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10 Great Internship Thank You Letter Templates

10 Great Internship Thank You Letter Templates

Ending an internship can be both an exciting and stressful time. With your new experience on the horizon , you are ready to move onto the next endeavor in your career, hopefully with a great recommendation from this company.

The knowledge and skills you have acquired during your internship has prepared you for the professional world, therefore it is incredibly important to express your thanks for this opportunity.

Your internship thank you letter will leave a lasting impression on the company that hosted you, ensuring you will have a credible reference when filling out applications.

Here are 10 great internship thank you letter templates.


Internship Thank You Letter Templates to Express Your Gratitude and Appreciation

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It is important to express how grateful you are for the opportunity to have worked with and learn from them. Showing gratitude and appreciation for the experience, learning and skills you acquired will make them feel that having you was worth their time.

01Dear _______,
I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my internship at (name of Company).
I have learned so much and appreciate the time you spent teaching me new skills and useful industry programs. I feel I am ready for the next steps that will bring me closer to my goals, thanks to your guidance.



02Be Specific with What You Have Learned
Be sure your internship thank you letter is specific. Follow the rules of three, letting them know 3 of the most important things you have learned during your time there.
Dear ______,
Thank you for much for allowing me the opportunity to work at your company. After completing my internship, I have learned so much that will help me in my career.
You have taught me (list three things they have taught you and briefly how you will use these new skills going forward). Thank you again for your time and mentorship.


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03Write a General Letter to Thank All Who Have Helped You
You may have been helped by different people in different departments. You can certainly write an internship thank you letter to each person, or you can write a general letter everyone.
If writing a general one, you may also want to include purchasing treats for everyone so that a general thank you is better received.
Dear Team,
My internship experience has been wonderful, and I have you all to thank. Each one of you has had a part in helping me to gain confidence as a professional.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now feel as though I am ready to be the best _________ I can be. Best of luck in the future, I hope this is not the last I will be seeing of you!


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04Remind them of Your Information
Dear _____,
Thank you for accepting me as an intern. It was an amazing experience that has prepared me to confidently start my career.
The skills, ideas and professionalism I am now armed with is, in part, thanks to you. I encourage you to review my updated resume or LinkedIn profile to see how you have helped me develop myself professionally. Thank you again.


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05Give Genuine Compliments
It is important to make sure what you are saying sounds real and comes from the heart. People can tell when compliments are insincere.
Be sure your internship thank you letter does not include false compliments.
Dear ______,
It was a pleasure to work here because I was able to learn so much. Thank you for teaching me about (include 3 important things you learned).
I know these skills and experiences will help me throughout my career.


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06Don’t Be Negative
While you might have had some negative experiences (because it can’t all be positive), avoid discussing these in your letter, unless it was a situation you grew positively from.
You should only include details that leave a positive impression. This is a farewell letter intent on expressing gratitude for professional development.
Dear _____,
I enjoyed working with you during my internship. It taught me a lot about how to handle a variety of situations.
I truly feel each and every experience I had while working here will stay with me as I move through my career. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity for learning.


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07Ask For Support in the Future, Not a Job
There may be openings or later opportunities for you to keep working at the company you did your internship with, but this is not the time to ask for a job.
Your internship thank you letter could be a time to open the lines of communication for the future.
Dear ______,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful support you have given me throughout my time here. It has been a pivotal step that has brought me closer to beginning my career.
I cannot accurately express how indebted I feel for all that you have patiently taught me during my internship. I hope to stay connected with you professionally.


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08Keep Your Note Brief
While you might have a lot to say, it is best to keep your note brief. The goal of this letter is to say thank you and open the lines of communication for the future.
It is important to be concise, positive and honest. Also, send it within 48 hours of your last shift.
Dear ______,
My time spent at (company) as an intern was a great experience. I appreciate all that you have done for me, knowing I am better prepared for my career.
I look forward to staying in contact with you in the future.


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09Be Professional
Be sure the language you are using is professional. Even if you feel you have grown close to the person you are thanking, remember you are an intern.
An internship does not guarantee your employment in the future, and since you are looking for a position, you need to remain professional.
Throughout my experience at (company), I have been able to bridge my studies into real life experience. I have learned so much and now feel ready to step confidently into my career.
Thank you very much for your time and for showing confidence in my work. I am excited to move forward and will take everything I have learned into my next endeavor.


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10The Ending
When you end your internship thank you letter, be sure to sign off in a way that is professional and leaves them with a lasting impression.
If your letter is more professional, you can say something such as Kindly or Best Wishes.
Dear _____,
Thank you very much for the educational experience I received while interning at (company).  The lessons I take with me to my next experience bolster my belief in my success.
You have taught me (list 3 skills) that I will use in the future. Again, thank you very much, and I look forward to keeping in touch.
Best wishes,
(Your Name)


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It is important to use the advice above, but also to craft a letter that you feel confident sending, which is dependent on what your experience was like.

It is always important to write an internship thank you letter, though, as it shows professionalism and courtesy, potentially guaranteeing you a lifelong reference.