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How to Reply to a Resignation Mail with 12 Examples

How to Reply to a Resignation Mail with 12 Examples

As an employer, you should know how to reply to all sorts of things your employees in a professional manner, even resignation mail.

We get it, it’s not easy to reply to a resignation mail, especially when the employee is an asset or you’ve built a bond.

However, it does happen, and their resignation mail will need a response, whether you agree with it or not. So, here are 12 examples or how to reply to a resignation mail, whether voluntary or involuntary:


Ways to reply to a resignation letter effective immediately

A resignation letter that is effective immediately can feel sort of like a slap in the face because it is so out of the blue and sudden. Just like that, you’ve lost an employee.
Sometimes it can be due to problems at work, health-related issues, or even pent up stress. Other times the employee may choose to keep the reason private.
Whatever the case, here are 3 ways to reply to a resignation letter that is effective immediately:

01We regret to hear that you have decided to move on from [insert name of company] due to [insert problem/reason for resignation].
This email constitutes my formal response to your letter received on [insert date the letter was received]. As per company protocol, you are required to return all company-owned material and to clear your workspace at an appropriate time.
Thank you for all you’ve done for [insert name of company]. All the best.


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02Your immediate resignation notice from [insert name of company] has been received and accepted today, [insert date].
While the reason for your resignation was unclear, we are certain you will excel in any arena and perform at your usual high standards.
It was a pleasure working with you, and should you need a reference, I am more than happy to give you one.


03It is with the greatest remorse that I have received and reviewed your letter of resignation that you submitted on [insert date of resignation letter].
You have been with this company for nearly seven years and your sudden departure has come as a surprise to everyone.
It has been a great pleasure working with you and whatever path you decided to take from here on out is fully supported by everyone here at [insert name of company].
If you have any questions re company severance policy, do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for all your hard work.


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Responses to a short notice letter (one week or less)  

While it is customary to give at least 30 days’ notice for resignation, some circumstances require sooner resignation such as a sudden diagnosis of yourself or a family member, new job prospects, dissatisfaction, immigration green light, and so on.
When you get short notice, this is how you may reply to a resignation letter:

04The purpose of this communication is to inform you that your letter of resignation effective [insert date a week from it was sent] has been received.
It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter knowing the circumstances under which you were made to resign. There was no indication that you were sick as you approached every task with the same enthusiasm as you did when you first came into my office nine years ago.
As requested, I will keep your diagnosis private until you are ready to inform the rest of the team. Until then, take care of yourself, and please keep in touch. 


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05Your resignation from your position as [insert name of role] effective [insert date] came as quite a shock to everyone in the department.
There was never any indication, at least to my knowledge, that you were dissatisfied with your role. In fact, your contributions to the dynamic of this department were always positive and encouraging.
I am prepared to grant your request as my employees’ wishes are my top priority.
However, if you are interested, I would like to extend an invitation to discuss with me your reasons for wanting to leave [insert name of company] on such short notice to prevent this from recurring or possibly entice you to reconsider your stance.
Whatever the outcome, I will respect your decision. May you have continued success and peace of mind in your career.



06On behalf of management, I hereby accept your resignation which goes into effect on [insert date].
You have accomplished quite a lot during your short time here, therefore I must express my gratitude for your faithful service and contributions to growing the company.
We will miss having you around the office. I expect to hear great things about you in the future. 


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Responses to a resignation mail (one month notice)

One to two months’ notice is standard because it gives employers time to find a suitable replacement.
When one month’s notice is given, usually the employee has future plans that will affect their ability to function at the job, such as starting a family, a new career prospect, travel plans, etc.
Here are some examples of how to reply to a resignation letter effective one month from it was received:

07This letter serves as an official confirmation of receipt of your resignation request dated [insert date of letter]. It was reviewed by myself and other managerial staff and we agreed it was in our best interest to keep you on the team.
We appreciate your concerns and have considered them closely, and we are prepared to review the terms of your contract to retain your services.
You are an irreplaceable part of what makes this company successful and it would be a shame to let you go.
Kindly take this into consideration. Should you decide not to, we will respect your decision and wish you all the best in wherever life takes you.


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08The receipt of your resignation letter has been a bitter-sweet moment for us at [insert name of company].
While we are deeply saddened to see you go, we are excited that you were offered a greater opportunity to further your career. Our wish is that you take everything you have learned here and continue to mature in this field.
As requested, your final day of work will be [insert date]. If you ever need a letter of recommendation going forward, I would be pleased to help in whatever way possible. 


09I am sorry to hear that you are leaving the company. You have played a very important role in our operations these past few years.
It is my understanding that your last day of work is [insert date], so let’s continue to accomplish all we can until then and continue to make more memories as a team.
I am certain that your new role will be just as stimulating and fulfilling, and I hope it will meet all your expectations.
If you require a letter of recommendation, I would be honored to prepare one as you were an asset whose contributions will be remembered long after your departure. 


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Responses to a resignation mail (3-6 months- notice)

Three to six months’ notice is considered a long time and it is most likely to further one’s education, change career paths, or it is family related.
Here are 3 ways to reply to resignation mail with long notice:

10This letter serves as a formal response to your letter of resignation received on [insert date it was received], effective [insert last day of work].
Though we at [insert name of company] are sad to see you go, we wholeheartedly support your decision to [insert stated reason for resignation e.g. to start a family].
We aim to make this transition over the next [insert number of months] as smooth as possible and beneficial to all parties.
Thank you for your service and good luck with your endeavors.



11Regrettably, I received your letter to resign from your role as [insert role] this afternoon, which goes into effect on [insert date].
Firstly, I want to show my gratitude and appreciation for your dedication to this role and all that you have been able to accomplish during your time here.
Secondly, I want to thank you for giving me plenty of notice, allowing me to find a suitable replacement for this position.
Lastly, I appreciate your offer to help train this replacement during your final days here.
Thank you for everything. 


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12Based on your letter of resignation received [insert date], it is my understanding that you wish to further your studies by pursuing a master’s degree full-time.
While I regret losing such a valuable team-member, I am proud of your desire to better yourself and increase/improve your skillset.
I can speak for the entire team when I say we will miss you, as we enjoyed working with you during your tenure.
Employees like you are hard to find, so if you wish to return to us once you have finished your studies, do send in an updated application so we can welcome back a beloved member of our family.



It is important to remember that no matter how much you want your employee to stay, if they refuse your offer to renegotiate terms or try to iron out any issues, you must respect their decision.
And, if it’s an employee you planned to kick to the curb a long time ago, remain professional when you reply to a resignation mail as it is a reflection of you.
Now that’s over with, it’s time to put together employment ads to find yourself a good replacement!