he hears that you’re in no way interested in meeting his family.


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06Nah, I just hate wearing makeup in most situations
Putting less effort into your appearance is a guaranteed way to get the message across when you don’t know how to friendzone a guy. Putting in extra effort is inadvertently going to make him think that it’s because you’re interested in him. Always be casual and au naturel so you won’t leave the wrong impression.


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07Why would I dress up when we hang out?
Guys instinctively expect you to dress up if you’re interested in them. They hope that you will dress up for them, sooner or later. You can use this to your advantage when confused on how to friendzone a guy. Just be clever and drop this question at the right moment. He will get the message and should be firmly within the friendzone.


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08You remind me of my brother!
Comparing a guy to your male family member is the most effective way to friendzone a guy. After hearing this sentence, he will realize that there is no romantic or sexual attraction whatsoever. When friend zoning, it’s important to be swift and clear.


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09You’re not going to believe the nerve of this guy…
Telling a man how you’ve been approached by another guy you deem a friend/colleague is yet another approach on how to friendzone a guy. Once he hears that you hate when someone tries to overstep the boundaries of friendship, he’ll think twice before trying the same thing.


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10Our friendship means so much to me!
There is nothing like emphasizing the importance of him to you, but as a friend. Being so explicit stops him right in his tracks if he’s been thinking of you in a romantic sense. You won’t hurt his feelings by saying a thing that is genuine and sincere!


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11You and [girl’s name] would be ideal together
How to friendzone a guy with just one move? By diverting attention from yourself, of course. Let him know that there are better matches for him and that you just don’t fit the bill. He’ll either get the message or actually go after the other girl.


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12Me and [name of boyfriend] are so happy together
This approach accomplishes two things. First, you let him know that he means something to you (you don’t share such things with everyone). In addition to that, you also clearly indicate that nothing is going to change in your relationship any time soon.


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13I’ve met this cool guy, and…
If there is no way for him to understand, just imagine a random guy to let him know your interests are elsewhere. It’s not that hard to get the message with just one little lie. Don’t do this too often lest people will think you get attracted easily.


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14You know, [names] will come to the hangout too
If you’ve only been hanging out only recently, avoid spending time alone with him. This is also a good method of getting to know him. During group hangouts, you can see how he interacts with your friends or other people. This is the temporary friendzone.


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15Let’s get to know each other first, okay?
Sometimes, you have to let the guy know to slow it down. Most of them are going to give up once you say that you’re clearly not interested in them. Once they know you’re not that kind of girl, you won’t have any trouble.


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To sum up: How to friendzone a guy

These methods and tips teach you how to friendzone a guy without being harsh. We know how annoying it must be to be an object of someone’s affection all the time.

It’s always best to avoid any unpleasant situations and drama. Remember to always be polite to any guy.