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30 Hilarious Makeup Quotes That State the Power of Makeup

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30 Hilarious Makeup Quotes That State the Power of Makeup

There are quite a few things ladies do not joke with and do not want anyone, especially the men to joke with. In the female world, the best invention after the waist trainer is a whole box full of makeup and all its accessories, top of the list being a red lipstick. Makeup is not a fashion craze; it’s a statement, a very vital feature a lot of ladies cannot go without. Some women like it heavy, some want it very light, some do not even bother to put on any and just go natural. Even though some men tend to act all innocent, they are also guilty of this makeup frenzy. Here are 30 Makeup quotes that paint a brief description of the world of makeup from different perspectives.

Makeup quotes about never underestimating the power of makeup


01“I am positive that a flawless makeup will always equal a flawless day and eventually a flawless life.”


flawless a bag of makeup
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02“As far as money can buy makeup… It can definitely buy happiness. Case closed.”


03A face without makeup is like food without taste. I don’t want to see it and I don’t want to taste it.”


04“When I feel happy I put on Makeup. When I feel down I put on a lot more make up.”


woman with tattoo applying rouge
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05“The most powerful weapon every girl should have is a bag full of makeup.”


pen holder of make up brushes
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06“There are times when life just wants to make you pale, fight back and brighten it up with a dash of red lipstick and long eyelashes.”


red lipstick fake eyelashes pretty girl
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07“As a lady, fancy shoes don’t really matter, designer clothes can be overlooked, but never, ever underestimate the power of a pair of false eyelashes.”


08“Go without makeup they said… look beautiful all day they said…bullshit! Even Harry Potter cannot make that happen.”


09“The most dreadful moment ever is when you see an alluring makeup product you don’t have money for.”


10“When a lady makes up, the forces of nature romances the agents of beauty to produce a classic queen.”


pretty blonde with purple eyeshadow
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Makeup quotes that portray how people can be obsessed with makeup


11“The worst part about going for a date with your dream guy; is deciding which shade of makeup to wear.”


brushes eyeliners palette of eyeshadow
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12“You can be married to a lady for 40 years and not know what she looks like without makeup.”


13“If humans could fly trust me I would know. My eyelashes would be the first to take off.”


girl with nice makeup eyelash
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14“I woke up next to a lady in bed today and I asked her if she had seen my wife, all I got was a smack on the head.”


15“Try picking a fight with a lady when she is putting on makeup and silence will be your answer until she is completely done.”


black lady looking at mirror wearing an earring
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16“My girlfriend said she likes going natural… that’s why she uses only nude eyeshadow, lipstick, and powder.”


17“If a lady had a magic lamp she would have only 3 wishes. More eyeshadow, more lipstick, and more highlighter.”


18“With the number of calories some ladies burn applying makeup, they don’t have to hit the gym.”


makeup artists doing makeup for a gir
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19“Some women would lose 60 percent of their body weight if they used a face wipe.”


20“Going for a vacation with my wife and she would take, a box of clothes, a box of shoes, 2 boxes of makeup and 3 more bags of makeup.”


Makeup quotes on color mismatching and makeup application disasters


21“There is a difference between falling into makeup and applying makeup.”


22“If zombies do not eat the same of their kind, no worries, you would be safe with that make up you have on.”


a man with zombie makeup
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash


23“One moment you are trying to learn a new makeup application, and voila…. You are all set for Halloween.”


24“Too much of anything is bad. Especially when you look like a rainbow after hours of makeup.”


25“It is so easy for some ladies to just time travel from one century to the other with their makeup.”


model with golden makeup on face
Photo by James Price on Unsplash


26“Some ladies take the phrase “shine like a diamond” so personal that their makeup will make you wear sunglasses involuntarily.”


27“It would be a total disaster to appear at the airport without makeup knowing what you truly look like in your passport.”


28“From the faces of some women, you would know that their true life ambition is to be Picasso.”


paintbrush in bucket of paint pots of colored paint
Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash


29“I would love to make a joke about your face but I can see you Makeup beat me to it.”


clown fish light reflection on it
Photo by Tyler Smith on Unsplash


30“Q. Why do some ladies look like clowns after applying makeup?
A. To make kids happy… Isn’t that sweet?”


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