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5 Great Templates of Bride and Groom Wedding Thank You Speech

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5 Great Templates of Bride and Groom Wedding Thank You Speech

It is that special time, that special occasion and heartfelt moment when you are betrothed to your better half.

It is a norm and it is expected that you take out a few minutes from all the merriment to give a special wedding thank you speech.

This speech passes a message to all those who graced the occasion with you and tells them you acknowledge their effort and you say ‘Thank You’.


Outline for a wedding thank you speech


Photo by Pxabay on Pexels – under CCO license

When writing a wedding thank you speech you should always have it in mind that you are taking precious time out from an already pre-arranged wedding timetable so there are a few things to note:


01Precision is key:

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You don’t want to drift on and on around a point without end. As a bride or groom, you must have already decided who is to go first if you both are to give speeches.

It is highly unlikely that there would not be a few tears, even if there are, emotions should be handled and the speech should be completed and the wedding activities moved to the next section.

Taking out a few minutes between your speech to sob and having everyone wait is touching but highly uncalled for. Speak clearly, truthfully and to the point.


02Keep out confidential details:

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Yes the point is to convey the most heartfelt truth as much as possible but there are a few details that are better said during the honeymoon or anywhere else in private.

In essence, private details should remain where they belong and not during your wedding thank you speech.


03Read it out/Rehearse it:

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Even if you are an experienced orator it is advisable to read it out a few times in front of loving critiques or in front of a mirror to help you get your words and emotions straight.


04Say it as it is:

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

It is okay to speak glam and talk with exonerating words of wisdom and what not, but you see no phrase, words, or group of words can ever out place the good old “Thank you”.

Infuse it into your speech as much as you can. Those two words convey a lot of simplicity at its peak with a dash of love. So say them not in a patronizing form, but in with a heart of gratitude.


05Be specific:

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We know the speech is for everyone but there are some people who more than ever deserve to hear them (hopefully).

Specifically call out those who are close to you like your in-laws, parents, siblings, close friends, and of course your newly married spouse.


06Take a chill pill:

Photo by Lukas on Pexels – under CCO license

It’s your wedding after all, add a few laugh warranted phrases and giggles, a little joke never hurt anybody.



Wedding thank you speech 1


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels – under CCO license

My husband/wife and I worked really hard together to try to make this day perfect.

Halfway into the preparations we got stuck, no one told us wedding preparations were hectic. We just assumed it would be like planning any other party but we were wrong.

At some point, we realized there really is nothing like a ‘perfect’ wedding and all the money or stress in the world can never really make a wedding worth it.

But the reality that you would finally be bound to the one person who means the world to you, that all your loved ones and well-wishers will be around you with warm hearts is the best any couple can ever have.

I am happy the weather is more beautiful than I had prayed it to be, the food and drinks do not also fall short of expectation.

Thank you, everyone, especially my better half because today turned out to be a lot more than I could have hoped for.

Thank you.



Wedding thank you speech 2


Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

Roses are red, violets are blue, no, no, no, scratch that. Those were the words I used to write out in letters than in high school to my sweetheart, but now it’s the real deal.

I am finally married to the only person who has managed to see all my flaws and shortcomings as a bridge to the better me.

Now I want to re-phrase my old lines; even if roses turn green and violets never turn blue my love for you would still never ever end.

So I say thank you to you my love, thank you to my parents and in-laws, thank you friends and everyone.

I cannot put a finger on what is making me so bubbly inside; whether it is the fact that the love of my life is finally mine forever or the fact that my much-awaited honeymoon is nowhere.

You all have done mighty well in gracing this occasion with us and helping us make it a success. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.



Wedding thank you speech 3


Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash

I would not take for granted me being born to the kind of parents I have, their love influenced me to grow up hoping to be married to someone who would share with me the kind of love they shared.

I never used to believe in wishful thinking before, but I am now married to a man/woman who grew up with parents who share as much love and if not even more love than the type I experienced with my parents.

I am happy that we are here before you on this day in complete certainty that we made the best choice in ourselves as husband and wife, with radiating love and great joy.

I am happy our relatives are here with us, and I am also thankful to everyone who took out time from their busy schedule to honor us today with their warm hearts.

Thank you so much.


Wedding thank you speech 4


Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

I know not everyone here has heard of the story of how I met my husband/wife, and to some of you whom I have said it a thousand times to, I am going to spare you again all the wonderful details.

I do not know if anyone has ever experienced the feeling I am having right now; have you ever thought of a scenario down to the last detail so much that when the event finally happens everything feels like Deja Vu?

Well if you have then you understand me when I say, I could not have mesmerized this day to be any better.

Thanks to our clothier we are both here dressed gorgeously as one of the loveliest newlyweds this part of the earth has to offer, and I cannot wait to witness the day I would be celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary.

It is nothing short of a blessing to be married to a man/woman like my husband/wife.

I am happy and ecstatic, I say thank you to you all, thank you to her/him and thank you to all well-wishers.


Wedding thank you speech 5


Photo by Bryan Schneider on Pexels – under CCO license

Someone has told me that one of the greatest wonders that can happen to any living being is to love and be loved in return.

When I first heard that I laughed and said “Really!! of all the things on earth? That has to be for someone petty”.

I am with great joy standing before you all here today to tell you that I swallow back my words.

I have found love in my wife/husband in a measure like no other. I know a lot of you here understand exactly what I mean.

Now I raise my glasses saying cheers, as I give a toast to my soul mate, to my friends and families, and to everyone who has helped in any way at all to make this day a blessing to us, here’s to you.

I really hope everyone out finds love the way I have found mine and may love always radiate from you to everyone around you.

Thank you.


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