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20 Messages to Say Thanks for Coming to My Party

20 Messages to Say Thanks for Coming to My Party

From birthdays and baby showers to bachelor/bachelorettes, parties can be a lot of fun, even if the planning is often a lot of work. Many guests travel from far and wide to share the special event with us and bring thoughtful gifts for the occasion as well. This kind of consideration shows us just how much we mean to them. It is therefore, only right and proper that we send a sincere note to say thanks for coming.

Examples of how to say “thanks for coming” in a heartfelt message


01“Thanks for coming to my baby shower and sharing this special occasion with me. It meant a lot to see you there, as I know it was a long drive for you. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. I’ll be sure to put it to use when baby arrives.”


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02“Our wedding was such a wonderful occasion. It was made even more so because you were able to attend the reception party. The touching maid of honor speech you said meant so much to both of us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.”


03“Thanks for coming to Devon’s baptism and party. It was a special milestone we wanted to share with the people who have played an important role in his life thus far. The fact that you took the time to attend showed us your commitment to our friendship.”


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04Christmas is my favorite time of the year and combined with a fun party attended by a special friend like you and Santa has truly given me everything on my wish list! It was a memorable night.”


05“Our New Year’s party was a blast. I haven’t had that much fun in ages. It was great to see you again after such a long time and it feels like we sure made up for lost time! Thanks for making the effort to be there, it meant a great deal to me.”



06“Thanks for coming to my bachelorette party. I knew it was going to be a bit crazy, and thank goodness for you, the voice of reason! I really enjoyed myself more than I would have if you hadn’t been able to join us.”


07“What a bachelor party! It was an awesome success. Thanks for coming and being part of this great night of fun and laughter. It meant a lot to have you there. The best part of the night was the surprise of seeing you there!”


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08“A 100th birthday party for our incredible great-grandmother was just what the family needed. Your presence there made it special for all of us. Thanks for coming despite the fact that traveling is not always easy for you.”


09“I was dreading Alicia’s first birthday party. There’s so much planning, and something always goes wrong. But a friend like you who stepped in and helped every step of the way is worth more than diamonds. Thanks for your support and attendance.”


10“I know I said I didn’t want a fuss on my birthday, but I was blown away by my surprise party. Not only was the party a surprise, but some of the names on the guest list blew me away. That includes seeing you after so long. Thanks for coming.”


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11“Thanks for coming to my sweet eighteen birthday party. It was an incredible night full of fun that I’ll remember forever. I’m so glad you could be there and be part of the festivities. Seeing you there was great.”



12“Our father’s 70th birthday party was 6 months in the planning. Thanks for coming. We wanted to do something special for him as he’s given us so much. As his oldest friend, it meant a lot to him that you were there.”


13“Thanks for coming to my graduation party. There were times I didn’t think I’d get there, but you never gave up on me. Seeing you there reminded me of what a good friend you’ve been to me. Thank you for your support and love.”


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14“My college send-off party was epic! And the fact that you were there made it even more so. I’m going to miss you so much now that I’m leaving. I really hope we can keep in touch and I look forward to seeing you when I’m home.”


15“Our end-of-year office party is always a great time, and everybody looks forward to it. I know you didn’t need to attend, but the fact that you made the effort to do so meant a lot to the team. Thanks for coming.”


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16“I wanted to say a sincere word of thanks for coming to Bob’s homecoming party. He spent so many months in the hospital and we wanted to make his first day home special. He was taken aback by the surprise and enjoyed himself tremendously.”



17“What a brilliant farewell party you and the team organized! How did you manage to keep it a secret? I was very flattered and couldn’t believe my colleagues went to that amount of trouble for me. Please tell the team I said thanks for coming.”



18“Thanks for coming to our 4th of July picnic party. We enjoyed having you there and seeing you after so long. The children had a wonderful time getting reacquainted and had a great time in general. I hope we can keep in touch and have many more occasions together in future.”


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19“The fact that you flew in for the weekend to attend our anniversary party was so kind and thoughtful. These kinds of gestures show us that we mean as much to you as you do to us. We really enjoyed having you there.”


20“We know a party after a funeral was a slightly unconventional idea, but it was a part of Dave’s last wishes. Thanks for coming and for sharing your special memories of your friendship with Dave. You gave us insight into what a special person he was.”


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