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45 of the Best Instagram Captions for Your New Hair Style

45 of the Best Instagram Captions for Your New Hair Style

Ready to show off your new hair to your Instagram followers? You can say how you feel about it in Instagram captions for new hair when you post a selfie of your new hair.

Whether it was a failed attempt at switching up your look or a great job is all up to you to decide. We’re just here to give you the best Instagram captions for new hair to help you share how you feel.

Here are 45 of those Instagram captions we mentioned for every type of hair you can think of:


8 captions for curly hairstyles

Curly hair defies gravity so imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they see your new curly hairstyle.
Whether your curls are Type 3 or Type 4, they were beautifully made, and you should show them off.
And how will you do that? Well, obviously with the Instagram captions for new hair we promised you!
Let’s take a look at 8 of the best captions for curly hairstyles that will help you show off your hair to your Instagram followers.

01Come again? I couldn’t hear you over these voluminous curls.


women s pink sweatshirt and brown plaid skirt curly hair
Photo by Godisable Jacob under pexels license


02I was going to stay home this weekend, but my curls are too popping to keep them to myself.


03Life isn’t perfect, but your curls can be.


04Who runs the world? CURLS #naturalhair


05And every curly girl knows that humidity is the enemy #Frizz #badhairday


portrait of young woman with curly hair sitting on white table 2 1

Photo by Polina Zimmerman under pexels license


06Rule no. 1 of curly hair is “no you can’t touch my hair”.


07Yes, I woke up like this. It will always grow out of my scalp like this!


08Why would I ever need a relaxer? My hair isn’t stressed out! #naturalista


8 captions for straight hairstyles

Naturally straight hair does get frizzy but once you run your flat iron through it there’s nothing bad anyone can tell you girl!
And, even if it isn’t naturally straight, the fact that you put time and effort into getting it bone straight deserves a killer caption!
It’s a straight hair day! Here’s what your Instagram caption for new hair can say:

09From now on, you can refer to me as [insert your name] with the good hair. Sorry Queen B.


lipstick fake eyelashes pretty girl

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


10This hair was obviously made for whipping back and forth so I won’t let you guys down


11If people are already going to stare, at least make your hair worth their while


12Something about straight sleek hair says, “a woman’s got her shxt together”


13Boom, every head turns when I walk in the room. #flipshair


woman holding her blue jeans jacket and white shirt flipping her hair

Photo by
Valerie Elash on unsplash


14The secret is a good flat iron and lots of spray sheen. You can thank me later


15Oh, you like my hair? Thanks, I grew it myself!


16Straight hair can never be boring, it’s classy, it’s sassy but never trashy!



5 captions for new short hair for girls

Cutting hair, especially long hair, for many women is a big deal. We were taught that long hair signifies femininity and without it, we won’t be beautiful.
Now we know that’s hogwash, and your hair can be whatever you want it to be. When you finally make that big chop, it’s natural to be excited to share it with your family and friends, so, let’s do it!
Here are 5 Instagram captions for new hair that has been cut short for the very first time:

17Life’s too short, but your hair never can be #pixiecut


short haired girl photo coffee
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on unsplash


18In the words of Madame Coco Chanel, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life!” and that’s what I’m about to do


19New haircut, here I glow!


20Okay, I’m already regretting this, but maybe it’ll grow on me?


21Love yourself as much as I love my new hair baby!


field portrait spring fashion style short hair woman picture

Photo by Scott Westhoven on reshot


5 captions for military short hairstyles for guys

Guys, we weren’t going to just leave you out of this discussion. You guys have hair too, even if it’s a short military cut.
It’s normal to start feeling good about yourself after a trip to the barber and if you want to show off, then by all means go ahead.
Check out these 5 handpicked Instagram captions for new hair especially for military short hairstyles:

22It’s hairy possible that someone finally got himself a new hair cut


23Is it just me or does everything feel better after a nice haircut?


woman with short hair laughing

Photo by Kim Carpenter on unsplash


24I don’t think I’ll ever grow out my hair again actually


25My mom said I look handsome, so I’m growing this thing out, starting today


26Hair is too much of a bother, I’m keeping things neat



5 captions for a bald head

You may be thinking “Why on earth is there a section for bald heads, aren’t we talking about hair?”
Hey, we don’t discriminate around hair and for your information, being bald is considered a hairstyle!
So, for all the bald guys and girls out there, this one’s for you.
Here are 5 Instagram captions for new hair, bald style:

27I guess after all those years of people telling me I look like my dad, I can finally see it


man holding gypsum head white background
Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


28Bald hair, don’t care!


29The best part about being bald is never having to worry about bad hair days


30The only drawback to being bald is not being able to do sassy hair flips; otherwise I’m loving it!


bald old man with goatee showering outside

Photo by christian buehner on unsplash


31I’m not bald, I’m just taller than my hair


8 Instagram captions for new hair color

Hair color truly is a form of self-expression. Whether you want to go with traditional colors like red, blonde, black and brunette, or more non-traditional ones like pink, yellow or blue is all up to you.
We’re just here to give you the best Instagram captions for new hair to help you show off your new look.
So, let’s do it then. Here are 8 of the best Instagram captions for new hair colors!:

32If you want great hair days, invest in your hair! It’s like a crown you can never take off and today my crown is red!


33You know you’re ‘that woman’ when your hair matches your outfit! #OOTD


woman waving her red hair photo gray background

Photo by
George Bohunicky on unsplash


34Live colorfully, or dye trying.


35Time to let my hair do the talking. What does this new color say about me?


36They say blondes have more fun. I’m still waiting to find out. Wish me luck!


37Hair is like an accessory.


blonde with purple eyeshadow

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash


38Hair is one of the best forms of self-expression- Hi, this is me.


39Pro tip: Just because the Youtubers do it themselves, it doesn’t mean you can. Get a stylist #epicfail


5 captions for a bad hair day

Everyone has bad hair days now and then. Sometimes it’s a reflection of mood, other times it’s a result of running a little (or very) late.
Whatever your excuse is for looking a mess, we’re looking out for you!
So here are 6 Instagram captions for a bad hair day:

40We all have bad hair days, but I think I’m having a bad hair week!



41Is it obvious that I’ve lost my brush?


42When my mom told me to live free, I don’t think she meant like a wild chimpanzee


43They say your hair is a big part of a first impression. Great, now everyone thinks my life is falling apart


woman with curly hair covering her eyes photo tree grass
Photo by Baylee Gramling on unsplash


44Um, excuse me? There’s no such thing as a bad hair day. I prefer to call it wear a hat day!



Now that you have the perfect Instagram captions for new hair, you can focus on getting those angles and lighting right. Introduce your new hair to the world in style, your followers will love it!


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