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50 Other Ways to Say Sorry without Using the S-Word

50 Other Ways to Say Sorry without Using the S-Word

You say or do the wrong thing and have to say sorry. People hear that little word so often, that people don’t really put much importance on the word any more. In fact, they find the word sorry to be insincere because there are many other ways to convey your apology.

No matter how much you mean it, saying the word sorry may not be enough to convince a person that you mean it. There are other ways to say sorry without having to use the S-word every time.

A sincere apology needs to come from the heart and be accompanied by humility and of your error and by genuinely showing you’re regret over what happened is important.

Other ways to say sorry when a formal apology is required


01“I’d like to apologize unreservedly for my conduct. It wasn’t at all appropriate, and I should’ve known better.”


02“As our client, you were let down by the firm. The best way for us to correct the situation is to show you we can do better.”


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03“Actions speak louder than words. Let me show you how sincere I am about rectifying the situation.”


04“The treatment you got from me was reprehensible. I hope you’ll allow me to explain and apologize.”


05“I spoke without thinking and wound up insulting you. That wasn’t my intention. I hope you’ll find it possible to forgive me.”


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06“I had hoped to speak with you today to go over what went wrong so that we can find a solution.”


07“I didn’t intend to make such a huge mistake. I know I’ve disappointed you. I hope to get the chance to prove myself to you soon.”


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08“There was no need for my disagreement with you to degenerate into such a nasty encounter. I’d like to acknowledge my fault in that.”


09“I appreciate you giving up the opportunity to correct the problem despite the inconvenience we’ve caused you.”



10“I’d prefer for us to start over instead of rehashing what happened yesterday.”


11“I think it would be great if we could sit down and work out where things went wrong. That way I can rectify my part in it.”


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12“It was never our intention to make you feel so angry. We’d like to organize a meeting with you to discuss how to move forward.”


13“As an organization, we believe in admitting our shortcomings. We were wrong and want to make it up to you.”


14“There’s no point in trying to sugar coat it – what happened was regrettable and avoidable. How do I begin rectifying things?”


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15“I had no idea things would turn out the way they did. Had I known, I would never have allowed it to happen.”


16“You didn’t deserve what happened to you. I regret that things got that far. I hope you’ll be able to forgive me.”


17“It is my sincerest regret that I was unable to prevent the events that transpired. I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to explain.”


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18“My behavior was completely out of character. I know I don’t deserve it, but I’d love a second chance to show you my true character.”


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19“I am regretful that you were unhappy with the service and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss how to rectify the situation.”


20“It’s impossible to even begin to explain the unfortunate events that occurred. I’m not sure where to start, but I think an apology from me to you is in order.”


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21“Ordinarily, I’d say we should start over. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do that if I don’t get a chance to explain and ask your forgiveness.”


22“I should’ve let you know where I was. You shouldn’t have needed to find me when I’m meant to be at your disposal.”


23“I understand how angry you must be with me right now. I hope to get a chance to redeem myself.”


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24“I’d love to just say sorry and be done with the conflict. But I think it will take more from my side to persuade you that I really mean it.”


25“I’ve spent a few days agonizing over how to begin to let you know how very disappointed I am in myself for what happened.”


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26“I’m not the type of person who thrives on conflict. I’d rather talk it over and move past it if you’re amenable to that.”


27“I didn’t defend you when I should’ve. I feel I’ve let you down and want to make it up to you.”


28“I didn’t deliver on the promises I made to you and if you let met, I’d love another chance to prove myself.”


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29“If I’d been on the receiving end of my behavior, I’d find it hard to forgive me too. Please let me know when we can talk it over.”


30“I know I let you down horribly and left you with egg on your face. I can only ask that you let me apologize to you in person.”


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Other ways to say sorry when a casual apology is required


31“I behaved like an idiot. I wish you’d give me a chance to explain. I think you’d understand if you did.”


32“I’ve been a bad friend to you and behaved despicably. Please let me explain.”



33“I can’t begin to explain how sad I am about the way things turned out. It’s my fault. Please let me make it up to you.”


34“You deserved more from me than what you got. Please let me apologize in person. I really want you to understand where I was coming from.”


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35“I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions, and now I’ve hurt you. I’ll regret it forever. Can you ever forgive me?”


36“What can I do to show you how much I want to make this up to you? Please consider letting me at least try.”


37“It should never have happened. I wish I could take it back. But I know I can’t. All I can do now is prove to you I’m a better person than you might think.”


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38“My behavior cast my character in a poor light. I never wanted you to think of me that way. Can I show you a better version of me, please?”


39“You’re my friend and I shouldn’t have treated you that way. You deserve a better friend than me.”


40“Whatever went down, I know that it was my fault and I started it. What can I do to make it up to you?”



41“I don’t even know where to begin to apologize to you for my awful behavior. I’ve embarrassed myself. Please give me a chance to explain.”


42“Your friendship is important to me, and I’ve put it in jeopardy. I’m very ashamed of myself.”


43“As my girlfriend/boyfriend, I’m sure you never expected me to behave as I did. I hope you’ll see me so that I can ask your forgiveness properly.”


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44“When I saw how much I’d hurt you, I immediately realized I’d messed up. Where do I even begin to show you how much I regret it?”


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45“I hope in time you’ll be able to consider starting to forgive me for the terrible way I behaved toward you.”


46“You are very important to me, and yet I let you down. I want to talk to you about it.”


47“I don’t know what came over me. I’ve no excuse for how I acted. Please say you’ll consider forgiving me.”


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48“The word sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it. Let me explain, please.”


49“I can’t say sorry and expect you to believe me because I’ve let you down too many times in the past. How can I prove to you I want to change?”


50“I don’t know what came over me. I’ve embarrassed myself terribly. What can I do to show you I want to fix it?”