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14 of the Best Templates of an Internship Cover Letter

14 of the Best Templates of an Internship Cover Letter

You are soon going to leave your university or college with a diploma at hand, ready to join the workforce.

The competition can be tight between students who need internships in their professions. However, making a good first impression through your cover letter can help you land the internship you need for your career launch.

Here are some templates you can use for crafting an internship cover letter positions with companies that will help you solidify your professional start.


How to format a cover letter

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Your contact details appear at the top, with the date and whom you are addressing the letter to on the left side. It is also a good idea to highlight the position or job number below their contact (i.e.: hiring manager, job ID 2222).
Once you’ve chosen a proper salutation, you can get to the nitty-gritty of the developing the content. This may seem daunting but follow our guide and you’ll be writing the introduction, middle and concluding paragraphs in no time.

The three paragraphs

The first paragraph, or introduction, should detail the reason you are contacting the reader, namely, to seek information about and put yourself forward for the job they have listed. It also helps to qualify in the first paragraph, how you heard about the position.
The second paragraph should be where you sell yourself. Detail how your qualifications make you the perfect fit for the job and why they should hire you based on two or three key examples or reasons.
The third paragraph should thank the potential employer for considering your application and that you will follow up on your application.

Dos & Don’ts about writing an internship cover letter

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You shouldn’t try to make a reusable cover letter that you will send to various companies but rather customize it for each company.
Research the company you are apply to and find out how or if you can add value, or. Tell the company what strengths you’ll bring to the company.
This is not a place to go into detail, that is what your resume is for. Make this letter a professional, personal introduction letter that is engaging.
Don’t make your cover letter lengthy. One page is more than enough. In that one page, focus on your strengths but don’t stretch the truth because that will backfire.
Be honest, and if you are confident, highlighting one limitation you hope to work on in this role, shows humility, which companies like.
In the last paragraph, write about when and how you will follow up on your internship application. And, don’t forget about your cover letter signature.
A final tip is to use keywords that were used often in the job advertisement. This will help any sorting software or person see that you paid attention and are a good candidate for an interview.
One last tip. Ask a third-party or someone you trust to go over your letter. There is no harm in having someone look over it to make sure it highlights you in the ways you deserve.

01 – A tech product developer internship cover letter

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express a keen interest in being a product development intern at [Company name]. I am presently a student at (University name). I am in the final year of my B.Sc. degree, and I’m majoring in computer science.
My love for coding began at an early age, and I managed to teach myself basic programming before I took any classes. When I began taking computer programming classes at school, I found that I already knew more than my teachers.
I have continued to improve my programming skills and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. I know that I will be able to continue learning and gaining knowledge by working at [Company name].
I believe that I am a good candidate for an internship because I understand and use [Company name] products myself. I know that many [Company name] products are targeted at the areas of mobile and cloud computing. I personally believe that these areas make up the future of computing.
During my years at university, I developed my time management and organizational skills, and I demonstrated that I could work hard to accomplish my goals.
I am also confident that my knowledge of the IT industry alongside over 10 years’ experience in coding would make me an asset to a product development team.
The chance to work with a cutting-edge team at [Company name] is something that I have long aspired to. I believe that it would give me an unbelievable opportunity to grow and learn.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.
(Your name)


02 – A SEO internship cover letter

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Dear hiring manager,
I am writing to express my interest in becoming a SEO intern at your company. I saw this opportunity on [Company name] site, and I knew immediately that this was the type of internship that could help me build a future career in SEO.
I am currently completing a marketing diploma at (College name). We focus on SEO and SEM, including keyword optimization, creating SEO strategies for specific companies, and tracking performance. I found that I have a natural aptitude for all of these tasks.
As a student, we are required to complete a SEO project for a specific company. We had to assess company data, find out how to improve SEO strategies, measure results of our strategies, and write a report for the company.
I believe that I would be an asset to [Company name] because I am dedicated, hardworking, and eager to learn more about all of the intricacies of SEO from experts in the field.
I would love to learn more about how [Company name] improved its own SEO to help page owners reach a wider market, get more followers, and grow their businesses.
I know it’s a field that is progressing constantly, and I believe that I have the type of personality that would be flexible enough to stay at the forefront of all of the advancements in technology.
I am available for an interview if required, and I can be contacted at (insert phone number and email).
Thank you in advance for considering my application.
(Your name)

03 – A cover letter for an IT support intern

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To whom it may concern,
Please accept my application for the IT support internship vacancy that has recently become available. I am keenly interested in this opportunity as I believe I have the skills and personality to work in [Company name]’s fast-paced, innovative environment.
I completed my bachelor’s degree in IT last year at (name of university), majoring in computer science. I am currently working as a student assistant to one of my lecturers. My current position is teaching me how to take responsibility, how to be organized in my approach, and how to interact with other students.
Computer science, diagnostics, and configuring systems have been my passion since I was very young. I have devoted all of my spare time and education to this field.
I believe that one of my strongest qualities, as well as a good reason why you should consider me for the position, is my ability to come up with innovative and creative ideas. I am also self-motivated and eager to learn.
I have been a dedicated supporter of [Company name] ever since I bought my first (product name). With my knowledge of [Company name]’s remarkable products, my excitement about the company, my IT knowledge, and my experience, I believe that I have the qualities that you are seeking for an intern.
Please feel free to contact me at (insert telephone number and email) to arrange an interview. I will consider myself extremely fortunate if you consider me for the position.
Thank you for your time,
(Your name)

04 – An UX designer internship cover letter

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Mr. Ivan Meyer,
I am writing to apply for the position of UX designer intern at [Company name], as advertised on your website. I have always been interested in the interaction between humans and technology. This led to my desire to learn more about the user experience.
Since receiving my degree in marketing from (insert university name), I have been working in a research laboratory. My job includes finding participants to take part in various studies and dealing with them throughout the whole process. Learning how to multitask and prioritize have been essential for my current job. I believe that my academic studies and experience have prepared me to become an intern in the field of user experience management.
During my years as a student, I designed an application with some other students. This allowed me to gain practical skills in usability testing and prototyping. We had to interact with the potential users of our application while making sure that it was easy for them to use.
As a [Company name] customer, I have experienced your company’s devotion to achieving the best possible experience for customers. I hope to be able to work with a UX design team and develop my ability to offer customers what they’re looking for. I also want to learn how to boost their overall shopping experience.
Thank you for your consideration of my application. Please feel free to contact me at (insert phone number and email) if you’d like me to come for an interview.
(Your name)

05 – A software developer internship cover letter

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Mr. Izak Marais,
I’m writing this letter to express my interest in the internship with [Company name] as a software developer. With a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master of Information Technology, I am confident that I can be an asset as an intern.
The requirements that you list for the internship fit closely with my background and skills. I have some experience in designing, testing, and development software. I am already knowledgeable about algorithms and best practices for back-end development.
I have some experience working on projects in a team and collaborating with others to get the best results.
I know that the environment at [Company name] is conducive to learning, and I know that I will benefit from interacting with individuals who have knowledge and experience that is far superior to mine. With my solid academic background, I understand what it means to work hard to accomplish my goals, and I am prepared to help in whichever way that I can to gain valuable experience.
I have attached a copy of my resume detailing my various projects in software development. I would appreciate it if you would consider my application. I can be reached anytime at (insert cell phone number) if you’d like to speak to me.
(Your name)


06 – A junior researcher internship cover letter

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[Organization Name] – HR Department:
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my interest in the intern position as a junior researcher. I saw the announcement on your website. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science and Engineering at (insert university name).
With a major in mechanical engineering, a history of successful projects, an innovative mind, and an affinity for problem-solving, I believe that I am the right candidate for this role.
I managed to balance my rigorous course load during my academic years with a number of extra-curricular projects. I had to develop abilities in 3D design for some of the projects, learn how to work with different materials, and use various techniques. I managed to exceed all deadlines in completing these projects, and I was also able to be just under budget.
In addition to team projects requiring strong collaboration and presentation skills, I was selected for a leadership role on campus through which I had to manage competing demands and create a positive outcome.
I am eager to apply my academic engineering knowledge in a real-world setting and expand my practical skills. Attached, please find my resume which details my various engineering projects. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
(Your name)

07 – A cover letter for an animation internship

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my interest in an animation internship at [Company name]. I have been interested in animation from the time I began watching [Company name] movies as a child.
Interning at [Company name] would be like a dream come true for me, and I am confident that I have developed the skills and experience necessary to be an asset to the company.
When I completed a diploma in animation at (insert College name), I was able to create animated content for websites and computer games.
I have had to manage an animation project from start to finish, ensuring that I finished it on time. The project involved discussing requirements with a client, creating concepts, developing a storyboard, and using specialized software to bring the project to life.
I am familiar with building frame-by-frame visuals to correspond precisely to a script. I am confident that my familiarity with animation software, my creative mindset, and my collaboration skills make me a very suitable candidate for this internship.
I understand what it’s like to work as part of a team, liaise with clients, and other professionals.
As [Company name] is the best company in this industry, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my application.
(Your name)

08 – An investment analyst internship cover letter

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[Company Name] – Human Resources Department:
To whom it may concern,
I am currently studying to obtain a business degree at (insert university name), and I am writing to apply for an internship as an analyst. The posting was advertised on your company website.
I have to choose a major next year, and I am currently undecided about whether to choose economics or business management.
When I recently took an investment banking class, I realized this was the career that I wanted to pursue. I believe interning at an international company, like yours, will help me gain clarity about the path that I should follow to reach my professional goals.
I consider myself a team player, and I have always enjoyed interacting with peers and those who have more experience than me. I am extremely interested in investment banking, and I believe that I would learn a great deal by working at your company.
I am ready to help out wherever I can because I want to be around professionals in the industry. I also want to pick up as much as I can from people who have more experience than I do.
I am enclosing my resume, and I hope that you will consider me for this internship. I am available for an interview. You can contact me at (insert telephone number and email address).
Best regards,
(Your name)

09 – An auditor internship cover letter

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I’m writing this letter in hopes of obtaining an internship as an auditor. The position was posted on your company’s website. I am interested in this internship because I believe that it would give me the hands-on financial experience that I need to move forward in my career. More importantly, I believe that I have the skills and experience you require for the internship.
My father was an auditor, and from an early age, I also had an interest in figures. This has persisted until today. I am currently studying at (insert university name), and I am pursuing a career in auditing.
When I had the opportunity to participate in a [Company name]’s Future Leaders Conference, I received the confirmation that I needed; auditing was the right career for me. I enjoyed my interaction with the [Company name] professionals, and I learned many tips about networking.
I believe [Company name] is a company for which I would very much like to work. I anticipate that an internship would offer me the opportunity to gain experience in auditing and networking with business professionals.
Thank you in advance for considering my application, and I look forward to hearing from you. With your team, I would like to discuss the contribution I believe I can make to the internship.
(Your name)

10 – A cover letter for an internship at a hospital

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To the Mediclinic Hospital Superintendent,
I am writing to you in hopes that you will accept me for an internship at your hospital. I am currently a student who is studying to become a psychologist at (insert university name), and I would like to volunteer during my holiday months.
I am very aware of the fact that hospitals are often understaffed, and pressure is high. It’s also true that deadlines constantly need to be met.
As I am studying psychology, I would love to gain any experience in this area. I am willing to help and do what it takes to make a difference. I want to intern in a hospital because I don’t want to have my own practice. I want to work in a medical environment like a hospital or a clinic.
I know that you may need to do a thorough background check, and I understand the necessity for this. I work well in a team, enjoy interacting with people, and know how to show patience in difficult circumstances. I am a hard-working individual, and I believe I could make a positive contribution as an intern in your hospital.
Thank you for considering my application. If you would like me to come for an interview, you can reach me at (insert cell number). I am looking forward to hearing your response. I’m available as needed.
(Your name)


11 – For a marketing internship

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my interest in the marketing internship that was posted on your company’s website. I am currently pursuing a degree at (insert university name) with a double major in marketing and economics. I would like to follow a career path that would lead me into marketing management.
I am technologically adept; I am able to perform market research and develop materials for press releases and newsletters. I have had some practical experience analyzing customer data, identifying suitable market strategies, and writing reports. I am also familiar with all of the social media platforms, and I would like to learn more about social media management.
My management experience to date consists of being on the committee of my university residence. This is where I discovered that I have a strong ability to solve problems and get everyone to agree about solutions.
I know that I have a great deal to learn before I can pursue my goal of becoming a marketing manager, and I believe that your company would provide the type of environment that would be the most conducive to learning.
I have attached my resume which will substantiate my academic qualifications and experience. If you want to hire a dedicated intern who wants to gain experience from the best company in the industry, then please consider me for the position.
Best regards,
(Your name)

12 – For a fashion journalist intern

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To Mrs. Shirley Fury, Head of Human Resources at [Company name],
I have been an avid subscriber to [Company name], and I understand why it is so highly regarded by those in the fashion industry. When I saw the advertisement for a fashion journalist intern at your company on LinkedIn, I knew that I had to apply.
I have always been passionate about fashion, but it was only when I left school that my interest in journalism developed.
During my years at (insert college name), I was involved in journalism both on-campus and through internships off-campus. I wrote special features for a 20-page, on-campus newsletter. I even helped in the layout of these articles. This experience gave me a taste for what’s required as a journalist, but it was only later that I realized I could marry my journalistic skills with my interest in fashion.
I have been fortunate enough to watch many international fashion shows, and I am familiar with the work of many of the greatest designers. With my passion for fashion, my journalistic skills, and my eagerness to learn, I am confident that I can make a contribution to [Company name].
I have attached my resume alongside some of the recent fashion articles that I have written for other magazines. I appreciate you taking the time to consider my application. I am available at (telephone and email address) if you’d like to meet with me for an interview.
(Your name)

13 – For a public relations intern

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Dear Sir or Madam
Having recently graduated from (insert university name) with a degree in public relations, I am looking for an internship through which I can use my education and make a contribution to the industry while gaining practical experience.
Company name] came to my attention when I had to research a successful FMCG company for my class in corporate public relations. I believe an internship would provide me with real-world experience in a company that has goals and culture with which I can identify.
Previous internships and extra-curricular activities during my academic years have helped me develop practical experience in various areas, such as fundraising, sales, marketing, supply chain, and project management. As a peer mentor, I have also learned how to take responsibility and strengthen my communication skills.
I am passionate about making a contribution to your company. I am flexible and eager to learn more about the way [Company name] functions as a successful international company. In particular, I’m interested in how your company handles its public relations.
I believe that the experience I could gain from this opportunity would help me in my future career. I have attached my resume which details my academic qualifications and my professional experience. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.
Best regards,
(Your name)

14 – A legal intern cover letter

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To Adv. Sylvester Dodd, [Attorney Name],
As a current law student, I am writing to apply as a legal intern for [Attorney name]. I believe that I meet all of the requirements stipulated in the advertisement.
As the president of the student government association at my university, (insert university name), I have identified and worked on many projects for the betterment of students at the university, society, and nearby communities.
I advocated for students from foreign countries to go through a more thorough orientation process. I also advocated for non-English speaking students to receive extra English classes at no cost. As a community-minded citizen, I also helped raise donations for local charitable institutions in the area.
I believe that my talents and motivation would be an asset to your law firm. Your establishment is well-known for its contributions to the local community. It is exactly the type of environment in which I hope to work when I graduate.
I would appreciate your consideration of my application for this position. If you would like to meet with me for an interview, you can contact me at (insert phone and email address).
Best regards,
(Your name)


These scripts are just basic templates that you can use to build your cover letter.
You can add a little meat to these bare bones, but you will need to remember to keep it concise and to the point at all times.
No matter which company or internship you are applying for, a properly written cover letter will give you the opportunity to receive a positive response.