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10 Scripts: How to Respond to a Rejection Email with Good Manners

10 Scripts: How to Respond to a Rejection Email with Good Manners

Getting rejected is never easy. In fact, most people’s immediate reaction to being rejected is to respond in a rude or cold initial manner.

As you read on, you will find out how to respond to a rejection email in different situations with good manners. These situations include when you’ve applied for something, or you invited someone and they decline.


Dos and Don’ts for How to Respond to a Rejection Email

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Before we dive in on the scripts, let’s get a basic understanding of how these scripts are written. This will help you write your own script for a situation not specifically mentioned here.
The first thing you need to remember, is that your rejection is most likely, not personal. When you are thinking of your response, consider their rejection may be due to extenuating circumstances, and responding in a cold manner could ruin future chances.
You should show kindness in your email. Cover your disappointment and find something positive to say. Show gratitude for their response and save your vengeful thoughts for later. Here are different methods that show you how to respond to a rejection email.


Examples About How to Respond to a Rejection Email


01A Script For Your Birthday Party
I completely understand, don’t worry. There will be future birthday parties we will get to enjoy together. I appreciate you letting me know you can’t come.
I’ll make sure to give you more notice next year, about what my plans will be. Maybe we could schedule something, just us.
I’ll send you pictures of this year’s event! Know we’ll miss you lots. Thanks for your email, take care.
Why this script?
This script doesn’t make the one who rejected the invitation feel bad about not making. It also shows you still appreciation and care for them.
By informing them that you will notify well in advance next, you are subtly telling him that you do not have any problem with and that he is not in your bad books.
Additionally, by offering to send pictures, you remain inclusive.


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02A Script for Your Farewell Party
It saddens me that you couldn’t make it to the party. I am not sure when we be able to see each other before I leave, but I’d love the opportunity to say my goodbye to you.
Thank you for this email though. It means a lot that you reached out.
I leave in a few days so please let me know if we can see each other. I’d also love to see your whole family, if that’s easier.
Why this script?
This script is honest but yet compassionate and considerate of the others feelings. It also shows that your friendship or relationship with that person has not ended over this.
You can use this script on both family and friends who rejected the invitation to your farewell party. It also doesn’t make the person who rejected feel excessively bad.
This script also allows the other person to make it up to you by arranging a meeting before you leave. This will help get rid of any doubts you may have had and console you.


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03A Script for Your Dinner Party
Thank you for letting me know, I understand that this dinner party probably was too last minute for you. Next time I arrange a dinner party, I’ll consider your busy schedule.
The turnout was great! Just know that there is always a spot at the table for you. Thank you for every effort you made to try and come.
The fact that you did try and come means everything to me and my family. You can pop in anytime for a cup of coffee you are always welcome here.
Why this script?
This script shows gratitude for the efforts that the invitee who rejected the invitation made. By thanking him, you are reassuring him that he doesn’t need to worry himself much.
By mentioning that there will be a next time, you put the person at ease. Also, by giving him the open invitation, he will realize that there is no bad blood between the two of you.
The part of telling him that the turnout was good you’re also making him feel better because probably all he can think about is that he ruined your party.


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04A Script for Your Wedding Party
That’s really too bad. I’m sorry you won’t be coming to the wedding, but please believe me when I know you have to have a good reason for doing so. If you want, why not stop by the next day? There will still be a lot of food available.
If not, let me know when works for you to come by so we can look at the pictures together. I know you wish me all the best for my big day, and I appreciate that.
Once the video has become available, I will share it with you, if you want.
Why this script?
It’s not just anything that can make a person skip their friend’s wedding. By letting that person know that you understand this, it will make them feel cared for and understood.
The offer for looking at the pictures together and later on giving him the video will sweeten the situation. It will make it clear that you are not angry at them being unable to come.
This email is compassionate, considerate and kind towards the invitee that couldn’t make it. This is how to respond to a rejection email minus the risk of losing your friends.


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05A Script for Your Baby Shower
Thanks for letting me know, the little one inside me and myself are appreciative of your efforts. Sorry that you won’t get all the sweets and snacks, but we can have them anytime!
My due date isn’t for awhile yet, so come by and I can show you the ultrasound pictures if you want!
Thanks for all the support you have given me till now and thank you in advance for the help you will give in the future. Respond to this email whenever you get time.
Why this script?
This script is in a relaxed and casual tone which assured the person that there are no hard feelings. Sincere tones always come across the right way.
Offering an open invitation that has a flexible timeframe will also give the invitee enough time to get a gift if they wish to do so.
Thanking the person at the end of your email for everything they’ve done for you will make it easier for them to continue doing so.


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06A Script for Your Invitation of Your Bridal Shower
Sorry you can’t make it but, don’t worry. I understand the situation you are in. We will definitely miss you but we will try to enjoy.
Thank you for letting me know in advance and thanks for trying to come to my bridal shower. Please try to arrange your affairs for the wedding day it will be great having you.
Why this script?
This script is clear, concise and cuts straight to the chase and it plays open cards with the other person without hurting their feelings.
Rather than hurting the other person’s feelings, this script comforts them, assuring them it would be great having them there on the big day.
You don’t need to stress on figuring out what to say. This is an appropriate response to a rejection email.


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07A Script for Your Invitation to a Colleague
Thank you for letting me know, there is no problem I understand. You may have had previous commitments, so I fully understand why you are booked.
I’ll let you know whenever an occasion like this is arranged so you can hopefully attend in the future.
I will see you at the office. Take care.
Why this script?
The last thing you need at work is stirring up an awkward situation by starting beef with your colleague. So instead of taking a blow at him, answer mildly.
This script respects the colleague’s choice of rejecting the invitation and opens the opportunity for another invitation.
If a colleague rejects your invitation, this is how to respond to a rejection email.


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08A Script for Your Invitation to a Date
It is a pity you can’t make it, it would have been fun. Perhaps next time we will be able to go out together.
We could try that new Italian restaurant next week. Friday, if it is works for you? Or, whenever you are available, let me know. I would love to hear from you. Take care.
Why this script?
They say the most important thing at a first date is trying to get a second one. So, if the first date didn’t happen, try another shot at having that date.
By being rude or cold, you will be eliminating all the chances you have of having that date with that special someone. This script shows a basic way of being polite and mild.
It does not sound too bossy or nagging. Instead, it extends the opportunity to the other person for her to have that freedom to choose when she can go out with him.


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09A Script for Your Business Meeting Invitation
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Thank you for your timely response, I understand that your schedule is busy and because of that, you had to reject my meeting invitation.
Thank you very much for considering my invitation and for responding to my email. Is there any chance we can make this meeting work on your terms? I look forward to hearing from you.
Why this script?
When you are in business, you have to be professional at all times and having an attitude can ruin your career. In business, news travels fast by word of mouth amongst colleagues.
Because news travels fast, your unprofessional behavior may make it to potential employers, customers or investors, and they will not want to do business with you.
To avoid that outcome, this script has prepared for you a mild and respectful answer so you can uphold a reputation of professionalism. This is how to respond to a rejection email.


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10A Script for Your Invitation to a Funeral
I am sorry you can’t make it but I know that if it were not for pressing situations, you would have come. I do not think that there will be any problem if you are not there.
Although you will not physically be there, I am confident that you will be with us by your mind and spirit. I know that (name of the deceased) would have understood also.
Thanks for letting us know. Take care
Why this script?
When you lose a loved one, you might look for someone to blame. If someone seems not to care, you might displace your anger towards him.
The truth is you don’t know the full story of why he canceled so try to take a deep breath and use the script written above.
This will give you an idea of how to respond to a rejection email of this sort.


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11A Script to Respond to an Internship Rejection Email
Thank you for considering my internship application and I understand that because of the stringent requirements of your institution I wasn’t selected.
As I do not qualify according to your standards, I accept the decision you have made. Upon upgrading my credentials, may I reapply next year?
Why this script?
This email script shows how to respond to a rejection email respectfully and objectively. This response won’t cause you to be in the black books of that institution as it shows respect.


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12A Script to a Job Rejection Email
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for considering my job application and for your response. Are there any points you believe I should improve on?
Your input will be highly valued.
Why this script?
This script is concise and doesn’t waste any time but yet respectful and effective. If you recently got a job rejection email, this is how to respond to a rejection email.


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By going through these scripts, you probably have found the one you were looking for. If you didn’t get the one you were looking for, you got the basic idea on how to respond to a rejection email. Always bear in mind to be respectful and considerate when responding to all of your emails.